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Mountain Bike Enduro Trails | Vlog #4 | SANTIAGO MTB

Mountain Bike Enduro Trails | Vlog #4 | SANTIAGO MTB

Such friend, How are you? Yiiiuuuuuu I head to the hill Sancristobal In search of …….. Nooo !!! We will inaugurate the lifelines of the hill !! Which opened yesterday, after 7 years Let’s go with Peter Burns We will try to do, trails only 4.1 / 2 Cigars 4.1 / 2 I do not know how to reach all morning They are 9.30am I look super rare, because I have the camera forward as happens to this bro cast !!! Hope you like !! Hello, how are you ? – Good as this? Cristobal Will this abiero? This open lord !!! Most paints monkeys We will give a special occasion, to them we are checking if the ring 29 enters the Bike Storage 29 entonce I tell him to remove the front wheel He takes her in hand mounting the bicycle and then rise yes because if not, does not come up I could not get the bike. there is a part that is half narrow and we !! Like we fast we met! How many downs we do? his 10 we are the first to use this woms .. the woms excited !! You saw how happy were the woms, saw his face !!! They are doing the paste That’s not normal oh do not jump !! oh that bad, there was mud not that bad the park rangers should worry about this !! You should worry !! Steak is the path, but they know that the land here is clay Is there mud down? ah, this heavy bike Can you take a line? to reach before cutting ….. and not take that mud sisis It can ? oh steak, so I told myself not throw more out there !! Pedroo good !!! this fine, the track for not knowing the track, got off well You fell ? – Sii He was rich that line wom, in the race of san cristobal !! Shock fork I broke that but you had a protective !! yes, that take me double really stuck !! I pass out and take me there Did you notice when you came down? not at the moment but still this !! – Yes, but this is another oh, there is nothing !! What happened to this path? It was complicated I thought it had closed this trabada we go to the ladder! if you liked the video, please share and like, subscribe ejje Pedro is not it? siisisisi

20 comments on “Mountain Bike Enduro Trails | Vlog #4 | SANTIAGO MTB

  1. Vibraciones de cámara: mejor deja a gopro y cambiate a una sony xD (ignoro y gopro tiene una cámara con estabilizador).
    Calidad de video, buena.
    Senderos, buenos.
    Lo malo: los weones insisten con recorrer senderos peatonales, habiendo decenas de senderos para andar en bicicleta…en el 8:54 una persona debe hacerse un lado si no el mateheweas le tira la cleta encima….so bad.

  2. Massa no sé si editas tú los vídeos pero déjame decirte que te quedan de pana, me encanta ese estilo happy/relajado que le das con los temas de fondo

  3. Oye massa me podrias decir el nombre de las calles donde se encuentran pistas cómo cuatro y medio torre5 denisita y canales como las que haces normalmente

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