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Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia Yamaha XT 660 Z – Welcome to Russia – Part 5

Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia Yamaha XT 660 Z – Welcome to Russia – Part 5

He actually hate Russian politic and government, not people. I am sorry it’s my mistake!

88 comments on “Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia Yamaha XT 660 Z – Welcome to Russia – Part 5

  1. Hi, Pavlin!Great video! Again. Respect for your sense not only for motorcycles, but for real adventure! In Russia it is adventure, indeed it is… 🙂 Because of you we are able to see and really feel the country.And great respect for your positive attitude toward any situation! Go on and make us happy by next videos!Drive safe!

  2. I love the raw footage, you're taking us right along! What RPM is your Yamaha turning at 129kmh? It looks like it cruises right along at that speed! I'm so jealous haha! My KLR rides like a jackhammer at that speed! Dima's special drink is LOL sir!! Thank you Pavlin!

  3. Pavlin, they gave you a bigger meal at the Chernobly restaurant, was it your last (biblical) meal? Lol. Love Dima's honesty, does not say much, but when he does, he makes his point. Roads so far look the same as Australian roads. Looking forward to part 5, cheers.

  4. Another excellent video my friend. You guys must be really fit to do those miles every day.I like Dima, he doesn't say much, but you can tell how he feels! I think he likes the mechanics more than the cooks! I didn't think the hotel was so bad, I have stayed in worse places in Paris! But, I understand, when you have ridden lots of miles you just want to have something good to eat and drink and get a good sleep. You both looked much happier when you stayed with your friends on the second night. It could be worse, you could be in the queue with all those trucks at the border!  Ride safe my friends and thank you for showing us this trip.

  5. Hey Pav’, is your mate Dima from Burgas, I mean his plate is from this BG area?! He looks tough guy – grumpy some times, most of it 🙂 But it looks funny on the screen dough, I hope you enjoyed the trip as I enjoy watching it with a glass of wine… cheers mate, be safe.

  6. Thanks Pavlin for the videos, really enjoy them. I am impressed with your
    energy, you do 900 k and still have enthusiasm to show details like
    the rooms, food,  petrol stations etc, very good. This is the detail
    that makes for interesting travel videos. Looking forward to the rest

  7. A kind reminder: whenever u do the 'V' gesture, please never have the back of your hand towards people, that could be confusing sometime.

  8. Thank you so much for your videos! They are so very entertaining and every time I get a notification there is a new video I can´t wait to watch it. I have one question though. I have done 2 tours around Europe (New rider here with only a 3 year old drivers license). On the last tour I told myself I would record everything but ended up with 3-4 videos and maybe 50 pictures. How do you "remember" to document so much on your travels?

  9. Привет ! Живу в Германии катаюсь на таком же мото как у тебя , жалко что видео твои только на английском

  10. 👍 looking forward to the rest of the Adventure Pavlin, if you don't mind me asking what nationality are you Bulgarian ?


  11. Thanks for a great video, watching it is like being on a tour by myself, so different to short edits with a lot of music and none of real adventure spirit or people feelings and thoughts. Its interesting feeling to see places, which You have visited by yourself a month ago 🙂 Keep going, cannot wait for the next episode!

  12. A lot of complaints about Russians and hotel, to me hotel looked normal… 40$… cant be Sheraton. Point of your videos was always to be down to earth and normal. You became soft living in Germany… I had a bad service in Germany also… in every country in the world you have nice people and you have Dima…

    No hard feelings, I enjoy watching your channel!

  13. Hey, quick question: How long did you normally take to find a hotel? And how did you do it? Using smartphone apps or asking for locals? Thanks

  14. Yo Pav! Great video. Gracias.

    Do you, and Dima, have to deal with snoring? Ha

    Interesting how Dima covered his bike with bits of wood and plastic. Is this for theft prevention?

