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Mountain Biking Safety : Pick a Properly Fitting Helmet for a Mountain Bike

The most important fundamental piece of safety
gear you can wear while cycling is a helmet. There’s a few different types of helmet out
there a few different makes models, manufactures, all that but the basics of fitting a helmet
is the same across these sort of things. So you have 2 principle adjustments when your
fitting a helmet you’ve got the helmet straps and how they fit around your head and most
helmets these days have a retention system that grips on the back of your head. Makes
the helmet more stable and bounces a lot less which is really nice when your riding off
road. So this helmet right here I’m going to show you how basically fitted. Start with
that I’m going to mess it up a little bit, these yolks here adjust where the helmet sit
under my back I mean under my ears. So I put the helmet on you wan the helmet to be flush
you don’t want to wear it back like that cause then it doesn’t protect your face in a crash
and why would you want that. So I’m pulling my pulling these yolks up so there pretty
even here under the bottom of my ear. That just helps to make sure that everything rocks
a lot less and stays put, so pulling this back up and then you want to set the length
to your strap. This one is my helmet so i cut the strap off a little bit but if you
have things really to loose it doesn’t do any good you can take the helmet right off
that way. So if the strap on here take my helmet put it on I set this retention system
on the back so it lightly grips the back of my head. Does a good job I mean helmet straps
don’t even done up. Helmets not coming off so do with my chin strap, and I adjust the
straps so it fits a little bit better. A little closer to my chin there we go do the last one back up this is
a propertly fitting safe helmet. So this is pretty mentalist helmet it doesn’t really
get less protected in this helmet and still be a helmet. If your a little more cautious
of hitting your head on things like that a helmet like this which has considerable more
coverage in the rear you can see how much coverage this has in the rear it can be a
good option. And helmet go up to here to full face helmets that are like you know motorcycles
helmets are really extreme riding for riding around the woods that’s going to be over hill.

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