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Motorcycle Riding Basics : Motorcycle Riding: Fast Cornering

Motorcycle Riding Basics : Motorcycle Riding: Fast Cornering

Alright, so now we’re going to go ahead and
talk about faster cornering. We got our slow turns down. We’re not actually going to turn
the same way by counter weight, with our counter weight out this way. We’re, cause if we do
this, it’s going to drop our bike too low on a corner. The objective is to keep our
bike more straight up with our weight still pulling that bike over to that corner. The
way we’re going to achieve that, is we’re just going to start off with working our shoulders.
At kind of normal turns, like everyday turns in traffic and stuff like that, what you’re
going to want to do, is you’re actually going to want to just lean your shoulders off to
that one side. If you’re going to turn left, you’re going to lean your shoulders off that
same side. So, you’re going to lean off left a little bit. And, you do the same thing,
if you turn right, you’re just going to lean those shoulders off a little a bit right.
Now, when you’re turning, you want to actually push down on that handle if you’re turning
to the left, you’re going to push on that left hand side. Ok. We don’t want to turn
our wheels to the left, because that’s going to actually make us lean the opposite direction.
So, you always want to push down on that same side that you’re trying to turn, push and
lean down on the side. Same thing with the right, we’re going to push down and lean to
the right. And, that’s going to go ahead and get us our lean to go into the corners, cause
again, we don’t turn our bike, a motorcycle like a bicycle. We turn our motorcycle like
an actual motorcycle. Now, when we get into faster riding around corners and stuff like
that, we’re going to go ahead and lean, and then we’re going to go ahead and scoot a little
bit off the side. We’re going to still hang on with our leg over here on this right side,
when we’re leaning to the left. So, we’re going to lean to that left and just scoot
off a little bit, same thing with the right hand turns. You’re going to scoot off a little
bit, get your weight over on the opposite, on the same side of your turn, you’re going
to push down on that side, and you’re going to lean. So, for a right hand turn, you lean
off to the right, left hand turn, you lean off to the left. Remember we’re trying to
get our bike to stay more straight up, than so far down.

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  1. "cause again we turn turn our motorcycle like a bicycle, we turn our motorcycle like an actual motorcycle."

    Pure genious! /sarcasm

  2. You don't need to ride upward of 40mph to countersteer on a bicycle or on a motorcycle. I countersteer all the time going around corners well less than 20mph on a bicycle. My Ninja probably weighs in at 430-440 and I still don't have to go 40 mph to countersteer. Countersteering applies to ALL two wheeled single track modes of transportation. Check out "Countersteering 101" or " Counter Steering" by Mordeth13. Better explanations of steering than this crappy ass vid.

  3. A few years sounds nice, but I'm 30 and have been an avid roadie since I was 10 doing rides at SF, Mt. Tam, Mt. D and the Silverado area. It's true that countersteering is more noticeable during mountain drops at 30+mph and leaning the frame gives results but you can countersteer easily at 10-15mph through any intersection. The last guy I saw trying to turn hard into a turn by steering toward the inside while going greater than 10mph got flung off to the outside and had gravel for breakfast.

  4. You guys who are criticising him ranting like you know everything – why you watching in the first place?
    Probably to learn how to ride a bike!

  5. i corner in my bicycle a lot like on my motorcycle. its safe if you do it right.
    dont lean a bicycle expecting it to go as smoothly as a motorcycle lol, unless you are Arnald strong and you already peddled to 50mph before turning

  6. The title is a little misleading, this is more medium speed cornering, like as slow as 15 mph. To really corner quickly, get a book on sport riding where they teach apexing. weight distribution through the corner, etc. I recommend "Sport Riding Techniques", by Nick Ienatsch. It's a little more advanced but'll probably save your bacon one day.

  7. you again! lmao, did u notice the first sentence in the description is the complete opposite of what you should do?
    body off the bike so the bike stays as upright as possible, not the opposite way around

  8. @Steelyflint I'm braced for a hail of abuse here, but what the hell…. MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES CORNER IN THE SAME WAY. ALWAYS. There's no 'you can trun it like a bike at low speed' or 'you can't turn it like it;s a bike at high speed' they work in the same way. It's physics!

  9. @2wheelsteve

    Well you are right, but really counter steering causes the lean so basically the same thing applies. But you're right he should have mentioned it.

  10. This is a video obviously for beginners, so why is he not wearing the proper safety gear. I hate people who think it is cool to wear only a t-shirt and jeans, but they will figure it isn't that cool when your skin scrapes off your body, you loose fingers, or worse get killed or become paralyzed.

  11. @crossbike – its a bike jacket and long pants wtf are u talking ….. thats how most people ride bikes… its not shorts and a t shirt… is it?

  12. fast cornering?? definitely need to change the name of this vid to "I don't know what I'm talking about as I do U-Turns on a Dead-End road!!'

  13. @theashdude It's because the bicicle comparison, smartpants.

    I guess you dropped school too early to know how to interpret simple texts.

