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Motorcycle Paradise | My California story

Motorcycle Paradise | My California story

Where do I start? Being a motorcycle rider in California is
like being a dolphin surfin’ the waves; you just can’t stop yourself from having
a blast. I basically start every weekend by thinking
to myself:Man, so what should I do today? Should I go do some canyon carving? Or maybe some trail riding? Or no, actually, Imma go on an epic road trip. Or wait: is there a track day at Thunder hill,
Sonoma or Button willow this weekend?! Seriously:
We have big tracks scattered all over the place. We have Motocross tracks, Supermoto Tracks,
I mean, I could go on like Bubba in Forrest Gump. And to top it off, there are desolate mountain
roads all over the place. And we can legally lane split. Oh, and the sun shines like 90 % of the time. So how the heck did I get here? I moved here in 2015, only having been here
once on vacation before. I was offered a job in the Bay Area after
having finished my degree back in Gothenburg, Sweden. Even though it would require me to move half
way across earth, I really didn’t have anything to loose by coming here. Besides, if things would go bad, I could always
just fly back, having added a great experience in my toolbox. After having been here for more than 4 1/2
years I can tell you; I’m certainly not planning on moving back anytime soon. I started out buying an 07 ZX10r, it was pretty
cheap, and I had never owned a fairly modern liter bike before. My only reference was a FZR 1000 from 1987,
that I had during my University years. It was custom built with a GSXR front fork
and swingarm, as well as custom tank and paint. It looks kinda cool in these old pictures,
but man was that thing a pice of sh**, haha. Every time I rode it, it had to be fixed in
some way. Anyways, back to California, so I bought a
ZX10R, and then started thinking about getting into track riding. So I bought myself an SV650 track bike, that
had already been setup by an AFM racer. This thing proved to be a perfect track bike,
requiring little maintenance, and also having a very sturdy chassis. Let me tell you, with the right rider and
setup, that thing can fly down a track. Even though I had a track bike, I was thinking
back to my younger years. So I started out riding Motocross at a very
young age, when my dad bought me a dirt bike. I stopped riding Motocross when I moved away
from home, but had always wanted to get back into it. So I bought a Yamaha YZ250F and found a local
track in San Jose. Needless to say, I had lost a lot of skill
over the years and was basically back to square 1 in motocross skill, haha. While I was re-learning Motocross, I had been
riding with some friends who like to ride Supermoto. Having never been on one before, I tried my
buddies one out. After that I was hooked. So I bought a Husqvarna 510 SMR. When it actually worked, I had a blast on
it. I took it to the Kart track in Sonoma, where
it had its moments of glory. Unfortunately, this thing turned out to have
been very badly maintained, and it essentially broke down every time I rode it, so I had
to get rid of it for basically nothing. Having done the whole Japanese liter bike
thing, I was ready for something new. I found this super low mileage Aprilia Tuono
and went right to get it. If I could only tell you one great thing about
the bike, it would be this: I hope you get it, otherwise maybe look into
another channel to watch, haha. While it had the most epic sound I have ever
experienced, and was an all around beast in the corners, it simply was too uncomfortable
in the Canyons around here. You see, the roads here, while being very
challenging and fun, can sometimes be badly maintained. So riding a stiff, aggressive motorcycle like
that around here simply wasn’t as much fun. Even though I didn’t ride it for quite a
while, because of the way that it sounds, I was still hesitant to get rid of it, but
ultimately it had to go. To replace it, I found two new bikes. A 2013 Ducati Multistrada and a Husqvarna
701. What can I say? I’m never getting rid of any of these two
bikes, and if I do, It will be because I’m just upgrading to a newer year model. Seriously, the Multistrada is one of the most
comfortable yet sporty bikes I have ever ridden. You can ride on the gnarliest of canyon roads,
and the suspension just eats the bumps. Now the 701 is like a miracle. 74 horse powers sounds like it’s a beginners
bike, but don’t let this fool you. The way this thing pulls out of corners is
like nothing else. It also handles insanely well, because it
is so light. Having had so much fun on the kart track with
the Husky 510, I started looking for track only supermotos. Now I wasn’t going to go all in on this
Supermoto thing, but man, when I saw it, there was no stopping me. The Husqvarna FS450. What can I say? This is the fastest stock Supermoto bike money
can buy. It basically lacks nothing; Suspension is
great, power is over the top and it handles like nothing else. My plan was to just use it on the local kart
tracks and have some fun. A buddy of mine had the great idea that we
should enter into the local series called Supermoto USA, which we are now racing in. Racing Supermoto is seriously some of the
most fun I have ever had. Because the track is so small and tight, great
battles occur in almost every race. A lot of the OHV parks in California have
both a Motocross track and trails. So while I was out riding the motocross tracks
I also started riding trails. After a while I was barely riding any motocross
anymore and focused primarily on trails, so I swapped the YZ250F to a WR450F, which is
my current trail bike. Man does that trail riding get you into shape. And actually, trail riding is the only proper
form of exercise I get. Now I know, I should be getting some more
exercise in, like hitting the gym and running. But seriously; can’t I just get to ride?That’s
pretty much what I like to do; I Like to ride. Over and out

