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Motorcycle Riding Course at Honda Safety Driving Center Manila

Motorcycle Riding Course at Honda Safety Driving Center Manila

Hi, Hustlers! My dad and I are off to HSDC to learn motorcycle driving It’s actually papa’s first time to learn how to ride a motorcycle To prepare, he practiced biking just recently since he hasnt rode a bike in decades maybe HSDC or Honda Safety Driving Center is the Training Center of Honda Philippines So most of the road safety initiatives of Honda in the Philippines is organized by HSDC They have training programs for beginners, intermediate, and advance drivers whether you drive a motorcycle, big bike, car, or large vehicles You can enroll as an individual or corporate (company sponsored for its employees) You can also request for 1:1 program but the rate for this is different from the regular classes that they offer You can use your own vehicle or use the ones provided by HSDC The venue is nice – it’s a 2.4 hectare facility complete with amenities you’ll need whether for classroom session or the practical road session The training circuit simulates real road conditions but in a friendlier manner because the environment is controlled There are trainors, and all motorists have undergone safety mindset in driving The trainors are skilled, approachable, and very hands on. They wont give up on you even if you yourself wants to give up already They’ll just assist and encourage you further And if you’re a bit advance from your classmates, they will let you do other techniques, with their guidance I took a 4 day pilot program for beginner motorcycle riders Day 1 – we learned how to ride a scooter Day 2 is semi-automatic, and Day 3 to 4 are manual On day 1, we had a lecture on safety mindset when driving We were with the 4 wheel course students here The next lecture is on motorcycle riding and parts so the 4wheel course students were separated In the afternoon, we practiced braking and throttle control We used Honda Beat. It was easy because you just have to turn the throttle to move and all controls are by hand Day 2 is semi automatic, so there is now a shifter. We used Honda Wave 110 We also had lecture on tips and techniques on the road like what to do if you encountered throttle jam, brake failure, or other problems on the road This was very useful because no one teaches you these things. It just happens and you wonder what happened. Day 3 is manual. We used TMX Supremo I find it heavy at first because we needed to walk, park and pull the bike repetitively And because there is now clutch, both hands and feet need to operate something It was confusing at first First we practiced static shifting This means we shift gears in place – the motorcycle isnt moving This is to familiarize our hands and feet with the controls first Afterwards, they let us go around the training circuit Day 4. I feel like I’ve gotten used to TMX and it was no longer heavy nor intimidating except when I have to walk the bike but driving it is okay Today is our last day so we passed by all parts of the circuit There were slow speed sections and slalom, figure 8, s shape There’s also slope riding, pillion riding, and route familiarization There is also lane changing and overtaking properly There were lots of bikers, and drivers today so it was exciting Of course the trainors taught us the techniques for each stages Last part is assessment wherein we have to pass by everything properly I was challenged with uphill-braking-moving exercise. There was a time when I almost rolled back, and also one time my engine died, so I have to practice this. But overall it was very very educational and fun for me! By the way guys, I wanted to share what the trainors said earlier He said, there are no talented drivers on the roads But there are safe drivers We are not on the road to show off our driving skills. So let’s try to protect everyone’s family

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  1. Very informative content, Tita Arlet! Na-tempt ako itake ang classes nila kahit wala pa akong motor, you know, additional info lang just in case I upgrade my bike. More power po and always ride safe!

  2. wow i like motorcycle kaso pag dito sa manila kabado ako pero sa province nmin ay grabe gamit ko noon rouser 200cc sarap ta;ag ,ag motor… tita alet na tunog na ang kampana hipe na let the bell rung din hahaha

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