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Motorcycles in the Seventies – Two Stroke Tearaways

Motorcycles in the Seventies – Two Stroke Tearaways

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  1. Great video and great bikes ,the kh was terrible on handling, the Yamaha was great but the stopping it was its downfall,didn’t have the brakes but the Suzuki gt with disc front brake was the one , but none of these weren’t a the true tonne production machine that went to the Suzuki X7 a little later

  2. I’ve owned all three in my teens and early twenties. The Kawasaki for style, not much else, the Suzuki for fun and crashes, but the Yamaha was just streets ahead on build quality. Today I have a yds7 in my garage with a Honda cb900f and a Yamaha R1. No bike, no life.

  3. My mate gave me a KC100 two stroke Kawasaki . It was a 80s bike maybe . This was back in New Zealand in 2001 . Damn it went well . I had a cr125 and friends would ride the KC while I would ride the cr. The KC gave it a good run

  4. I know this video is old (nowhere near as old as the bikes), but I love it! Great effort! My first bike was a '72 Suzuki T350 given to me by my cousin. At 13 I stripped it to bits, painted the frame, installed new rings, gave every part a proper polishing, and put it all back together. Eventually got it running, but never in top shape. Still, I have found memories of that first wind down the road. My parent never expected I'd get it running again. Anyway, thanks for making this video. Much enjoyed! 👍🍻

  5. I owned a Suzuki GT 250 which had dead spots at low revs. This meant you had to really rev the balls out of it to get any acceleration ! If I had my time over again I would have definitely bought a Kawa KH 250 . It may have not been as fast as the RD 250 but the look and drone sound from those three pipes could not be matched!!

  6. I had Simpson 50 great motorcycle and after that MZ 150 from Germany that was bullet and then I bought MZ 250 with that specific sound and that was beast. No Yamaha or Suzuki at the time in communists countries as Czechoslovakia…

  7. Your article made me reminisce about my "good old days" on strokers ,so I started counting them and had to think back and note them all down, my first 250 was in 1977 and was an RD250D, my last stroker was an Aprilia RS250 in 1994 but in between were 2 more RD 250s (both Es) ,3 250 LCs, 2 TZR 250s, that was just the Yamahas, I had a Suzuki T250J "Hustler" and a Kevin Schwantz replica Pepsi RGV250P and an RM250 motocrosser, my only Kwacker was an S1 250 ,my only Honda 250 was an NSR250R MC28 Rothmans replica, my only non Japanese 250 strokers were 2 Aprilia RS250s, a Biaggi and a Reggiani replica, apart from the 250 strokers I also had a Garelli 50 Monza ( racer not moped), a Suzuki 125 Stinger, a Yamaha 200 Electric, 4 Yamaha 350s (2 LC 350s and 2 YPVS (power valve) 350s, my biggest and most exotic stroker was a Stan Stevens tuned Suzuki RG500 Gamma engine in an Aprilia RS250 rolling chassis with a GSX-R 600 front end (the best handling most exciting bike I've owned and that includes GSX-R750s and Triumph Daytona 675s), I loved two strokes but unfortunately it appears we'll never again experience the banshees wail and unique aroma of the racing stroker.

  8. I had an RD250A (torque Induction) great bike at the age of 17, very quick at the time but get the points wrong and the ignition timing was out and it went really quick until it seized LOL! Anyone got JEV 577N |, started out blue but became Butterfly Orange….

  9. I Had a Benelli 250 twin cylinder just to be different. PS you forgot the Honda supernightmare 250 which would tick like a bomb when cooling down

  10. Yes I had a Kawasaki kh400 after owning a 250yam the kwakers were and still sort after bikes friends of mine had the kh750 my bro had the kh250 and I ended up owning the z900 the king of 70s superbikes

  11. I had a KH250 with a piper 3 into one exhaust. It sounded great. Can still remember the first test ride and how slow my FSIE was when I had to ride it home. My mate had a RD 250, which was a brilliant bike too.

  12. My Suzuki GT380 was in RED…. It died when the middle cylinder got a a hole where the spark-plug was, tore it down, never to build up again, as a few month later (after looking for a replacement engine instead of fixing the parts ) moved for a while to the US. It was sold as scrap by the guy who was supposed to keep it….

  13. couldn't answer yes to any of the assertions. Never had anything smaller than a 350. And never owned a two stroke.

  14. My 1973 Suzuki T250 was a joke: lots of piston ring nois, low power, very bad brakes, bad light, big fuel consumption, stinky, rattling silencer.. Junk!

  15. I couldn't afford a new bike, I had a 65 YDS3 the exhaust sound was incredible! My Enduring memory from the 70's was a trip to the TT races, Agostini rode there for the last time…the atmosphere was electric, I feel so privileged to have lived in that era. Sadly I lost biker friends due to the lax regulations.

  16. I own a 1975 Yamaha R5 350, and I love it. Just knocked the dust off and going to get it going again asap.

  17. I had the RD 400 with its mag wheels and front and rear disc brakes. When the speed shop set up the twin up swept expansion chamber exhaust it became a beast that I had trouble riding in the city. No problem, because I rode it in the back country on the twisties. It was the only bike that I've owned that could accelerate to 60 mph and back to zero in a short block (three homes).