  15. Thank you showing me Russia once again and the Volga river… Lived in Russia for 6 years and after watching the video it refreshed my memories… Russian are not friendly that could be not true… They don't become friends so easily….. Anyways I love your videos and will explore the world like you on the bike…thank you so much

  16. You seem to be able to communicate quite easily with other peoples languages. Is language a problem  for an English only speaker in russia

  17. 😏I prefer Indian guys' videos about crossing Russia. Their videos are much purer than yours. I've never heard that they talked about communism etc.

  18. This is not adventure mate just jump from the bad to the bike 🏍 and straight away on road u didn’t light up even a fire 🔥 for me what i sow was u in rush .

  19. I, really, like hospitality of the Hotel. <3 And, after a long day of riding, a nice place to crash is boon from almighty.

  20. бугари,ем га храниш,ем га појиш,ем му даш смештај и не ваља му русија.цццц 🙂

  21. And what about the police? Any stops? Any fines? You never filmed? I see you brake lots of rules (its normal by the way), crossing continuous lines mostly.

  22. Добродошли до Русии. Спасибо за видео, очень интересно смотреть как иностранцы познают Россию. Удачи в Путешествиях, возможно где-нибудь пересечёмся на дорогах Балкан или Европы.

  23. Pavlin, you should do an iron butt rally, it would be a walk in the park for you 😜 My one and only trip to Russia was a five an a half hour border crossing from Estonia and a £140 for a 30 day visa. Our first hotel in St.Petersburg didn't even have windows. Also a police checkpoint right outside the hotel which we managed to bypass by taken the rear exit. Looking forward to watching the rest of your adventure. Remember, keep it shiny side up.

  24. OK sorry dude but you consider 40.-USD for a hotel like this as CHEAP? After 14h and 12h of riding 900km i better sleep in a tent somewhere close to mainstreet. Thats more a race than an adventure. I am renting a bungalow out for 14.-US in Phuket and its mostly the RUSSIANS complaining. I never met people so cheap but with so high needs for Luxury… 80%of them are really terrible guests, and thx to the other 20% i did not advertise NO RUSSIANS PLEASE 😀
    Great advantage you are having is speaking and more READING skills of the Russian language, Most of us can not even say if its a whorehouse or a hotel… 😀 😀
    I am currently planning my trip from Thailand to Berlin, my hometown 😉
    Hope to find some tips in your videos about riding in China, i heard you NEED a chinese Driving License, they will not accept international.
    HI TO BERLIN btw

  25. Thanks for sharing your travels and advice , etc— I have traveled alot of this world , but only got as close as Turkey to Russia— would love to travel the way u are— its funny in this video u just entered russia and say drivers are safe and they follow rules now and u pass on a solid line —-

  26. Чувак, у тебя стояк что ли на комунизм? Через каждое слово о комунизме говоришь. Его уже как тридцать лет нет, очнись. Но видосы зачетные, респект.

  27. Very interesting journey. You should consider arange some tour with rental bike for rider around the world….europe landscape very beautiful

  28. I am planning a trip to the East, thank you very much for filming and sharing! Very informative!
    And I hope you are not torturing yourself while speaking English, it sure sounds like that.
    Keep Filming! Thanks!

  29. Please let us know the paper work and formalities to do when crossing the border with you as a visitor and the bike registration , driving licence and insurance part of it. Would be of great help for those planing something like yours…Thanks

  30. So you say drivers are not bad? Makes sense. All the negative videos make it to the youtube. They have mandatory camera for insurance purposes. Nobody wouod be interested if you show a traffic video with everything nice and smooth

  31. hi love the video,s no stupid music just straight talk I like that, but too many kms per day hard work, great trip I have a pacific coast great storage and comfort, keep up the good work.

  32. My friend I really hope one day we will travel together.If you come to Croatia contact me anytime.Thanks for videos.

  33. old video I know but I am really curious, what motorcycle does Dima ride?

    later edit … never mind, I saw it's a suzuki freewind (@16:56) jeeez that's at least 15 years old :))))

  34. My German GD die POW in 1956. They lost 26 mil. I love the culture and language. My Mother in Berlin learnt Russian in school. Hard soft inside folk

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