54 comments on “Motorcycle Paradise | My California story

  1. I've been contemplating moving abroad within a decade or so, and if for some reason I decide to move to USA, California would be the only option for me, partly because of how great it is for motorcycling and how fed up I am of sitting still in traffic for no good reason. By the way, that 701 is my dream bike. I'd even give up my CBR to have one of those.

  2. I was wondering how far away you were willing to ride away from your camera in the closing scene…then wayyyy in the distance you finally flipped a bitch! Thanks for the background history.

  3. Awesome vid; I also just moved to Cali a few years ago, and just bought the 701 SM- such an awesome machine. Maybe I'll see you out there.

  4. Where in Cali do you live? Im from EPA and I used to go up 84/La Honda all the time with my car. I have yet to go on my motorcycle do to lack of experience but man… only if you knew how badly i would love to go.

  5. Very nice video Mike 👍
    Having only been to California as a tourist, twice now, I do really understand why you moved there.
    Me, I'm staying right where I am here in the Netherlands though.
    I completely understand your choice of bikes! Keep on having fun man and good luck with your difficult choices every weekend 😉

  6. Awesome. Thanks for sharing part of your life here. I like that your pronunciation is crystal clear. Greetings from Colombia.

  7. Love your story Mike. Quite inspiring with your skill level on different style motos. Hope to catch you one day for a ride! Keep those sidestands up!

  8. Cool story, i´ve been to California but only as a tourist, I can understand why you love living there. Från Göteborg också samma här 🙂 Have you tried Svartpilen 701, i´ve been thinking trading my Speed Triple R for one, sounds crazy maybe but like your Aprilia experience the roads where I live are really bad too.

  9. Man all those road choices and bike decisions. How about that degree ?? Do you use it or maybe work part time and ride the rest cause you do some kik ass editing and that takes time. I live in SoCal and ride a 05 ZX10R and lots of canyons in my area. I'm glad to say you are in my top 5 YT channels. Like the content and friendly sarcasm. You should have a meet and greet some time. I'd gladly attend even if it's a 5 hour ride to the bay area.

  10. Don't worry about the exercise. John McGuiness doesn't exercise either. He just rides trails all the time to stay in shape. And he still wins IOMTTs haha.

  11. Just wanted to say thank you for all the content you've put out. You make by far the most helpful and interesting videos and I hope I bump into you sometime since I live in the Bay Area too!

  12. Agree that California is heaven for bikers. Almost the same progression as myself, moved from UK in 2014, did the street/race thing and now I'm running all the District 36 races with a great bunch of people. I think you left that part out, California bikers are incredible people and I feel lucky to have been welcomed so easily by an interesting bunch of riders from all walks of life.

