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MOVA Cycling – Kickstarter 2017 Official Video

MOVA Cycling – Kickstarter 2017 Official Video

We are MOVA and we love cycling. We believe it’s the coolest way to move around. This is the best cycling jacket we’ve made yet. Last year our first Kickstarter brought MOVA to life. And people loved it. It gave us the foundations to do more. Everything starts in South America. Here in Bogotá, Colombia where our ideas become a reality. Where we think play, design. Test, discuss and do it again. It takes time. But That’s ok. Because, we have a deeper relationship with you. We love that! We are more than a brand. We are a movement at your service. How we manufacture matters our factory is right next door. MOVA jackets are hard to make. It takes time. It’s all about precision, experience, and techniques. All this to solve specific problems. We are proud of what we do: detailed-oriented, tons of features and focused on quality This is why we love our work so much. Dear friends and family, we are proud to present not one but three new products in a color range ensuring that anyone finds his own. Thoughtfully created for urban cyclists but designed for everyone. Looks clean on both sides. Protection when you need it, style where you need it. High visibility fabrics makes it resistant to water, wind and scratches The back pocket makes it perfect to carry your everyday items. And something more. Thoughtful organization is everywhere. Side pockets maintain a clean esthetics to provide an instant external access to everything that really matters. Under the arm zippers keeps you fresh. The Integrated hood works with and without the helmet. There are a lot of ways to wear it. Or not wear it. We love bicycle lights. But when you manage to install them, you always end up losing them, or running out of battery. Well, we thought we could make it better. It’s the one year lasting integrated Watch Battery + award winning LEDs combined to the 3M 2 inches reflective stripes that make it unique. Lots of us love bicycle. And you know what? We think this is the best cycling jacket there is. But there are many more ways to ride. And then, there is the Jersey. For the one who go fast and ride long. Who need ultra light material to take the sweat away. Without losing visibility. Its well thought organization for your essential ítems. The sweaters have a smartphone pocket, featuring a unique headphone funnel, designed reflective strips and under the arm zippers. So that this never happens again! And a clever, long-lasting, integrated lighting system. It’s made out of high quality fabrics, and it gives you a classic & simple style. MOVA creates your everyday clothes for a full adventure lifestyle. Crowdfunding is a new way of bringing ideas to life and to share our passion with you. We make it together, we are a team. You are part of the process. And you know what? All this happens thanks to you, because of people full of passion, creativity and love People who wants to change the world. Thank you so much for your support. We are looking forward for new adventures with all of you.

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