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Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 05 | With Eng & Urdu Subtitles

Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 05 | With Eng & Urdu Subtitles

We have adjusted ourselves in the village life The villagers are also familiar with us now But curiosity is still there I have no idea about their response
after the video is released And how will this affect our next visit? People of chak 12/11 have problems like other villages But local youth here is committed to
solving them in a unique way We have formed a society called “Eikta” Eikta means unity We gathered people from every corner of the village, formed a committee and this unity was named “Ekta” On Eid, we announced that we want to install
a filter plant in the village The feedback was very encouraging On Bakra Eid, 2 months after the announcement, we formally launched the campaign We did a door to door campaign during Eid days The response was overwhelming We collected 85 hundred thousand rupees in 3 days Eikta society set up a filtration plant within 3 months and now managing it as well Society is charging Rs. 10 for every turn
to meet the expanses The plastic sack is a wonderful thing It is the main packing material of local agricultural business Interestingly, its usage varies with the time When it is no more usable as a sack, it can be used as a wrapper or a curtain Using his traditional skills, Chacha Arif first separated the fibers and then woven a rope to tie animals Nazeer Ahmad is not a resident of chak 12/11 He has leased 40 acres of land here and cultivated watermelon on the entire farmland This is a tunnel farm Watermelons are raised in these temporary tunnels
made of plastic sheets It’s cold outside, but the temperature gets high inside the tunnels Innocent plants are deceived and bear fruit before the season Out of season fruit gets good rates Nazeer has strong contacts in markets I am in contact with every market in Punjab We send the carriage where we get good rates Sometimes it happens that
I have sent a carriage to Lahore, meanwhile, I found out that Gujranwala or
Islamabad market is offering better rate, I direct the carriage there How our swinging foreign policy influences
at the grass-root level, I didn’t expect this remote village
would enlighten me about this Last year 4 traders from Afghanistan came here and stayed with us for a month During their stay, they used to send
10 to 12 carriages daily to Afghanistan A carriage can contain 600 mounds of watermelon As the supply was limited, we got better rates in the local market But this time, we are hit hard in every market The only way to ascertain the price is
to bring your commodity to the market Sometimes even the (carriage) rent is not met Can’t you estimate the demand at sowing? No, there is no such system We just guess, a farmer was predicting
the crop would be good this year, InshaAllah Only a healthy export of watermelon
will benefit the farmers A farmer gets more profit when there is a balance between export and local consumption Demand will be at the lowest
if the whole production is supplied to local markets When the production is high,
demand automatically decreases We will shoot the school wagon in the morning after this … We will go to the guava farm Does working start early in the garden? I’ll ask them on call Is it recording video only or audio too? Both… That means I should not snore It was raining all night And we found many small muddy ponds in the morning Everyone was forced to take an alternate route The villagers have to follow a new traffic plan today The village was working on half efficiency But school children don’t have a leave Almost 350 children from chak 12/11 go to private schools in Chichawatni
by buses and wagons daily Only poor’s children go to the village government school We have planned to visit the village schools in next visit Ghulam Rasool when was this road paved on? It’s been 4 months The 300-foot section has been completed There are many paved streets in the village, but some pieces in the middle are left unattended They left the next section of the street untouched, had it paved too,
people would not have to face problems You may find such useless development work everywhere In Ada Khoiwala the height of high voltage electric wires is dangerously low They are erected just over the shops It is a huge issue here The high voltage wires are affecting 150 home,
we’re unable to build anything on the roof No one can get to the roof It is deadly Our plan was to return back today but before that, we had an appointment in guava farm Jabbar has solved our traffic problem Momal don’t see below Why? You would be scared The rain started again as we reached the farm But Momal somehow, managed to get some footage Harvesting and marketing fruits is quite complex Farmers avoid this complexity and hand over the garden
to the contractors before the fruiting Contractors have connections in markets And they know how to sell Grading, packing and transportation
of the fruit is quite technical People of Multan like oval-shaped guava while in Lahore, people like round shaped Which are sweeter, Multan ones or Lahore ones? Those of Multan Why you haven’t had one yet, please take it… Wash before giving them They are so sweet, wash them… Which one would you like to eat? We would like the Multan ones Multan’s fruit is sweeter, wash them… What do we call the guava that is red inside? We have those too …will give you along When packing, good looking fruits are placed on top and the rest under them Interestingly, we import junk paper from
around the world to pack the fruit Our own junk paper is not enough for us That means, we eat more guavas
than reading a newspaper Almost all of the residents of Chak 12/11 are migrants from Indian Punjab Some of Jabbar’s relatives still live there (Indian Punjab) Jabbar has been there once His aunty is coming from Kapurthala next week I was busy somewhere else but Momal along with Jabbar
went to Wagah border to pick her up There she (aunt) is Keep it in your pocket… How much? 85 hundred… I have got 1700 Pak rupees for 1000 Indian rupees Please sit down on the front seat It is always pleasant to meet siblings
and other blood relatives Walailkum Assalam We have reached Yes, I am there They (custom officials) checked
other passengers’ luggage but not mine See we are on camera Salam Do many Muslims live there? Yes There are some 4 to 10 Muslim houses in every village At what time can I get a bus for Chichawatni? Sikhs like Muslims very much They invite us to their weddings and other events Muslim and Sikh communities live together Borders separate us otherwise we are same See Aunty has arrived We have reached home Walailkum Assalam How are you? Has there been more progress than here? There has been much development,
a lot of growth there… There are many facilities The poor get 30kg wheat per month free of cost They also get ration The depot sells sugar at Rs. 10 per kg Pensions are paid There are many easy loan schemes No matter what business you start – you may get a loan Loan approval is processed within 15 days There are many such facilities If you want to open a shop or do some business …
you can get a loan Many girls and women are running a business
with the help of this loan My grandmother is also from Firozpur Really? Yes MashaAllah She came here at the partition Many people migrated at that time Cities are well developed New bridges have been constructed Kapurthala is a small town
but matches Chandigarh in civic facilities Courts and bus terminals have been pushed
out of the city The city (Kapurthala) was already beautiful… I’m tired of receiving calls There must have a lot of calls today See you again my daughter Sure You must not forget to meet Full story of potatoes in the next episode… We had to stay Depalpur several times
to understand this story In this episode, you will know why the potato market is unpredictable? What is a new relationship between cotton and potato? Will Malik Jani of Peshawar
be able to get the Depalpur farmers out of the crisis? Making chips can be a value addition Starch can also be made Starch making is beneficial but no government or non-governmental organization
has paid attention to it By the way, vodka is also made from potatoes Yes, it does …

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