  18. They were fast…but didn't stop down hill. Especially in the wet!
    I hit the back of a mini on a roundabout and it just pulled away like nothing had happened. 😎

  19. I've got a 78 kz500 kawasaki in my garage. Power ban was insane a totally different bike when it hit high rpm's.

  20. Excellent, well-presented video. But can I do a slight bit of nit-picking? In 1976 I bought a new Kawasaki S3 400 triple (NNN39P probably). I don't know much about the RD or the Suzuki but I am fairly sure that the small Kawasaki triples weren't called KH in 1973. They were S1, S2 & S3 which became KH250, KH350 & KH400 in mid 1976, & they weren't quite identical. The KHs had emission control carburetters which killed the performance. Kawasaki never admitted to any loss of performance & continued to quote the same power output as they had done for the S series, but this was widely regarded as nonsense by everyone, including Fox Kawasaki at Nottingham who I bought my bike from. But still a great video which tweaked my nostalgia buds, & thank you for creating it.

  21. Had a 77 gs750 Suzuki two-stroke water-cooled! In the day it was called the water buffalo! First bike that I ever run 160

  22. In 1976 I took a Suzuki 500cc Titan 2-stroke from Chicago to Mt Robson, British Columbia and back
    Quite the adventure for a 21yr old and I can still hear the riiing-a-ding when I missed a gear

  23. Nice video except the jangly music…..all I wanted to hear was the bikes…. You just cannot beat 2 strokes, had to go out into my garage and start my 76 GT 500…

  24. Class. I had the YR5 Yamaha. Loved it, scraped the pegs on every corner. 105 mph flat out over the tank. Brilliant!

  25. I prefer these candy colored 2 strokes over the dull 80s Honda's anyday. And don't even mention the word cafe racer

  26. I had the Suzuki X7. It was my first taste of a 2 stroke twin after years of assorted British stuff. An absolute rocket but keeping it in the narrow power band of all or most 2 strokes was a challenge. Enjoyed it immensely, but it needed a lot of gear changing to keep it on song, something I wasn't really used to. Far too old now to have a motorcycle, my wife says. I'm only 72 but the wife says no. An Enfield India would be my choice these days…

  27. Back in the day I had a RD 200 then went on to a RD400 E both great bikes to ride the smell of two stroke those where the days

  28. I used to have a Kawasaki Avenger 350 and a SuZuki GT 750! Lots of fun!…and gas was cheap, as they used quite a bit of fuel! Many of my friends had the Yamahas…all screaming crazy bikes!!

  29. Had a Yamaha rd200 which was a good bike. Had electric start. Problems with yamalube injection being even between cylinders. Did not like fork geometry. Traded it in on a Honda cb400t which was a perfect bike. Years later, wife made me sell it. Regret it.

  30. 100% correct Sir . 1st bike Yamaha FS1E . then straight on to the Suzuki GT250 A  . and I  fell in love with this bike totally awesome machine. and then progressed up with the BIG BOYS Kawasaki Z750 twin

  31. I had a Suzuki T200 Invader I built up from bits from scrapyards, then I had an immaculate metallic blue Suzuki GT250 which I bought secondhand for £400 (I still have the receipt) in May 1976. I enjoyed that bike and toured Brittany on it. I sold it to a friend in late 1977, and it was stolen within three weeks which was very sad.

  32. i had a kawasaki kh400 when i was about 19 i traded a set of aluminum car wheels for it . it had pretty good acceleration

  33. I had a 1968 Suzuki T20 and then a 1971 Kawasaki 500 H1 Mach III. Got married in 1974 , mortgage and car.
    I still remember the 2 Strokes vividly.

  34. Had them all, The RD 250 “E” best bike, with a soft spot for the GT and Kwaka. “ 900 duck tail best ever”4 stroke different league just saying.

  35. Man this brought back memories! I rode an RD400 and a buddy had a GT380, we lived on those little 2 strokes! Wheelies for blocks and insanity in the twisties!😎

  36. Once had brown underpants courtesy of a 750 triple and a set of "Teflon" coated tyres, or "Die Youngs" as we used to call the original fitment map tyres, and a wet roundabout.

  37. Jeez takes me back to age 16 yam Rd 50 17 suzuki gp100 18 Rd 250 e finally last 2 stroke a stan stephens tuned rd350lc bags of fun now I'm in my late 50s running a yam mt07 I'd give it up for a 2 stroke if they made a comeback.

  38. I had the 1971 twin Suzy hustler. It was really cool, but to go up a hill you had to drop it down from 6th to 5th or even to 4th… but as long as you kept the revs up it was pretty fast and powerful.

  39. The year was 1982 finished high school and rode a Yamaha 350rx twin cylinder twin carburetor twin exhaust ….and now I'm 52 broken bones seven times and still ride, though not the 350 Yamaha but 500cc royal enfield classic

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