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Mountain Biking for Tips, Techniques & Etiquette : Pick the Proper Helmet for Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking for Tips, Techniques & Etiquette : Pick the Proper Helmet for Mountain Biking

Hi this is Aaron Phillips for Expert Village
Let’s talk about the equipment you need when mountain biking. And you might have seen that
bumper sticker that says bike naked, that sounds cool and all and I’m sure it’s fun.
In fact, I confess, I’ve tried it, but a lot of the time, well all the time you want to
have the proper equipment. Even if you are naked or whatever you’re thing is you want
to have a helmet. Make sure that thing is a good helmet that’s going to sustain an impact
and keep you out of the ER. I tell you what, a helmet cannot be overlooked and its importance
even if you’re going on a short ride, even if you’re riding around a camp ground, do
not leave home without it, like mastercard, and the only time you’re gonna need it is
when you don’t have it on. So remember that, wear it. Gloves. You want good gloves. They
are a key safety item, they’ve got pads on them. Most cyclists go up for fingerless gloves,
some mountain bikers wear full fingered gloves, like when you see the downhill guys cruising
down like at Big Bear California doing eighty miles an hour, they’re wearing full fingered
gloves. you might choose to do that, they do offer a little more protection. Now moving
down from the head and the hands to the jersey. Most jerseys for mountain biking are made
of synthetic material. They are not cotton. There is a reason for that. When you’re mountain
biking there is always moisture involved. Primarily the moisture is your own sweat,
you might get moisture coming down from the sky as well. Polyester is a better material
when moisture is involved than cotton. It’s gonna whip moisture away from your body, it’s
gonna keep you dryer, allow your sweat to evaporate, thereby keeping you cooler. Most
mountain bike jerseys have a zipper, I’m not gonna show you this sort of Elvis chest hair
here, but basically they zip down and cool you off a little bit, for the long uphill
you can kind of pull down that zipper. Some of them go all the way full zip, that’s actually
a really nice way to go sometimes or a longer zip. Short sleeves are pretty common. There
are long sleeve jerseys for when the temperature is getting a little cooler for those nice
crisp fall days. Most jerseys are brightly colored and some mountain bikers opt for more
sort of low key colors and most of them have pockets in the back to carry an energy bar
or maybe a zip pocket for your keys.

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