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Mountain Biking Safety : Choose the Right Cycling Clothing for a Mountain Biker

Mountain Biking Safety : Choose the Right Cycling Clothing for a Mountain Biker

You can go for you know a big long bike ride
all day wearing jeans and a teeshirt but it’s not going to be the comfortable way to ride.
Spending a little bit of money on getting some cycling specific clothing especially
if going out and really riding your mountain bike out in the woods can make a real big
difference in your comfort. The way I’m dressed right now is pretty it’s pretty nice, it’s
pretty good, I’m dressed in a cycling jersey, you know a little of a tighter cut than say
a teeshirt. The biggest thing is the material is made out of wicks moisture away so I’m
standing out here in the sun all day but I’m still not sweaty helps evaporate keep you
cool, gots a zipper, you know it allows you to regulate your temperature a little better,
and pockets on the back that are good for microphones or food. You know nice little
pockets out here, I’m also wearing a pair of shorts that have, there a inner linen them
that’s padded, in the crotch region just make the ride a little more comforter and provides
more support. And then probably the most interesting thing that I’m wearing is I’m wearing some
fancy shoes that are allow me to connect myself to my bicycle which is called cliplist pedal
system. Clipless meaning there’s no toe strap like you use to see. So here on the sole I
got a cleat that clips into the pedal it gives me a lot more control, it’s a lot more efficient
and actually it saves a lot of energy because you don’t have to worry about staying on the
pedals. So the way these things work is little in dentitions here it releases on the cleat,
clip into the bike so your going to put it down and clip it in, my shoes attach to the
pedal. And it’s simple as twisting your way out to get out so I got my clipping pedals,
I got a nice jersey of course, good helmet really important, and another thing that’s
great to have is a pair of gloves. I prefer long finger gloves for mountain bike riding
because I mean they give you more grip. But also they give you more protection which is
nice so they have a nice innovative back to it breaths well even on a hot day like today.
Got a pretty thin palm with reinforcement here across the way areas, a little bit better
grip on the handle bars. So gloves, helmet, shorts, jersey, and a good pair of shoes if
you can handle it is what you want to be looking for when your selecting some clothing to go
riding in.

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  1. so why would the average biker use the back pocket of his jersey to store a microphone? There are numerous more precise examples for this pocket . {energy bars,maps,reflective stripes that you can attach to your clothing when riding at night}

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