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Mountain Gravel Road Cycling in Japan | Nagano Mountain Shelter Tour

Mountain Gravel Road Cycling in Japan | Nagano Mountain Shelter Tour

Hello, my name is Cruise! Today we’re in Nagano, Japan. This is one of the more
mountainous prefectures here in Japan. I’m here with my friends Sean and Zac We’re taking a break by this mountain safety shelter I wanted to show you guys what’s inside. look we’re doing some Reno cycling today
so lean dough is kind of like a mountain road or dirt road so this is the road
we’ve been on today and I’m on my mountain bike this is my Scott scale
mountain bike and Zacks on his new Mueller gravel bike we’ll do a bike
introduction for this really soon so go check out the other video and Sean’s on
his Richie mountain bike here anyway let’s check out the shelter so
this thing’s really small we’ve got a little roof here a little rain guard and
a little patio that you can check out so this means sort of zero disaster and we
all want to participate in safety and Prevention of disaster relief and stuff
got a little bench here and little tarp not sure what that’s for let’s go check
inside so we’ve got a little sliding door this is open so anyone can come in
if there’s some heavy rain or some storm or something or you’re just really tired
you need a break you can take a break in here take a shelter from the elements
and this is a really small little room here really simple we’ve got some sort
of brushes here so we can keep it clean from all the dirt and stuff so usually
in depend you take off your shoes when you go inside I’m not sure the etiquette
for here what do you guys think do you need to take off your shoes to go in
here should be alright yeah so the other interesting thing here is they have two
tommy benches so this one is wood so you don’t have to worry about getting this
one dirty but this one’s tatami which is a little bit more delicate
I’m really prai’s to see that here so anyway you
can sleep on that really comfortably most Japanese people sleep on to tommy
mats so we can easily fit a person over there a person here a person here and
possibly a person here so maybe three comfortably maybe a max of four people
in here and more if you sleep on the floor we’ve got this sort of stove here
so you can keep warm and this goes up to the roof escaping out there that’s
really interesting and I also noticed there’s some bottled water in here I
don’t know if I trust this let’s see what else we’ve got kind of like a
journal here so this says write anything that you want this is from 2009 let’s
see what some people have written in here so people just checking in maybe
writing some notes on different places that you can go different
recommendations so pretty cool and it doesn’t look like it continues too far
we’ve only got a couple pages in here so this one’s 2018 but on the left side we
see we go 2013 so there’s a five-year gap on just one page it doesn’t seem
like too many people are writing in this that’s too bad and a lighter so you can
light up your cigarettes they’re supposed to be really against forest
fires and stuff in here and let’s take a look inside here oh we got some leaves
ready to start our fire really cool stuff anyway that’s it we’ve also got a
window here overlooking the woods beautiful area and we’re gonna continue
on with our ride so let’s get out of here this is what it looks like on the other
side some more trails here lots of hiking trails around here anyway if
we’re gonna continue on on our adventure like the cross Becky’s unfortunately
hitting a few roadblocks on our ride lots of little rock slides along the way
clearing it out doing our Park unfortunately I had some really bad luck
at the beginning of today’s ride and I broke my GoPro camera lens right before
the start of the ride I had this huge plan to film this great full adventure
ride plug today and I just sort of had to cancel it last minute because my
GoPro broke and I didn’t have any other good camera to really film this video so
most of the videos you’re seeing today were filmed on my smartphone in between
our rides and our brakes as you saw there were a bunch of landslides that we
had to ride over today probably wasn’t the safest place to be riding but it was
absolutely beautiful exploring the deeper mountains in the Nagano area and
we had a beautiful view of the Japanese Alps the snow-capped mountains off in
the distance beautiful views and we also got some fresh water up at the top of
the mountain and overall just an awesome day of riding with Zak and Sean and I
actually turned out to be a nice thing to not have to worry about filming
today’s video so I’m sorry I couldn’t get much better video for you guys but I
hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you’re interested in watching more
videos about cycling and life in Japan hopefully we’re going to be making some
more cycling ride vlogs in the near future so be sure to subscribe so you
can check those out and we’ll see you next time here on two-wheel cruise

18 comments on “Mountain Gravel Road Cycling in Japan | Nagano Mountain Shelter Tour

  1. The mountain view is definitely gorgeous. Man, imagine riding there at night….must be very pitch black and very dangerous especially if you can't see the rubble lying ahead. :O

  2. Have done the SDA王滝村100KM races there for a few years now and the beautiful views of the valleys from the fire roads make the pain that much more bearable. Never gets old.

  3. Ohh man I do love the look of the Japanese countryside.
    I think I recognize Zac from other vids but where was hiroki ? I thaught he got a mountain bike .
    Keep em coming cruise.

  4. What an amazing place Cruise, it's a beautiful yet scary with those landslide. Perfect for fat bike.
    Don't forget to always pray ask for permission to the mountain God for safety, some metaphysics might involved.

  5. Similar trails here in Philippines. We got lots of trails to explore too. Hopefully to see more like this videos – mountain biking Japan trails, also some kinds of mountain bikes and accessories or parts. Thanks

  6. are there more demanding bike routes? Kind of trail/enduro one? With big stones, roots, drops, jumps? The area looks perfect for it. Oh wait, the stones -> checked 😉

  7. Great video as usual. But i'm still not convinced with the birth of "gravel bike". I mean it's a hardcore type of CX bike but man…just go with hardtail MTB if you wanna feel rougher trail.

  8. Dude you need to do more mtb videos. Don't sanatize the trails keep those rocks there. Next time I want to see you ride where only fullsuspension bikes dare to tread.

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