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Mountain Bike Trail Riding Tips & Tricks : Mountain Biking Tips for Large Obstacles

Mountain Bike Trail Riding Tips & Tricks : Mountain Biking Tips for Large Obstacles

I drop this log in the middle of the trail
to show you one really key application of the bunny hop which is clearing a larger obstacle
on the trail. This is a appropriate size for the approach that I have to do and everything
like that but I would show you even if you miss up and hit the obstacle there still a
way to get over it. So I’m going to roll up to it with some speed and get over it. So
I am pretty sure my back wheel hit it, it sort of rolled forward a little bit but as
you see when I come at it with a little bit more speed it would be much easier to clear. So as you see when I was going down the hill
the obstacle was considerable smaller then it was going up hill you are still using momentum
to your advantage. It also helps that the land is lower then the take off here. So I
widen up the trail a little bit, so I got to get a approach angle cause even if I’m
bunny hopping it I don’t want to hit from the side. But just encase I do hit so I’m
coming in, I’m pushing my bike really hard into the ground I mean you can see like if
you went back and looked at the video my tires would be really compressed coming in here
from pumping them up like a basketball. Then right after I compress them I lift up and
then throw my weight forward to get over the obstacle and you know we pretty much clear
it no problem. So you can do the something riding around town hopping up onto a curve.
To save your wheels from dents you can you know if somebody falls in front of you can
jump over them, there all sorts of real great uses. And knowing how to bunny hop can get
you wheels off the ground that controls even manner is the key to moving on to even more
advance techniques like going large drop offs, hitting ledge jumps and stuff like that.

83 comments on “Mountain Bike Trail Riding Tips & Tricks : Mountain Biking Tips for Large Obstacles

  1. i usualy rely on my feet too , i stretch the ankle like a ballerina and then push a bit backwords to get grip on the pedals and then lift them up . you can try it without lifting the front wheel , just the back one with only you're feet , so upper body whont count as much .

  2. Guys this video is for beginners. I think it gives useful information for someone who never tried such things before. GOOD JOB!

  3. How the hell you do to "go-up" the back wheel ?.., I can do that with the front wheel, but I cant with the back wheel ..

  4. you have to position majority of your body weight towards the front,
    Put your pedal parallel to the ground and point your toes downward
    PUSH towards your back wheel and as long as you have a good grip on your pedals your rear wheel should lift off the ground….
    If it doesnt then you need to put more force into it or shift your weight more forward.
    Just practice w/o lifting your front @ all…. just cruise and try lifting ONLY your rear wheel. THEN try combining front and rear into a bunny hop

  5. lean forward then push your toe to the ground and bend your legs upward and you should lift your back tire.
    and to bunny hope all you have to do is lift the front tire and push up when your at the hight you want to go up to and put your toes down push on the pedals and lift your back tire and to do this you have to kinda of jump when you lift the back tire up

  6. haha dude this ugy is probably a btter biker than you will ever be, and no one careas about your brother thn likes to fall over in his wheelchair

  7. It's done quite often when on single track and riders ride close together. I got hopped over at Whistler last year!

  8. I'm pretty sure the log was the exact same size going uphill as downhill. Otherwise that's one special log. What else can it do besides shape shifting?

  9. LOL this is a funny video…"i dont want to hit the log from the side if i do hit it"… want to hit it head on if it's gonna happen rofl..silly guy

  10. I got hopped over today, and I was still riding down the trail, I think his name was Superman, but I did make myself and bike smaller just in case,
    But this was pretty good info..

  11. I have a question. can you only bunny hop with clip ins or can you do it with normal flat pedals, becuase I have tried it for ages, and can't seem to get it


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  13. if u do trail riding should u be single speed or different gears or it doesnt matter. i already know u should at least have a front shock.

  14. I rofl when the dude hit the tree!!!..i think expert village is pulling of the biggest RICKROLL EVAR!!!.. they are just no experts on their site…

  15. I stopped doing this after i was flying down a hill, hopped over a log and didnt make it all the way…i didnt crash but i bent the shit out of my rim.

  16. hop up on kerbs so kids can pinch their tire tubes?? tip #420 who the EFF mtn bikes anymore?!?!?!

  17. More than likely if somebody has fallen then they're going to want to get back up so if you try and jump them your gunna hit them fuck tard!

  18. I usually go for the approach of pulling up and riding over it like a beast, haha! Trail riding is fun. It's alot better when you ride on a bmx bike!

  19. trail riding is awesome, and especially when you pick some speed, and whizz over some cool jumps on the way through. I like road biking if I want some speed, but my heart still stays with off road trekking on mountain bike.

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