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Motorcycle found While Magnet Fishing!! (COP NOT HAPPY)

Motorcycle found While Magnet Fishing!! (COP NOT HAPPY)

You have your Id

43 comments on “Motorcycle found While Magnet Fishing!! (COP NOT HAPPY)

  1. At the risk of sounding like a mom, I gotta ask – where the hell are your gloves? Please be careful so we can watch you for a really long time to come. 😄👍

  2. My man! 2 favorite magnet fishermen out there! Still so cool you guys did this together! Im hoping one day ill buy myself one of these and go around where i live. Keep the vids comming! Much love!

  3. Great video! Although, I dont think I would've given up my driver's license so easily. Give your name and phone number is plenty. Dont present ID unless suspected of a crime. 4th amendment rights. That cop could've ran you, now there's a record of you being checked out.

  4. I hope you make your way out to nc for a video. I think you'd have fun. Awesome as always. Keep that camera rolling bro👍

  5. I’m so glad y’all are finding some great finds!!! Way to go cleaning up the environment!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Another reason for giving your contact info is some insurance companies offer a reward for recovery of stolen property. Also in some cases you can get the item. Frames can be sold to project builders. Two questions, where were you fishing at and what do you do with the metal you pull up? Also you may want to check into an old pickup truck to do this with

  7. Another great video keep up the good lads you should ware gloves as you never know what you will get out the water save cutting your hands

  8. Hello guys I see that you are happy with joy but still do all that for a motorcycle in kite ite good super depollution 👏👏😀😀

  9. why do they need your id this doesnt make since its crazy lol seriously your not breaking the law not that i know of lol

  10. You two need to take the excitement of finding, basically, crap down a little, and use the word dude about a thousand times less

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  12. What the fuck is the law fuckin with u for this is a free country ur not breaking any laws bullshit keep up the good work..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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