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Mr. Tanabe & Mr. Ikebata Spin the Wheel – Luigi’s Mansion 3

Mr. Tanabe & Mr. Ikebata Spin the Wheel – Luigi’s Mansion 3

[spooky music] [Luigi] -Mario? [goofy music starts] [whistling]
[music stops] [speaking Japanese] [whistling stops] [speaking Japanese]
[brief lounge music] [speaking Japanese] [spooky music] [brief goofy music] [speaking Japanese] -WAHH! [laughing in slow-mo] [speaking Japanese] [brief goofy music] [speaking Japanese] [speaking Japanese together]
[spooky music]

100 comments on “Mr. Tanabe & Mr. Ikebata Spin the Wheel – Luigi’s Mansion 3

  1. Polterpup needs to start appearing in mainline Mario games. Having some consistency between the two series would be nice, and it’d be cool for Luigi to have his own companion like Mario does with Yoshi.

  2. Some great men. Thanks for the hard work. This Halloween will be amazing for the people who will get to tag along Luigi into the spooky hotel. =D

  3. Where are my fellow Notification Squaders?! I wish you all a great day! Nintendo it would be amazing if you collab with Stranger Gamers

  4. I heard the final boss is Miyamoto and he yells "a delayed game is eventually good a bad game is bad forever!!! Muahahahha" as he sinisterly laughs he throws copies of starfox zero at you

  5. Luigi's Mansion 3: So many fans of the first Luigi's Mansion game hate me for going for a more cartoony artstyle & not going for a gritty, semi-realistic artstyle like the first game did.

    Wind Waker: Welcome to the party pal…

  6. Mr. Miyamoto is indeed an individual with so much spiritual force that he currently only using less than 1% of his power so that others can have a chance to even scratch him.

  7. all these people attack pokemon international for cutting pokemon from sword and shield that arent gone forever accuse lazy development but have NO PROBLEM spending $60 on a 10 hour game! LM3! YAY NINTENDO DRONES!

  8. Can you guys fix the animation for when he throws the ghosts forward twice and it looks like he just teleports his arms backward again and again?

  9. 0:45 So Tanabe finds Miyamoto so scary that he's afraid of not following his advices and taking them to the extreme.
    That's why Paper Mario is a Toad-fest right now.

  10. The perfect gift for Halloween. I love Luigi's Mansion, and its sequel Dark Moon, and I have been eagerly following the footage and demo gameplay since its 2019 release was revealed at E3 2019, and development at E3 2018. XD Mr. Miyamoto is ultimate "fearsome foe" confirmed.

  11. The audio balance is a little weird this video guys. Background music overpowered everything else. Looking forward to the game though!

  12. Tanabe we know that it's Miyamoto who annoyed your team during Sticker Star and Color Splash developement… I wish you can create freely a new Paper Mario for Switch with the same amount of humor and genius than Color Splash and Super Paper Mario 😉 !

  13. I love the Japanese. Very wholesome and respectful people. Thanks for making this years game of the year Luigis mansion 3.

  14. that spin wheel really reminds me of Umbrella Corp. logo from Resident Evil…. Maybe it's their mansion Σ(⊙д⊙;)

  15. Dear Nintendo please give us a Mario and Sonic game that has a story mode like Mario galaxy or Sonic unleashed. I wonder if you guys read these. Can i get some fan support behind this

  16. Hey I have a idea for someone you should add to smash bros okami Amaterasu and of wolf link let me know if u want to hear about my ideas more my replying to me

  17. I wish the Y-AXIS was the same as the first game. Its opposite in this game and will just feel broken… so I guess its a deal breaker for me. 🙁

  18. 2DS is just a much better platform than the lite. Which was a mistake in my opinion for Nintendo to make. They should stick with the new 2DS platform and perfect it even more. Listen to you're fans. That's all…

  19. Speaking of Luigis mansion 3, why does he fall asleep when you switch to gooigi in singhle player? It is shown in a cutscene from footage that it isnt just a single player game mechanic, so could you guys explain?

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