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Motorcycle Stick In Face Impalement – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Motorcycle Stick In Face Impalement – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Ouch! Ha ha ha ha Ouch, no seriously help I can’t get it out Is it still recording? Yup, it is I don’t know, but its still in me… He’s got a brunch stuck in his helmet… Be careful
Oh your lips bleeding Is it going to be best going forward? Ah ah Oh its stuck in your cheek mike
take off your helmet How far in is it? Id have to get my finger in there and find out
stick your finger in your mouth Does it go all the way through? ah i think i broke my hand That is gnarly! I can’t feel it Technically, we should leave it in there If you pull it out it’s going to start bleeding Ok, let turn this thing off and take care of business…
Unless you want to leave it on when you pull it out? Sheesh… Is there any way you can get the truck back here? We don’t have that much further to go… I can’t ride…
Oh you can’t? I don’t know if i can get my truck back here honestly Ok lets turn this thing off

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  1. While it would be better to leave the stick in to prevent making the wound any larger, the cheek is actually the one place on the body that you can remove something that’s impaling you. This is because there are no major blood vessels and you have access to the entirety of the wound which allows you to fully cover it with gauze and stop bleeding.

  2. Aw.. I would of been crying for days, but guys I had an update on this guy and he’s completely fine. He got a scar for life but I think he got a tattoo on his face to hide it. He was so strong 😍💪🏻

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