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Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 09| Sujag Videos

Motorcycle Diaries | Stories From The Heartland Of Punjab | Episode 09| Sujag Videos

Weather is getting warmer now Sun is shining and it feels hot during the day timing But nights are pleasant There are two local traditional seasons for crops “Rabi” and “Kharif” Rabi crops are sown in winter and harvested in summer We are into the second half of Rabi Nazir Ahmad’s watermelon plants are now growing up Their vines are expanding Weather is now suitable for plants’ growth That’s why he has removed the plastic tunnels Some plants have started flowering While some have even started fruiting But pesticide spraying has also started You cannot get a good crop nowadays,
without the help of pesticides Spraying of these poisons on the crops
is now a common scene in the villages Stories of a healthy village atmosphere can only be found in folklores these days We have removed the plastic and fruiting has started We are also spraying pesticides We spray every fourth or fifth day Heavy fruiting is not possible without these sprays Why do you have to spray every third or fourth day? Yes, Because the crop cannot be successful
without the help of these sprays Will you have to spray for two months straight? Yes, for two months It means, 2 to 3 persons are
dedicated to this task for 2 months But the old seeds did not need
so many pesticides for a good crop Those seeds cost less but the only problem is that their production is also low Mix cropping was also a common practice
in our traditional agriculture It means, sowing two crops on the same farm Each crop compliments the other Each one is like a fertilizer for the other We could only find a single remnant of this tradition When “Barseen” (fodder) and mustered
are sown together Barseen gets ready earlier for harvesting Farmers sow mustard plants
during the harvesting of barseen Plants of half-cut barseen grow again So they are harvested several times In the meanwhile, the mustard crop keeps growing Harvesting of mustard has started Every home in the village
has a bunch of mustard for drying Dried plants will be beaten with sticks to extract the mustard seeds from them And then oil will be extracted in the oil press The remnant of the mustard plants is used as fodder All the farmers in the village cultivate mustard Some even cultivate it as a separate crop But I am surprised that there is quite less information about this crop in government agricultural statistics One more reason for my skepticism is that Oil is the only important edible crop which we produce quite less than our local consumption And we always import oil to meet the demand This oil press in chak 12/11 runs without a bull But these fodder cutters are still operated by bulls
on 2 locations of the village Fodder cutter is an essential machine
for every home in the village It was operated by hand or bull in the past and now it runs on an electrical motor This cutter is a cruel machine We found its victims in all our visits to the village What happened to your thumb? I lost it in the cutter machine This cutter machine has cut
countless fingers and thumbs Noor is a landless peasant His hand was cut by the fodder cutter in this youth We went to the doctor in Ghaziabad After the treatment, the doctor suggested me that I should beg on roads to earn a living because I was no more able
to do anything according to him Didn’t you act upon his advice? No, I didn’t I thought begging is a disrespect to humanity It’s like compromising your dignity Then what did you do to earn? I raised cattle God gave me livelihood through cattle Noor works in farms to get the fodder and raises cattle for his livelihood It is surprising that nobody thought about improving the designing of the cutter to make it safe There are many landless peasants in the village But they have livestock But most of the animals are given to them
by landlords through an agreement Which is called “Adh” or “Adhiyara” They (landlord) will separate 10,000 rupees
from that cow What do you mean by separating 10,000 They will separate 10,000 when this cow will be sold You mean that the money is distributed into 3 portions After separating 10,000 rupees for the landlord
there will be 2 portions of the amount One will be mine and the other will be of the landlord So it means if you have sold a cow
in 100 thousand rupees He will instantly take 10,000 rupees And you will divide the remaining amount of 90,000
into two equal parts Raising them is your responsibility Yes, raising them and arranging their fodder
is my responsibility What benefit do you get from this “adhiyara” agreement? I can own my own cattle by doing this Do you also get milk from these animals? Yes I do Is the milk also distributed between you
and the animal owner? No, the milk is ours The calf from their cow is divided equally So you get the third part of the earned amount Yes Then it cannot be called “adhiyara” (half-ownership) It is 1/3 ownership 2/3rd is theirs and 1/3rd ours Why is it so? This cow is one-month pregnant Have you got this one recently? Yes, it’s been almost 3 months Because this one is expecting a calf
so that’s why the owner will get 2/3 and you will get 1/3 What about her expected calf That will be divided equally between us Livestock is their only productive resource We have come here to this peasant for condolance He had recently owned an “adh” cow
by paying the due amount to the owner Which died yesterday leaving behind an 8-day old calf God had given me the cow and he has now taken back He will give me back That cow was very beautiful For how long time you had that cow? It’s almost one year Was that a healthy cow? Yes that was That was a beautiful and healthy cow This is how nature works It’s a big financial loss if your cattle dies It’s a lifeline for poor people What about this calf? I will raise it Will keep feeding it Later he sent me these pictures of his late cow
through whatsapp The wheat crop has grown well But its spikes are still green and unripe They will be golden till our next visit We saw a strange thing that the farmers were cutting
the unripe crop to feed their cattle Farmers like Khalid Whose crop hardly fulfills his household needs It’s like feeding their own meal to their cattle There is a shortage of animal fodder It’s not available in the market so we are compelled
to cut green wheat to arrange fodder Everyone was complaining about
the shortage of “toori” (fodder) But no one knew the reason behind this We decided to go to a sales center of toori,
to find the reason for its shortage It’s in the city of Chichawatni
some 12 km from the village 12 kilometer is not a big distance for a city like Lahore Surrounding villages are connected
with these small cities The economy of both
is totally dependent upon each other Perhaps, these small cities and surrounding villages should be considered the same unit of the population Muhammad Nazir sells haybales but his business is down these days Why there is a shortage of hay bales? It is being supplied to mountain areas There is a shortage of fodder there due to rains How can you associate this shortage with rains? There is a shortage of fodder there
so that’s why the demand has increased But more rains should mean more fodder Cattle can’t be taken outside
when there is water everywhere Feeding them at home results in
increased demand for hay bales You mean there is so much rain there that people are unable to take their cattle outside for grazing? So they fed them with hay bales Watch, in the next episode Rains at the time of wheat harvest symbolizes extreme loss in Punjabi proverbs The wheat crop has destroyed (due to rain) We are no longer able to harvest it with reaper Farmers, who faced loss in cotton found refuge in potatoes What what will they do if they face the same loss
in potatoes Chak 12/11 still supplies horses to our army And a cricket premier league
in a small city like Depalpur How did it happen?

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