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Motorradabenteuer Schottland 2015 – Eine Reisedokumentation – Motorcycle Adventure

Motorradabenteuer Schottland 2015 – Eine Reisedokumentation – Motorcycle Adventure

We want to go to Scotland. Our first stop is Amsterdam, from where we want to take the ferry. We reach the port of Ijmuiden in the early afternoon, where our ferry, the King Seaways, has already set. Many motorcyclists are already waiting with us to get on the ferry. After loading, the cabin is moved and many passengers meet on the sundeck. Here you can watch wonderfully the extension of the ship. Overnight we travel from Amsterdam to the English port of Newcastle upon Tyne. Early in the morning, the English coast comes into view. On our first day, we drive from Newcastle towards Peebles. But first we have to get used to the traffic on the left. After crossing the Scottish border, we cross the Norththumberland National Park. Here we collect the first impressions of the harsh landscape of Scotland. Furthermore, we drive here our first single track roads, very narrow streets. We reach Peebles and thus our first hotel “The Park”. Peebles is a small sympathetic town that lies on both sides of the River Tweed. The interior of our hotel, reminiscent of an old villa, with quite comfortable rooms. But Peebles is not the end of our stage today. Once again we climb the motorcycle and drive to the Scottish capital Edinburgh. Perched high on a rock, is Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since the 15th century. Our city tour begins in the Princess Street, the shopping mile. From here, we go up into the old town, to the Royal Mile. “The Royal Mile” connects Edinburgh Castle in the west … … with the Holyrood Palace in the east. After breakfast, we pack our seven things and leave Peebles. Today it will go via New Lanark and Sterling, to Drymen at the Loch Lommond. A final drive through Peebles before continuing on the Scottish highways. In the southeast of Glasgow, right on the “River Clyde”, is the place Lenark. In the district “New Lanark” a unique model settlement developed during the industrial revolution. Robert Owen reformed the workers’ settlement built in 1785 with unprecedented success. Each family got an apartment with at least two rooms. Owen founded a pension fund, a food cooperative, a kindergarten and canteen… and assured every employee, free medical care. Visitors from all over the world traveled to the “Clyde” to admire the then revolutionary project. After “New Lanark”, we continue with the motorcycle in the direction of “Sterling”. The inhabitants of Sterling, like to praise their city as the “heart of Scotland”. The place was already protected in the 13th century with a fortified castle. Sterling was the gateway to the Highlands … … and means “place of fighting” and this name is especially reminiscent of several famous battles. The Castle is the main attraction of the place, from which you can see several historic battlefields. From Sterling, we drive to Dryman, where we want to spend the next night. Our traditional hotel “The Winnock” is located in Dryman, on the south shore of Loch Lommond. Today is the longest tour stage of 350 km ahead of us. Passing the Loch Lommond, it goes first in Highlands and from there back to Loch Leven. The Loch Lommond is the largest and probably the most beautiful lake in Scotland … … it is 33 KM long and 8 km wide at its widest point. Now it goes into the Highlands, while we are first in the direction of Oban. Along a river, a single track road meanders, which is not marked in our maps. We follow this road towards Glencoe. Again and again spectacular natural spectacles and prospects. The surrounding mountains are getting higher and higher and the temperatures drop noticeably by a few degrees. We reach “Glencoe Village” – The Highlands … The Glencoe Valley symbolizes one of the gloomy chapters of Scottish history. Here the English let 1692, the entire McDonald Clan kill. Along the long bay of Loch Linnhe, we reach Fort William. The sympathetic town, owes its name to a fortification. This once controlled the access to the Great Glen. On the way to our destination today, we are still grazing the “Grampian Mountains”. Many beautiful Scottish lakes, the so-called Lochs, are on our way. Of course, the driving pleasure on the “Single Track Roads” is not too short. Our today’s destination, the “Windlastrae Hotel” in Kinross at Loch Leven, we reach in the evening. Even the most beautiful journey comes to an end sometime and so we drive again in the direction of Newcastle. We cross the motorway bridge over the Firth of Forth, from where you can also see the mighty railway bridge. We enjoy the last kilometers on the Scottish country roads, before we reach the Scottish border again. In Newcastle we drive through the last roundabouts, before reaching the harbor. Here, the ferry “Princess Seaways” is already waiting for us. Now it’s time to tie down the bike, move into the cabin and up to the sundeck. We are leaving Scotland, but we are sure that we will return someday. Towards morning we are back in Amsterdam, where the ferry spits out all the vehicles again. Now there are only 300 km of highway ahead of us, which lead us back towards home.

4 comments on “Motorradabenteuer Schottland 2015 – Eine Reisedokumentation – Motorcycle Adventure

  1. Sehr schöne Eindrücke.
    Mit dem Wetter hat es ja offensichtlich gut funktioniert.

    Wir fahren dieses Jahr im Juni nach Schottland und hoffen auch so viel Glück mit dem Wetter zu haben. 😉

  2. Hallo Michael,
    habe gerade mit Begeisterung Dein Video angeschaut. Super, echt toll.
    Aber sag mal, mit welcher Software machst Du die Routendarstellung?

  3. Nice video. By coincidence, I also slept at the New Lanark Hotel a couple of years ago, it was one of the more impressive hotels of the last few years.

    You have more luck : my wife doesn't ever join me on the motorbike, she's too afraid on the motorbike (maybe it's because I'm a hell of a motorbike rider 😉 )

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