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Motorcycle Tool Kit | What I Carry with me on tours

Motorcycle Tool Kit | What I Carry with me on tours

except my motorcycle tool kit what i carry
in my tank bag i will tell you about that in the end this is one of the keep watching hello every one i hope every one is fine i
am excited today because i have purchased an item after the feedback which you cannot
see as i have worn a shirt in black color you will not be distracted. just kidding. You have seen the topic for today’s video now this tool kit in not a final product this is from years of experience with my car from where i understood about the tools, so i put them together for my motorcycle. The reason for making this kit was that you all know about the tools which comes with the motorcycle are not that special . i had some items with me before and some tools I got afterwards
this is a timely process I believe that you cannot make a definite tool kit. these items
are added from time to time and there will be more additions and deletions which I will
share with you guys. This pouch I purchased from a shop in Islamabad
while I was purchasing this pouch I had the idea that this will be my main pouch for the
tool kit it contains additional tool pouches I also have tyre rod, a plier, a multi screw
drive and a multi tool. I have compartmentalized all the pouches for
my ease and to organize them. Pouch number one contains wrench, pouch number
two contains sockets and pouch number three contains many various items which I will explain
in a bit. Pouch number one contains all the wrenches which I carry in my kit, apart from this I have one extra small wrench which I carry
in my tank bag. Size of the wrenches are all metric range
from 10 11 12 14 17mm i also have a spare wrench of 12mm. so 1 breaks I don’t have to worry. In pouch number 2 I carry all sockets or we
call them “goti” in local language I have 8 mm 13mm 14mm and one 3/4 or 19mm socket i also have a plug socket which also have a 14mm wrench on the other side. Pouch number 3 contains Ln Key set, zip ties, some nuts and bolts, some wire , electrical tape some electrical wires, some fuses for my bike, small sockets. Apart from these pouches I have this multi tool nose pliers. This is like a spare set of pliers i also have a screwdriver which came along with the motorcycle. this is not some special one but
it does the job, i also have a tyre rod I also have a pair of big pliers from which i am satisfied till now I also have this angled 9mm ring wrench
I never used till now but you never know when it might come handy I also have a small box which came along with a torch (which I carry in my tank bag) I carry some extra spark plugs in it. this is in my tool kit In the starting I told you guys that I will
tell about some tools which are in my tank bag This is a spare multi screwdriver this is a 10mm and 12mm wrench this is another small multi tool pliers set and this pen like thing is a tyre pressure
gauge I carry all these in my tank bag as I don’t
have to open my main tool kit for some small task So these are very handy in my tank bag I also carry some spares in my topbox in Which I have break lever and clutch lever,
I also carry an air pump with me as my both tyres are tube less so it helps me alot.
these are some items which are normally with me on tours
I hope you will like today’s video. if you liked it please do give me feedback
as it is very important for me so i can improve my videos
thank you for your time

23 comments on “Motorcycle Tool Kit | What I Carry with me on tours

  1. Good tools but still your voice is too low and background music is high make it more loud and clear best of luck

  2. Zabardast bhaii jaan
    Too much informative nad knowledge base video. Thums up πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Informative and useful especially for a novice like me. A brief introduction of ur watch would be appreciated. Thank u

  4. Realy very very Informative sir I am also struggling to combined but worried about how placed in ybr. Ring ranch important for tapet settings tapet gauge&driver missing in ur kit sir. Air pump indeed very important, and sir which tubless tyre you are using.

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