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Mountain Biking Trails in Tasmania | Discover Tasmania

Mountain Biking Trails in Tasmania | Discover Tasmania

I’ve grown up in Tasmania. Such a
beautiful place to live. There’s always been places to ride, especially in the hills
behind the two major cities of Hobart Launceston. But in the last couple of
years there’s been an absolute explosion of new trails. The Blue Derby trails are only 90 minutes from Launceston. We head out there with a bunch of mates whenever we get the
chance. There’s loads of great places to stay or camp by the river, and it’s always great
to meet the new people who are flying in from all over Australia and the globe to
come and ride these great trails. Launceston is now a flight from Melbourne, so it’s
super accessible. The Blue Tier trail is the absolute gem. Catch a shuttle to the top, bomb down 18kms of flow trail through the
wilderness. Have a feed and a beer at the Weldborough Pub before hitting the Atlas trail back to Derby. That’s a top day out. Having the EWS and Derby has definitely
put Tasmania on the map as a riding destination.The trails they built for the EWS are sick. Super technical, just loads of fun. Detonate trail (stage two) was voted
the best of the EWS series, and that’s a pretty big endorsement. MUSIC What they’ve created at Derby is amazing,
and it’s only the beginning. Maydena Bike Park is close to Hobart
and opens on the 26th of January 2018. It’s completely different to Blue Derby and
brings a true bike park style product to the Tassie scene It’s a big place. The summit building is a whopping 1,100 meters above sea level with 360-degree views
over the Southwest World Heritage wilderness. You can grab a bite to eat at
the top and then drop 800 meters of vertical to the base. There’s 20 gravity
trails ready for opening and more on the way. It’s got a bit of everything – from jump
lines, Green through to Black flow trails, super technical hand-built steeps,
off-camber – so many options. It’s definitely the next big thing in
Australian mountain biking. Tassie is so lucky to have these trails in it’s backyard to share with the world.

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