  14. @TRDBaron tell me about it! i live in canada and its sucks a sasquatchis dick. i cant wait to live in some country with corners

  15. I'm 17 and just got my licence. I wanna get a motorcycle but i'm not sure if i should. My mom says i shouldn't. Well, actually she forbids that i do. But i love bikes so much. I'm also kind of scared because i have a friend in my church who was in an accident, and he will never walk again. He's in an electric wheelchair 24/7. I also know several other people who have died or have been hurt in accidents. Anyone have any advice for me?

  16. @crazypersonlol34
    i would recommend you buying aprilia rsv4 aprc because its very powerful but its got great electronics so it will keep you safe but at the same time very fast and take it easy in the beginning!!

  17. @crazypersonlol34 200mph bikes dont have to do 200 mph they can do 30 and even 60. Dont take risks, dont put yourself in a position where a car driver who can only be arsed to move his eyes and not his head wont be able to see you and just pull out. No matter how hot wear the gear especially gloves. Beware the rainbow film of death (oil and diesel) and road paint in the wet. Oh and most importantly, rossi and stoner make it look easier than it really is. thats about it. oh trust no car. ever.

  18. Believe me guys I am 16 and race motorcycles, do not listen to anything this man says, all of his techniques are wrong. Spend a little money guys and go and do a california superbike school. They will teach you everything you need to know.

  19. Jesus, the most importan thing to take a corner is how you use your eyes!
    Thats the first thing you should learn away.

    If you absolutly have to learn to ride a bike on youtube and not take real lessons whatch advancedbiker her on youtube. Not this crap

  20. I can not get my head around what there is to learn about riding a Motorcycle. Start with a Bicycle (With some effort one can reach speeds to experience counter steering on a bicycle and it wont kill you if you get it wrong) then graduate to a motorcycle.
    I've been riding for 15 years now. I've travelled to the mountains ( 2500+ Kms everytime) travelled acros states touched 100 KmPH and more on highways.
    It's pure instinct. I didn't know what it was called countersteering all this time

  21. He didn't say "countersteer" but he did display it, and kinda explained it in the demonstration. You do need more body leaning when turning a sportsbike. Sorry.

  22. Yes, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Have you ever hear of linguistic recursion? It's what lets you say "My father is called Jon and my mother Mary" instead of "My father is called Jon and my mother is called Mary". The same thing occurs there.

    Recursive speech exists, and it lets you start a phrase with "And".

  23. Didn't really cover the finer points of cornering technique at all , counter-steering / weight distribution / hang-off weren't really talked about in depth

  24. and tha's why you will crash that new bike you just got. Take some classes on how to ride before you make ignorant comments such as that.

  25. 1:10 This guy should not comment on bicycles. Because he is wrong. Bicycles counter steer as well. The smart motorcyclists know that ALL 2 wheeled vehicles counter steer.

  26. idk why people focus on counter steering so much.. you do it without noticing it. someone asked me about it once before i watched all of these youtube videos and thats when i realized id been doing it the entire time… bicycles do turn like that also you just hardly are ever going fast enough. another reason why some people dont notice counter steering is that when you lean left you naturally push on the left handlebar. because of this people think only leaning corners you, but it doesnt.

  27. a bicycle works just the same but because you don't go as fast on a bicycle as you do on a motorcycle you don't get to use counter steering on a bicycle

  28. Get some decent  leathers pal if it all goes pear shaped even at slow speed you'll be doing a video on how to cope with gravel rash .
    Ride safe & happy new year 😉

  29. Then when do you actually need to turn the wheels? In what situation? If you can please give me an example for reference? I'm just asking because I did turn the wheels when I first learn to ride.

  30. Please know that he means push down on the handle and not out. Helping you lean or helping the bike tilt over on the side.

  31. i just recently got my first sport bike and so far ive picked up on it very quickly and have basically mastered some things but i still need a lot of practice with taking sharp corners at higher speeds.  I think mostly im just not used to getting the bike down so low and am still nervous that i will low side


  33. At 1:07    "We turn our motorcycle like an actual motorcycle"  I almost choked on that one.

  34. I thought this guy was an idiot when he said you countersteer not like a bicycle, ALL TWO WEELED VEHICLES COUNTEERSTEER INCLUDING BICYCLES.

  35. That blurb above, this one: "When motorcycle riding, keep the body upright in order to safely practice cornering at higher speeds. Learn more about fast cornering from an experienced motorcyclist in this free sports bike video" is TOTALLY WRONG! DON'T DO THAT, THE BIKE WILL FALL DOWN!

  36. Cant tell if trolling or srs. Is expervillages vetting process like a checkbox that says "Are you an EXPERT?". Do they pay their "experts"?. This video is concerning, vague, and inaccurate. I would be happy to make a better one, but I don't consider myself an "expert" and the guys I know who are make this guy look like an infant drooling and helpless and make me look like a hangry teenager. Do yourself a favor and check out Twist of the Wrist ii instead.

  37. who needs a video showing how to go round a corner?its just natural and'd fall off if you thought about what you're doing all the time

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