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Mountain Biking to an Amazing Overlook (FREEDOM RIDERS)

Mountain Biking to an Amazing Overlook (FREEDOM RIDERS)

Alright Guys, I guess I’m back yo, and yeah Good Morning E-Gang…!! What’s poppin…?? I hope you guys are having an Amazing day…!! Today’s vlog is gonna be Awesome because this is probably going to be the start of a new series… It’s going to be called Freedom Riders. And yeah…If you guys are not already apart of the Exploring gang, which is E-Gang for short… Go ahead and smash that Subscribe button… And yeah, let’s get into today’s vlog… Alrighty then… check out this amazing scenery guys… As you can see, there’s the sunrise and there’s a bunch of fog over in the distance… And yeah, I’m currently cruising up here yo…

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    Link here –

    I’m Very Confident that becoming #LifeNeutral is Almost Guaranteed to Fix 99.9% of Life’s Problems, How We Communicate & Most Importantly Act!!!!!

    Please listen until the end, but I wanna encourage you to at least consider the part stating at – 1:50 to 2:36…!!

    Here are the lyrics if you’re interested! Enjoy!

    “Cuz Flik was a free thinking soul
    He stood against adversity this ant played the role
    Of a revolutionary figure trying to take it back
    From the evil people fucking up the planet trying to jack
    Your freedom and your peace and your food every season
    Since we are the 99% there's no reason
    For us to be afraid of them they need us to survive
    It's no surprise that they try to divide
    Everybody into categories, race and religion
    Are nothing more than tools that they use people listen
    This shit has gotta stop this is how the humans fall
    It's time to take a stand and make a difference, it's your call
    Will you be the change you want to see or die like a punk?
    Quit perpetuating sin and quit faking the funk
    And please, quit producing junk and pretending like it's music
    If you think the point of life is cash then you're stupid
    All we have to do is change the way that we think
    It doesn't matter if you're man, woman, purple, or pink
    Treat a stranger like your brother put your prejudice aside
    It's for you to decide, at least this kid can say he tried”

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