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Motorcycle Diaries : Tour of Bhutan Part 2 : PowerDrift

Motorcycle Diaries : Tour of Bhutan Part 2 : PowerDrift

Is it nice? Dugha : Camera? Yes Dugha : It’s really nice. It can click really good pictures, right. Dugha : Yes really good.. even at night Took a picture of that waterfall? Dugha : Yes Good! Hello and welcome to.. Paro city. Last night was crazy! After we finished the last video log we encountered a lot of lightning. I have never seen such huge thunderstorms in my whole life. Again, this is what happens today morning though. This is just the view from the hotel. Taktsang quite literally translates to Tiger’s Nest. which is going to be a two and a half hour trek.. one way. It all depends upon your walk how fast you can walk. That tiny hill patch if you see.. is the Tiger monastery. Drink from that side.. that same angle. Woah! So this trek to Tiger Monastery is about 3..3.5 kilometers and we’ve already walked 2.5. Ok, I’m lying. We’ve just walked 500 meters. And if you are a sucker for landscapes like me You are going to be stuck. You are going to be stuck.. big time! If you don’t mind me asking you.. Yes? How old are you? I’m 50 year old. 51? Yes, 50. RESPECT! Total respect. See you up there! Bye bye. I should have listened to my mom and had those green vegetables. You can actually see how steep this thing is. Yeah btw, I have a pink bag. Beat it! Woah..Woah..Woah..Woaah..Woaah I’m..I’m dizzy! We are not really allowed to take any sort of cameras not even mobile cameras inside. Sir! Am I not even allowed to take this small camera inside? Nope..nothing. Isn’t it breath-taking?! ..pun intended. Alright, we are back at the Mandala. We are leaving for Thimpu now 60 kilometer ride Before I sign-off, here’s a last view of Paro.. for your eyes only! Alright, stay tuned. 30 odd motorcycles on the streets.. of Bhutan’s capital city.. What a sight! It’s apparently going to be the eight wonder of the world and I thought we would get to capture some frames here.. but looks pretty unlikely with a lot of rain. Good Morning PowerDrift! Today we bid adieu to the capital city, Thimpu.. and we move to Phobjikha! Phobjikha is a.. Hundred and thirty five kilometer ride and finally my friend here who had a breakdown on his motorcycle gets to ride a Thunderbird 500. Are you happy? Don’t you see that on my face? Awesome! So now we are going to get to a briefing shortly Post which we hit the road. Today we are going to climb one pass.. get down get onto another one So most likely it’ll be cold and the roads might be narrow. It’ll be an off-road and it’s going to be slushy. You might have little rocks falling off. Before we hit the road, we decided to pay a visit to the only Royal Enfield Showroom in Thimpu. We’ve landed at this amazing panoramic landscape. It feels like it’s too good to be true. We’ve managed to get a couple of nice shots.. but the weather does not seem to be in our favour today. Plus the group has left ahead so me and Dugha, need to catch up with the rest of the team. They are cutting through rock and there’s a lot of loose soil as well. So one’s gotta be careful to not go friendly with the throttle too much here. woah..woaa..woah! You won’t believe this place! Woah-ho-ho! Dugha’s gone mad dude! *No-no-no* I have camera in my hand! Don’t do that to me. Yeah, sad to see so much deforestation. which needs to be done for the widening of roads so that mobility is enabled to the people of Bhutan. Atul : So difficult it was. Dugha : It was mental. Atul : What happened? Did you crash? Dugha : No, I didn’t crash this time.. Dugha : But the front slipped once, the rear slipped later.. Atul : My bike was sliding this way.. Atul : Try it in the second gear like Robin mentioned. Atul : It was very jerky in the first gear so it ends up sliding more. Atul : My clutch adjustment is haywire so the bike ends up moving even when the clutch is engaged. I’m afraid I’ll end up burning my clutch plate. Dugha : Wait, hold on for a second. Dugha : Let’s get this off first, it’s got the camera in there. Atul : It’s okay.. it’s okay.. It fell on the handle. Atul : Pull it up by the handle. Dugha : Hold.. hold on for a second Alright, good morning guys! It’s a really cold morning in Phobjikha valley The team is gearing up and we’ll be soon on our motorcycles. It is freezing outside. We have another hundred and fifty kilometer ride to Bumtang valley today. Rest of the team is leaving, so I should get going as well. See you on the road! So when they told us that the roads are going to be bad, we probably underestimated that statement of theirs. Kuzoo Zangpo la PowerDrift! I’m speaking to you from the beautiful valley of Bumthang. Uh-oh! Woah-ho-ho! It’s freezing cold. My son, Salim! I don’t know why my helmet is trying to run-away from me. We are less than hundred kilometers away from our final leg of the destination i.e. Geliphu through which we cross over into Siliguri (India) tomorrow. Shetty, I hope you are watching this and drooling! Alright, so we have pretty much reached Geliphu taking time out to soak in the last bit of.. today’s sunset and what remains of this ride. Dugha : Our last evening in Bhutan. Atul : Yes, this could be our last evening in Bhutan Dugha : Wait, this is our last evening in Bhutan. Atul : And we are not happy. You can tell. Dugha : I don’t want to go home. Atul : We don’t want to go anywhere, but stay here. Atul : Right on top of the world. Atul : And this what right-on-top-of-the-world looks like, right now. Atul : I’m sure you can relate to the feeling. Atul : Shetty, and thank you for sending us to Tour of Bhutan. We love you. Atul : We are going to give you big wet kiss when we come back. Dugha : Satyen.. we bow down Satyen. Atul : You da real MVP Satyen! Yes, we are very happy. We will send you sweets from the ‘Gelph’.