  13. I live in the north bay,Fairfield,wouldnt think of moving anywhere else. Driven carts at Sanoma,a Radical at Thunder hill and Sanoma and dirt bikes all over. Great place to live. Washington,Ca. has some really great trail riding. Check it out.😉

  14. I discovered your channel recently and after just a few vids I couldn't help but smash that subscribe button. I enjoy the editing and most importantly, the content, which is straight to the point, made seriously but with a bit of sarcasm. And since you're probably much younger, but way more experienced than me in the bike world judging by the way you ride all your bikes, it makes me try to get out there to ride more and more, trying new techniques that won't make me just a faster rider, but also safer. Not like that one clown from Texas that in a track day only knows how to catch up smaller bikes in the straight lines and criticize every single bike he never ever rode and hopefully never will. I'm also kinda related to you more now, living also in the other side of the world (Japan) after many years in Europe. Keep up the good work!

  15. Just found your channel recently and really like it. You need way more subs. Lots of good riding over here in Santa Cruz mountains if you wanna come to the beach.

  16. All Those bikes and gear and here I am trying to pay the annual insurance on my only bike haha! It’s inspiring to see you!

  17. 2:58 is that the dirt track up Metcalf?

    What's your opinion on converting a wr450f into a supermoto? What year was yours? I live in the same area as you, so I'd be riding a lot of the same roads.

    Great videos! Fantastic videography!
    Love this channel 👐

  18. Part of me wants to move to California, or Washington, but I currently live somewhere that is still pretty good from a motorcycle perspective, I live 10 minutes from the Colorado border in Wyoming, I can get to twisty mountain roads in less than an hour, and Colorado has roads that easily rival california's (I would say that Independence pass and the million dollar highway are some of the best riding roads anywhere). We just have the problem of winter (unless skiing or snowboarding is your thing).

  19. Hey Mike, Great channel! Judging by the roads, tracks, and trails in your videos it looks like you live in the same area as me (without sounding too creepy I think I know where you live based on the garage shot. A buddy of mine lives in the same complex.) I too ride dirt, street, and track. If you ever need another cameraman to add some follow cams or fly by shots let me know. I know how hard it is to find a buddy who loves to ride but also doesn't mind hitting the same corner a couple of time to get "the shot".

  20. Loved your story man! Looking to start my story out in Cali as well after going on vacation there about two years ago. Can’t wait! Anyways keep riding and be safe.

  21. Nu blev jag sugen på att åka tillbaka till CA. Dessutom kan man surfa… Jag har funderat (när jag sett andra videos från CA) på var det finns bra laglig terräng att köra på i Sverige, några tips? Kul att du är TD:are 🙂 Gick ett år (07-08) innan jag blev F:are.

  22. Man what great video , I have 2011 Kawasaki ZX10R full race bike now I wanna buy either a supermoto or minibike to train 🙏🏻🏍

  23. Nice video!…live in NorCal myself, and the moto-adventures are limitless…perfect weather too…the main reason I stay here…Cheers!

  24. haha.. tänkte häromdagen när jag tittade på dina klipp att din engelska låter inte som att du är från staterna.. kanske Sverige. men de stämde då ju 🙂 gillar dina klipp! verkar vara rätt så stort utbud på körning där 🙂

  25. can you make video of best places to ride in california near san diego/laguna beach area? or just give us list of good twistie roads or scenic routes. I live in Laguna beach and i wanna explore more.

  26. As a fellow Bay Area resident who recently got into riding, I can say without a doubt that the addiction is real.

  27. I have a 2014 multi in the same color. I love the multi. I’m down in San Diego! Come check out the rides down here. You’ll love em. 👍🏻

  28. How did the insta360 one x turned to your videos? I havent noticed any footage with this camera in the late videos..

  29. It's so cool that you're in the Bay Area, I did not know. I've been watching many of your videos and finding out you're local is cool. Do you do group rides in the area?

  30. Saw some familiar places in this video. The Bay really is pretty amazing for 2 wheeling. If you've ever seen people skateboarding on Ham, that's me and my buddies.

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