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Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 04| Eng Subtitles | Sujag Videos

Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 04| Eng Subtitles | Sujag Videos

Camera attracts people Especially in the hands of a stranger It arouses curiosity and ignites fondness in people It also makes people worried and scared It takes a lot of struggle to ask people to remain natural in front of the camera Do and say whatever they want to Cattle are a lifeline for Uncle Arif He is a self-made entrepreneur of the village He has recently shifted his farm
from desi to foreign breed cows He is updating his traditional knowledge of livestock into modern ways Uncle Arif can be rightly called an animal psychiatrist There are separate sections of breeder and foster cows in this farm Natural mothers and foster mothers are kept in different sheds The cow has calved a few hours ago We separate the baby from the mother and clean it, just as the mother licks it We do not let it go to the mother Baby is dried elsewhere Baby is fed with colostrum, milked out of the machine Do you feed its mother’s colostrum? Yes, the baby is fed with colostrum for 2 to 4 days then we feed it with another cow’s milk Why don’t you let the baby go to its own mother? If we do so,
we will not be able to milk cow through machine What if she feeds the baby once… Then it shall only nurture its baby Then milking shall not be possible through machine It will not eat fodder, will just keep mooing Mother and baby would keep mooing The cow will not produce milk It would be quite an emotional situation O yes, their love will create an emotional situation That’s why we separate the baby from the mother Baby is kept in a separate cage Well …fine Then we let the calf go to a cow for feeding A cow can feed 4 babies at a time They suck enough milk to meet their daily need At what age does a calf start consuming silage
(solid food)? At the age of 3 months In its third month … it starts browsing (silage etc) at the age of one month Milk consumption makes it healthy within 3 months Milk, wanda and silage consumption
accelerates the baby’s growth This reminds me of doctors in hospitals They also separate the mother from her baby This method makes it is easier to milk the cow It forgets its baby and starts producing milk Cow udders are washed and dried with a towel before applying the machine for milking Serving animals makes Allah please, you would be rewarded and above all, the animal will remain happy Guess which toothpaste do I use? Sugarcane cultivation is rare in chak 12/11 Because there is no sugar mill nearby But today, en route to the village,
we saw gur (jaggery) making Jabbar soon discovered mutual contacts with the landlord and we reached there A 7-man team under Manzoor Hussain,
works for gur making How do you distribute work? The roller operators extract the juice There are two people for this purpose Three men make gur, one operates the tractor and the seventh supervises
the whole process and the team So no one of you can neglect his duty Yes sir How does the owner pay you? On daily wages… After 20 mounds of gur is made,
it is taken to the market Owner keeps 7 out of 8 mounds of gur and the remaining 1 mound is ours We get our due share from the sale What is the rate of gur nowadays? It is 2,700 to 2,800 rupees a mound Comparing with previous years, is the rate going up or falling down? It is growing Last year, we sold it for around Rs. 2,200 a mound The rate of both sugarcane and gur
has increased this year Why do you just make gur, not shaker (brown sugar)? No, we don’t, but we can make it on demand Is there any other arrangement for making shakar? Yes sir, we need backing powder We mix baking powder and then grind it So the method of making shaker different from this In old days, there were other things made of (sugarcane) Yes, we used to make desi sugar Things have changed now Do you people also make “cheer”? Yes, we will make it in rainy season Manzoor gave me some “cheer” which I had to put into a plastic bag to take it home It stuck to the plastic and was no more eatable However, while sitting there,
we “cleaned” many ladles of cheerh On return, we stayed at Adda Khoi, the main market of many villages around,
including chak 12/11 There are big shops here with everything which is not supposed to sell in a village This bazar also seems to be
the last resting place of the old technology We were tidy in half an hour journey Come on Catch me if you can I caught you… A polio vaccine team is visiting the village and working with traditional efficiency But nothing beyond this Chak 12/11 is quite a large village but even the modest treatment system i.e. basic health unit lacks here However, you can find some distorted remnants of our indigenous system of treatment. Sanaullah is a vendor and sells homemade itching ointment I have to roam around for small earning (After selling) I will go back in this winter evening What else do you treat besides psoriasis and itching? No other treatment, just for psoriasis and itching… No matter how long one is suffering from itching As you apply the ointment, you will get relief by the will of God Doctors cannot treat (itching) My mother died 8 years ago Residents of all surrounding villages used to
contact my mother in need (for delivery cases) She was a professional Everyone used to come to my mother for delivery cases We were well off She also worked in a hospital Did anyone else learn midwifery in your family? My sister has learned but the time has changed now What do you mean by this? Earnings have reduced People pay 250 rupees (for a delivery case)
which worth nothing these days Now people have other options Is it a male calf or a female calf? Female calf Good news, now treat is due on you? What about the other cow? Yes, it will be calved in 3 to 4 days I will have 4 cows;
God will help me growing their number Good days will be back, Insha’Allah In the village,
people are happier on the birth of a female calf Male calves are considered a burden The sooner they leave, the better it is Do you have any plans for selling milk? Yes, I will, after the second cow is calved arrived It’s been only one week; mother is feeding its calf The quantity of milk is satisfactory OK. I just have milked 3.5 liter I hope it would produce milk up to 16 liters a day We have not fed it any mixture since last week It will spend time and eat the whole night Because calf is young A local entrepreneur has the business of
collecting these unwanted male calves He raises them to sell to the butcher Villagers have the training of running on rough tracks between the fields, but we (outsiders) have to work hard
to maintain our balance It is called “vat” (walking track) in Punjabi “Vat” has many meanings in Punjabi I was very angry (had vat) then I thought that gaining (to have vat) something is hard if you go with a raised eyebrow (vat on forehead) One has to set aside his ego (vat), so I walked hurriedly (vat-o-vat) Can you share another meaning of vat? Is the camera on? Can you see it? No It is not recording Press the stop button Yes it’s recording Yes it is working When we come to the village, we have no idea whom will we meet
and what would they talk about? We write the script after the shoot And then we regret that it could be a
better shoot with a preplan To avoid the repentance, now we daily review our work at night Momal is gathering our audience as well In next episode What chacha Arif is weaving (to vat)? Vat again Why Nazeer Ahmad wants
an open border with Afghanistan? Meet the lady who is coming from the place, where the inhabitants of Chak 12/11 migrated from, some 72 years ago There she (aunty) is Is everything ok? I should receive her from there Sikhs like Muslims very much They invite us to their weddings They gave me hundreds of rupees
to donate to the Gurudwara

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