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MOVA Cycling Jacket – Official Kickstarter Video !

MOVA Cycling Jacket – Official Kickstarter Video !

We are Mova, and you know what? We love urban cycling! We believe it can change your life ! This is your everyday cycling jacket. But first, we have a story to tell ! Two years ago, I left La France to go and study to Bogota, Colombia. I fell in love with the country, so I decided to stay. I bought a bicycle and rediscovered how fantastic it was. But sometimes you would get home like that! Existing jacket are too expensive and have dark colors. Car drivers can’t see you on the road. And you always end up looking for your keys. One day I said: You know what dude? I am tired of not having a crazy cycling jacket !! So we created our own jacket and we called it Mova. We made prototypes and we send them around the world. And tested our jacket in worlds best laboratory: Colombian streets. We tested breathabilty, waterproof fabrics, resistance, cycling design, carry and style until every single last detail. And after a year of thinking, designing, and testing, we said : “We have it !!!’’ And we find a factory to produce it here, in Colombia. So what makes it your essential urban cycling jacket? Well, sure its a jacket and it looks good, on and off the bike. You can start your day like this, or like that or even like that depending on the weather. You can carry it anywhere you go, well just take it with you! The mova is perfect when its windy, you wont get wet event if its raining hard. Car drivers will see you and will respect you, night and day. You will always stay fresh and stop loosing your keys. And it’s perfect to carry your essential stuff for the day. It’s a jacket that makes life easier ! For everyone! For the pro. For the one who love to stop at red light like that. And for the one who go to work like that. For people who love sharing its bicycle with others. And its even perfect for the hiker or the one who is still learning. We are ready ! But to move to the next stage requieres money that we dont have ! We are young entrepreneurs. By supporting us, you will help our local factory to grow up, you will save money on retail price and help us bring the Mova to life. So please, Ride in peace ! Help Mova become a reality! Back us now ! Share this project !

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  1. My sister had 1 of these jackets sent to me to test it out in the mean streets of Manila and for my attempt to tour places in the Philippines. Will let you know how it goes 馃榿

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