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Motorcycle Riding Basics : Turning a Motorcycle On & Off

Motorcycle Riding Basics : Turning a Motorcycle On & Off

Alright, in this clip, we’re going to be talking
about how to turn our bike on and off through different ways. Alright, the first way is,
is really simple and easy. Remember we put our key in. It’s in the off position, we’re
going to put our key in. Turn it to the on position. What you have to do to start it,
is actually your bike has to be in neutral, which that green light will be showing you
if it’s in neutral or not. If it is in neutral, you’re going to be able to just turn around,
push this red button here, that’s how to grunge it. Now in the same hand. We were talking
about our engine switch. If this switch of off, your engine will not turn over. So if
you’re wondering what’s happened there, just take a look at this real quick. So, remember,
turn that on, and we can just start it up. Once it’s running, there are three different
ways to turn it off. In the neutral position, we can just turn off through the key. Like
that. That’ll turn it off. Through the engine stop over here. That’s an immediate kill.
It still leaves our bike on here. It’s still in the on position, but our engine won’t run.
It’ll kill our engine. Now the third way is actually through our kickstand. We’re talking
about starting your bike in neutral. You can actually start your bike in gear. If it’s
in gear here, the thing is, it will not turn over if your kickstand is down. So I could
push this button all day and it’s not going to start my bike. Now, all I have to do is
kick my kickstand up, and pull on clutch. If you don’t pull on your clutch, and you
try and start it, it’s going to lurch you forward, and it’s not going to start it up.
So you have to pull back that clutch so it disengages your engine. So you pull that clutch
in, turn it over. Now, while it’s in gear, if you want to kill it, but you don’t want
to put it in neutral, all you have to do is drop that kickstand down. And it’ll turn your
engine off. There’s a switch over here inside your bike. Some people have it inside, there’s
also a knob outside, that when you have that kickstand down, disengaged, that switch turned
off and it senses that your kickstand is down, and it’ll immediately cut off your bike.

20 comments on “Motorcycle Riding Basics : Turning a Motorcycle On & Off

  1. lol
    but to be honest, this was kind of helpful to me. in december im taking test for M1 license, and then im going to get my first ever motorcycle 😛

  2. this was no help to me, i tried turning on my friends bike and it didnt start well, it was on neutral, the engine was on, and i pressed the button with the picture of a bolt on it, noting happend :S

  3. im a brand newbeee. Going to Motorcycle school in a month and wanted to know the ins and outs on the bike before it go. and that video helped me out alot…..i didnt realize that you have to turn on the bike and then turn on the engine…cool…

  4. I have to Cosign what Assassinmuse01 said you are a jerk off..You can always learn something new. Although he is somewhat right I bought an R1 09Yamaha and with out the school I have been riding following a bunch or hints I got from guys who took time out to make these vids

  5. I really want to pick up bikes. I'm 18 and I've really liked bikes since I was a kid so why not drive one lol these vids have been pretty helpful.

  6. hennessey415, if you mean he runs the choke all the time, then yes it's bad. The choke changes the engine mixture (richens) for starting cold, once the engine is warm running rich will cover your cylinders, valves and plugs with carbon deposits.
    If you mean he keeps stalling it then, not really that bad, a little bad on the clutch and chain, but no biggy.

  7. You can turn off your bike while it's in gear or in neutral; doesn't matter. It's good practice to leave it in first gear, however, since motorcycles don't have a parking brake, and it can roll if you're on an incline.

  8. on the engine – put the bike in neutral – kick start – put the bike in first gear – release gear slowly..

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