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Motorcycle Single Sided Swingarm Chain Adjustment Tool | DS Sales Tool #40 Review

Motorcycle Single Sided Swingarm Chain Adjustment Tool | DS Sales Tool #40 Review

So you have a bike with a single sided swingarm… Have you been consistently disappointed with the quality of wrenches available to adjust the chain? Stick around because we think we’ve finally
discovered a viable solution. Single-sided swingarms may not
be all that common, but even less common are quality chain adjustment tools. Some bikes will come with a chintzy stamped
tool in the tool kit. But some bikes don’t even give you that
(ducati). Dennis Stubblefield Sales is an american manufacturer
of motorsport specialty tools mostly flywheel pullers and stuff like that. But they saw our video on “How to Adjust the Chain
on a Single-Sided Swingarm” and reached out to us because they produce a very nice
dual-head chain adjustment tool. So why the dual head? If you notice, the two sides are different
sizes to allow the tool to work on more bikes. The tool will work on virtually ever Ducati,
most Honda’s, most MV Agusta’s, most KTMs and most Triumphs. So, how does it work? Well, once you loosen the pinch bolts to allow
the eccentric to rotate, simply put the spanner in place and rotate the eccentric. We’ve been using the Motion Pro spanner
wrench, and it works, but you’ll notice that it doesn’t fit perfectly on the eccentric,
but the Dennis Stubblefield wrench fits much better and consequently, works a lot better. Plus, the material construction of the Dennis
Stubblefield adjuster is of a higher quality than the Motion Pro. But, to be fair, the Motion Pro is listed
a shock adjustment tool. For $30, this tool is a solid
investment. Plus, it comes with an integrated bottle opener so
you can celebrate your perfectly adjusted chain with an ice cold bottle of suds. We don’t know exactly how many
bottles of beer this will ever open, but it does doubles as a convenient way
to hang the tool on a peg board. We’ve provided more details in the description,
including a more complete list of bikes this should fit, as well as links to places where
you can buy one of these online. Please click like and subscribe, and check
out or our YouTube channel for more great content. Thanks so much for watching, and ride well.

8 comments on “Motorcycle Single Sided Swingarm Chain Adjustment Tool | DS Sales Tool #40 Review

  1. my chain adjustment process for my multistrada:

    1) loosen pinch bolts
    2) dig through toolkit to find the spanner
    3) get frustrated with the 2 piece handle design.
    4) apply to eccentric
    5) smash knuckles when it slips
    6) bend crappy pot metal tool to fit the eccentric slightly better
    7) tool slips
    8) rotate the eccentric the wrong way
    9) tool slips
    10) vow to get better tool
    11) rotate eccentric right way
    12) tighten pinch bolts
    13) forget to order tool until next adjustment

  2. I request a how to for bearing changes for eccentric hubs and the snap ring/spring thing there has to be an easier way

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