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Benefits of cycling


Whats up guys new video! Welcome to the RideVent! we ar going to make 24 bike videos in 24 days! every day before christmas we are still here in Malaga so day 1 from malaga behind the cam is sam pilgrim right now lukas knopf is also here also with us! you can be excited, we are starting now! lets go as you can see in the background an abandoned mansion which never got finished, and an mtb video part has been filmed there in Not2bad as he can see here already there are tons of jumps hips etc. over theres the crib and its in pretty good condition as people rode here recently we want to try this line now sharkfin such a sick spot you are riding a lot more air pressure 4.5 versus 2.5 i almost slipped on the take off such a good line! imagine you had this in your backyard all the slopes to build jumps on this is only one part of the property theres much more over there with a bigger house lets jump on the roof you gotta come from up there ten times faster and jump of on this other side cant believe how sick this place is this jump is someting for the future should fix up this landing also maybe not on the enduro bike would rather use slopestyle or freeride then we have a reason to come back in the last video we didnt have the gps data of the gopro to measure the speed if you want us to go back sometime with another bike and we make sure the gps works so we can find out the exact speed we will see how fast we can really go lukas just did a triple barspin now he wants to test a tailwhip and see if doublewhip is possible for me its complete wrong side and i only have my enduro bike he says doublewhip is too sketchy so hes gonna do whip to bar thats it from down here lets see what we can do in the abandonedn mansion theres a landing you can drop down there sam is removing some branches no idea what this is all would be such an insane place if it was all taken care of you can jump out of that window! what we are gonna do! thats it from day 1 you can be excited for 23 more videos also more videos from malaga with sam and lukas i would really appreciate your likes! comment what youd like to see you can also be excited for some sick giveaways so stay tuned see you guys tomorrow! until then enjoy your time! peace!


  1. Marc wann kommt die auflösung deines gewinspieles auf insta ich würde so gerne etwas gewinnen
    Ps du bist der beste

  2. Heftiger Spott ich freue mich jetzt schon auf die anderen viedeos . Mach weiter so cool👌😁
    Das ist eine richtig coole Idee

  3. Ohne scheiß deine Videos versüßen mir jeden Tag aufs neue hoffe das dein jersey handschuhe und Mütze bald kommen die ich bestellt habe

  4. Richtig geiles Video Marc!! So nen krassen Spot gibt’s nicht überall…viel Spaß noch! Btw, coole Idee mit dem Adventskalender, ich freue mich schon auf alle Videos!!

  5. Geiles Video! War heute auf dem neuen Pumptrack in Wollbeck und hab einfach Marvin Bermann getroffen! Dann gat er erzählt dass er mit dir und Lukas befreundet ist….. Ich habs ihm erst nicht geglaubt 😂Er war mega korrekt und hat mich mit seinem Bike fahren lassen

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