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Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 03| Sujag Videos

Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 03| Sujag Videos

In village, everyone knows each other right from the childhood So the news of a stranger in town spreads so fast that it can even beat the breaking news of the big news channels Wear the mask People should know that we are accompanying a lion People might think that you are Nawaz Sharif Our friend Jabbar has explained many people that who we are and what are we doing But curiosity is still there Perhaps, a major reason is (Momal), the camera girl Iftikhar is another farmer in chak 12/11 He owns more land than Khalid Iftikhar has sown wheat on one acre this year Today, he is going to manure and water his crop for the first time How much Urea cost you? It costs Rs. 1,850 a bag Its cost was Rs. 1,600 in the previous government Now the price is Rs. 1850 Wheat price has not increased according to expenses Is it enough? Yes Will you pick it up easily? Yes I will It is specially fastened for this purpose Heavy enough? No problem BismiAllah … I have saved a little (fertilizer), will use after watering Do you have your own water source? I bought it sir… can’t afford my own Iftikhar has purchased the water from a neighbor who owns a tube well He has to pay Rs. 2000 per acre for this water The crop has to be irrigated four times till harvest The canal water, which is very cheap, is now rare Jabbar told me… The canal department had launched the
LBDC reform program in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank Under this (program) mogas (water outlets)
were redesigned During this process, 4 mogas had construction fault Which resulted in 50% reduction of our (allocated) water How much water was allocated to your village? It was 1.35 cusec What is the fault? According to department report, there is a problem in water flow Is it not levelled properly?
Yes Iftikhar will keep 20 mounds of wheat for his
7 family members and will sell the rest He hopes that the sale will meet the cost And thus in exchange for his 6 months of hard work he would secure his family’s primary food Cattle are not just a source of livelihood but also a source of pride for the villagers Tasmir Ahmed alias Kala Gujar is fond of bull race He not only raises racing bulls but also organizes the bull race competition These competitions will continue all-day But the open space needed for such events is not available here Therefore, these competitions will be held
in the neighboring chack 20/11 Tasmir is taking his bull there We have to meet some people at 12/11 So we decided to go there in the evening Family food security is the first priority of farmers But if they expect some profit from another crop, they do not hesitate to change their decision But for most of the farmers, earning profit is a hard nut to crack Photosynthesis… A process in which plants prepare food Bedar Bakht has a master’s degree in agriculture He has enough understanding of agri-science but unable to cope with the market Bedar has cultivated potatoes on 9 acres Harvesting is still 2 or 3 weeks away But he wants potatoes to be buried in the ground The potato market has crashed There is no good news from any market No one is getting potato rate above Rs. 3 or 4 per kg Will you sell them? Obviously, no choice left Can’t you stock them in the cold store? The store is currently charging Rs. 3 per kg Even if you carry the stock back after 10 days, they will charge Rs. 4 per kg It means store rent is higher than the actual cost Storing option can be used when you don’t have to spend on next crop and you have enough spare money A rich man may do this… We had stored 500 sacks of potato last year We had a big loss We did not even pick our remaining 150 sacks
(from cold store) Rent cost was higher than the worth of potatoes we laid off the stock Didn’t they come to collect the rent? No sir, such issues are predetermined This is not the first time with potatoes In fact, the same story is repeated every 4 to 5 years In order to understand the potato issue we decided to a stopover at Depalpur Which is the potato capital of Pakistan But this story in a separate episode… If you find a cow or buffalo wearing an old-fashioned sweater or jersey, that doesn’t mean they are not cool, but ill Fatal diseases are common in our livestock How many animals die during pregnancy in this area? Do you have any idea? Animal mortality in dairy farms is 2 to 4 percent yearly Well, this rate is about dairy farms that are modern, organized and commercial So what about the people who keep animals casually? Their mortality rate is 5 to 10 percent This is very high death rate For a small farmer, losing cattle means that his economic status has dropped down a level He is destitute and the struggle for life has become more difficult Jabar’s brother is feeding his buffaloes mixture of garlic, ginger and green chilies, to help keep their digestive system healthy It is a monthly dose Villagers have no special arrangements for animal treatment Most of them follow (desi) folk tips And a butcher has the last prescription instead of a doctor Last year when Khalid’s buffalos fell ill, he fought his tooth and nails but eventually, 4 (of them) died Upon the advice of an elder, he sold the remaining two buffaloes and bought the cows They are both pregnant and Khalid’s family is anxiously awaiting the restoration of the important resource I went to the vet, got the vaccination done but it didn’t work Were vaccines too expensive? Yes … There were vaccines ranging from 2 to 3 thousand rupees per vial The treatment of livestock department is just like the rest of the government Saifur Rehman, a dairy farmer told us… The government hospital here, is of no use The government has announced huge schemes claiming facilities all is fake What do you mean, the scheme had not even started? Apparently, there is some medicine available but doctors themselves say that it (medicine) is useless original medicine can only be found on medical stores The bull race venue at chak 20/11 is 10 to 12 km away from chak 12/11 It’s quite a hit from the main road The roads here … It would have been better if there was no road at all So one could at least demand a road When urban people scoff at villagers that their politics revolves around streets and roads, they have no idea what they are talking about After covering half the distance, the road was rough, like a river of dirt The ditches and shocks were so intense that the selfie stick had detached from the phone It has survived! The cell phone was not damaged, thanks to the dirt road The competitions were quite interesting The arrangement was pretty basic For me, the more surprising thing was such a large gathering and their
masculine pride is on stake still, there was no quarrel, no fight? Then someone spills the beans They (people) manage the whole event themselves no govt. administration or police has any kind of role in the management of these competitions So there is no chance for a row In the next episode, meet the cattle psychologist He explains why it is important for a baby
to be separated from the mother immediately after birth? Serve them (animals) well… Allah will be pleased, you would be rewarded and above all, the animal will remain healthier sulfur, raal, copper sulphate and mustard oil… Four things … Only 4, no more What kind of males is unwanted in the village? And what is cheer?

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  1. 😲😳😱😱1850rs/50kg urea….o bhai u dheere-dheere kyo khoon choose rhe ho becharo ka seedha zehar de do!
    bhai m an indian farmer or main jaanta hu ki kin haalat me kisaan apni fasal ko taiyaar krta h,yaar koi haq hisab hai apki huqumato ka kis hisaab se 1850 rs ka urea,ya jo bhi zubaan pr aya bol diya?
    yahan urea 50kg bag 295rs ka h or neem coated urea 305rs.or ye rate toh sirf hmare subey U.P me h jahan sabse zyada tax hota h,nai toh haryana,himachal,bihaar,dehli rajisthan jaise subo me toh or bhi sasta h…..bhai kch karo yaar aisa kaise or kab tk chala paoge…..?
    tmhare rate sunkar bunnd mere fat ri h….

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