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Mototent Test – 16 Months of Motorcycle Travel !

Mototent Test – 16 Months of Motorcycle Travel !

Hi! It’s been more than 16 months since I started to travel. I will answer some questions on my camping equipment and mainly on the tent. I have the MotoTent from Lone Rider and to the question “Isn’t it a bit big?” The answer is easy Yes, it’s big, practical and that is what I need when I travel because I use it often because I will go to places where without tent it is not possible and because when camping often you want it to be practical. Also, something we do not think about often enough, is that today I am feeling good and happy, I show you my tent but when something is wrong, when you are sick, when it is pouring rain and you have to spend the day in the tent, or worse, when you have to fix something on the bike, I am happy that I can do it in the tent! That is a personal choice. Set up time: first time, no tent is easy, after 2 or 3 times, it’s good. The tent is well made. It takes me less time to set up my camp than to go in a hotel. Going into a hotel, they often don’t have an indoor parking, so I need to unload all my bags and then park. Or, I can go in the hotel with the bike because they agree but I need to go through the door and remove my luggage anyway. So, to park, remove my luggage and take it to the room, takes between 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the floor! To set up my tent, it takes between 15 to 20 minutes from the time I stop the bike to the time I’m ready to go in my sleeping bag! Once more, this is a personal choice, it weighs 5 kg and that Is not so light, it depends on your use. To the question “Would I go travel with it again?”: yes! Some parts of my equipment I would have changed but this tent is definitely the one I would take again!

12 comments on “Mototent Test – 16 Months of Motorcycle Travel !

  1. You make a great argument to have a larger tent that can enclose the bike. Thanks to make this video.

  2. Now I've heard this argument twice…that you need a very large tent…by two world motorbikers…makes sense.

  3. pardon my French, merci! great video! I plan on doing this next year once I finish with school. I look forward to seeing more of your content!

  4. My wife and I are just back from a 7 months trip on our motorbike and the Lone Rider Mototent was also our home. We recognise and underline what you are saying. Nous sommes de la Belgique (Gand) et aussi avec le F800GS 🙂 Bonne chance!

  5. The founder of Lone Rider has no idea about camping, a tent WITHOUT WINDOWS???!!! What an bullshit is that… if you gonna camp for one week and more, and it rains for days, you can't even see out to the nature.
    A big BMW GS fits in, BUT it comes in contact with the "walls" that mean it's leaking there soon.

    He is selling this gadge to people they never camped for long in shitty weather…

    Think about it french man!

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