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Motorcycle NEPAL Trip: Exploring Mountains around Pokhara by BIKE

Motorcycle NEPAL Trip: Exploring Mountains around Pokhara by BIKE

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today I’d like to share with you one of the most exciting and beautiful motorcycle rides I have had during my recent trip to Nepal. While exploring the surroundings of Pokhara I’ve found a mountain road to Dhampus, where I have experienced probably the best mountain views in my entire life. Hit the like button and enjoy watching this Nepal mountain trip. After couple hours driving along the horrible partially paved bumpy road, I found a steep trail leading up into unknown, as Google maps were simply useless, so it was impossible to track where exactly I am driving. I just tried my luck and continued exploring the surroundings. In about 30 minutes of dusty ride, I came to an open site, where I almost lost control over the motorcycle, because the stunning beauty I saw there through the dirty glass of my helmet, got me completely amazed. It was the view I was dreaming to see during this trip to Nepal. The weather was clear – no fog and no clouds. Only crystal blue sky and great Himalayas covered with snow.. In a few hundred meters away I saw a tiny village and a checkpoint for those who have permits to enter the conservation area. Here I made a break and went to see a guesthouse, as initially I wanted to stay in mountains overnight to see the sunrise early morning on the next day. The rooms were basic, which was totally fine to me. However the temperature inside and outside of the rooms was almost the same, and I assumed I would definitely get frozen at night if I’ll sleep here. Thinking about accommodation I have remembered that I still haven’t eaten anything, so I ordered chowmein and chicken curry, and relaxed enjoying the breathtaking view from here. It was truly amazing experience watching the legendary Annapurna mountain range while enjoying delicious local food. I think every traveler coming to Pokhara should try to find time for a visiting this place. Come and enjoy it with a cup of hot tea.. just don’t forget to take your hat and a jacket It was about 3 pm, and being on a shady side of the hill made me feel quite cold. So I’ve finished the meal, jumped on my motorcycle and decided to ride to a more sunny area, where possibly I could find a nice scenic spot for admiring the sunset. And I have found. Pretty soon I’ve arrived to Dhampus, a small village situated at an altitude of 1650 m above the sea level, giving astonishing panoramic view of the Himalayas, Namaste! and especially Annapurna and Manaslu Mountain ranges.. Dhampus is not only the best view point around Pokhara but is also a traditional village of “Gurung” community, which provides an opportunity to become a witness of their daily life. I started to freeze again so I went back to the spot where I have parked my motorcycle. There was a few-storey guesthouse, with a small restaurant and an open rooftop, so I ordered a hot “masala” tea and went upstairs, hopefully thinking the tea can warm my body up, so I could wait for the sunset. But the view was so fantastic and unique, that I completely forgot about the low temperature out there, as I just couldn’t stop staring at the mountain landscape. I was literally speechless. Well guys, that’s it. Thank you for watching. If you like the video – share it with your friends, subscribe to my channel if you aren’t already, press the like button, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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