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Motorcycling Northern Thailand – Mae Hong Son Loop… And Then Some

Motorcycling Northern Thailand – Mae Hong Son Loop… And Then Some

Hey – I’m Krystof and I’m riding the Mae Hong Son loop in northern Thailand. This is home for the next couple nights. I got this Honda CB300F and for the canyons this has been amazing. Super fun! The bike didn’t come with a phone holder for navigation, so I fashioned my own out of zip ties and rubber bands. This is Doi Pui Co. As you saw the ride up here was pretty rough, but the views are amazing and there’s nobody else here so I think it was all worth it. So I just got to Khun Yuam and wow – the ride from Mae Sariang to here was amazing. Those canyons… mmm! Still can’t wipe the smile off my face! I have the bike for two weeks, which is more than enough for the Mae Hong Son loop so I’ve decided to extend the trip south down to Sukhothai. Here’s what that looks like. I didn’t want to take the highway between Lampang and Sukhothai and I found a nice-looking mountain road on the map instead. It started off by taking me through some small villages, which was cool but then the pavement ended and it became a dirt road, which got progressively worse as it got deeper into the woods. My GoPro mysteriously didn’t record the audio for this shot, but I look pretty worried here. Turning back would have cost me three hours, so I decided to press on regardless. Fortunately, it was just a couple of kilometers to the next village, where the dirt road became pretty smooth again. Look at this beautiful paved road, huh? I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see a paved road before.

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