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  1. Thank you #PDArmy!
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  2. Very interesting video! Also we "underestimated" the road situation between Thimpu and Trashigang on our motorbike tour in October 2016, especially our travel agencies did not inform us on what we would expect…and we had rain almost all the way!
    That road is now my "Highway to Hell" !!
    But Bhutan itself is like Heaven! Want to go there again, if possible.

    Jรผrgen from Germany, 65 years of age

  3. Since there are a few requests for the names of the songs used, here are a couple:
    Nirvana – Man who sold the world
    Angelflare – Stitches (found in 'Pandora Journey' YT channel)

  4. in 6 days with lots of bike riding and covering with these amazing hypers lapses,the power drift team proves their skills .awesome man !!!!

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  7. Damn..! Each time I watch this videos, i have a feeling of leaving all the stuff behind and go for such a ride. Great piece of work #PowerDrift. Keep it up…! ๐Ÿ‘

  8. please tell me what is the version of song stitches by shawn Mendes?? and where can i get this track?? link please?

  9. Warm Greetings from Bhutan ! "The Magical Land of Last Shanghri la" Contact us: Bhutan Hospitality Travel Club #adventure #trekking #festival #flora #fauna #biking #rafting #photography #tour Join us at: or email: [email protected] Thank you.

  10. Still can't decide which one to buy, thunderbird 350 or classic 350 and yeah fuck that shitty looking thing called dominar.

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  14. You guys have no Idea that this is might be 200th time of viewing this vlog and still falling in love!
    Bhutan has always been my favorite place!
    Royal Enfield my muse!
    And powerdrift is what I look for everyday!
    Amazing job guys!
    God bless you and keep spreading smiles!

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  16. I liked the video & adventure, but that royal bullshit spoiled the whole video. Please PD put some other bikes instead of royal bullshit…. 'Hathi Math Palo๐Ÿ˜'

  17. BHUTAN ROAD UPDATE 2017: Roads to Bumthang and Trongsa is still on Under construction. after Wangdue its just rocks, slush, and mud. but, wangdue to Gelephu roads are good!

  18. OMG how could I've not seen this!!, this is so amazing!! this is art. I'm glad I watched this. thanks for recommending it Atul.. you guys did some really wonderful work. loved the whole video

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  25. Omg!!! So many beautiful timelapses from the two parts of the series! I m a fan o Atul now! And ofcourse Dugga ji also did tremendous job!
    And the ending was hilarious as hell๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Satyen shaab ki jai ho! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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