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Mountain Bike Trail Riding Tips & Tricks : How to Do a Bunny Hop on a Bike: Part 3

Mountain Bike Trail Riding Tips & Tricks : How to Do a Bunny Hop on a Bike: Part 3

Probably the hardest thing to do is to integrate
the up and forward with your wrist would be preloading and scooping motion with your feet.
So sometime what you can do is you can find a obstacle in a trail to sort of bound off
of to make a little bit easier. In my case I found a little planted rock and that allows
me to sort of practice getting the back wheel off the ground cause it is ramped the bike
is going to leave the ground anyway. But as soon as my front wheel is up in the air I
really focus on scooping it forward that helped me a lot when I was first learning how to
do it was to hit little jumps like that. You know really focus on staying connected. So
another thing that could help is to have little obstacles like these branches that are in
the trial in front of me. So I will go up to those branches and I will you know will
make sure that I will not touch them. So I’m in rolling after them I pick up and over,
up and over. So I may have actually hit some of those branches but as I go this way again
and come back the way I just came I will try to avoid them. So it’s you know all of matter
of up and over. So if this one you know it is hard to make it over with this much speed
but what we can do is integrate some of the techniques to get over it without touching
it. So that is sort of a basic way to integrate the 2 or 3 movement of the bunny hop the front
wheel lift and scoop, the pre low of the tires and the scooping with your foot. The way you
want to think of what you are doing on your foot is you can imagine with my hand is a
foot which is not that hard it is small is you sort of wrap your foot, wrapping your
foot around the peddle and after compress the tires like a basketball you rock your
foot back, and just sort of pull up like that. Cause weather your in clipper peddles like
I have or on a pair of flat peddles that don’t have any sort of retrenching mechanism when
you pull up at a angle like that there is enough friction that you could sort of help
lift the bike. But most of that rear drive that brings the back wheel off the ground
isn’t from picking up from your back end it is from being loose and in a scoop motion
combined with a front motion that really gets everything up off the ground. That is bunny

27 comments on “Mountain Bike Trail Riding Tips & Tricks : How to Do a Bunny Hop on a Bike: Part 3

  1. It comes with practice. Get to know your bike, the feel and balance points. Then use your front wheel and shift your body weight around. I used to ride trial (motorbikes) where you use it all the time.

  2. Yeah, not totally sure how great this is. He's using clipless pedals for a start (so it's a spud hop) Much better to try to learn bunny hopping using platforms. there's loads of better tutorials than this on here

  3. not really i have a giant brass 2 hardtail and a norco shore (with rear suspension) and the shore is 100 times is easier to bunny hop than my hardtail

  4. to be honest i suck, i just like to do half-idiotic urban mixed with trail/light-downhill so i have an medium-expensive full suspension trailbike 😛 i dont know high hopping and wheelies and that kind of shit, but for certain riding i do need to learn it… so thats what I'm doing right now ^^ dont know which one is ezr

  5. if i was to guess id say full suspension is easier to jump with in lower speed… but that might be really stupid to the experienced

  6. I wonder if the bicycle weight is a factor to do bunny hop. How much does your bicycle weight? Mine is 13,8kg and it feels like trying to lift a car. Can't get my back tire up off the ground.

  7. @TurboPieru Thank for your advice. Been trying to practise this technique. Just feel so heavy to lift up the back tire. If I use the front brake to only lift up my rear wheel, the front wheel skid off. I will keep practising. I thought maybe this technique can not be done using my bike (specialized fsr xc). Or can it??

  8. dude just look at someone explaining it on bmx bikes they actually can explain it better even if it is a different bike


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