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MTB World Champs Special! | The Dirt Shed Show 131

MTB World Champs Special! | The Dirt Shed Show 131

– Oh my goodness, it’s
a packed show coming up. It’s a world special and we’ve got a new retro corner. – Where we check out some amazing tech from the world’s very special bike. We’ll also gonna be giving away a prize to the best Fail of the Month. – You know what it is, it’s The Dirt Shed Show! Let’s go! (rock music) So it’s a World Championship Special, that’s right. This weekend coming up, it’s the one race where people can win the Rainbow Jersey. And this year, it’s in Cairns and it’s there for the second time. – Yeah, of course Cairns in Australia was first used in way back in 1996. It’s had two World Cups since but this is real now. It’s the race for the title where everyone puts it down. That’s a completely
different field of riders, compared to way back then as well. – Yeah, a completely different field. Now correct me Doddy, who won the Downhill that year it would probably be Nico… – It was Nico Vouilloz, yep. – Yeah. – And then of course there’s Shaun Palmer. – Of course. – Who was second, straight out of nowhere. – Yeah. – And Bas De Bever in third. – Amazing. The women’s it would be
Anne-Caroline for sure. – Of course, she just
kept racking them up. – Yeah. – Yep, with Leigh Donovan in second. – Leigh Donovan in second. – And of course, Missy
Giove, a huge character. – Missy Giove! Got classic riders. – Yeah. – I wonder if this Cairns’
World Championships is gonna be as good a classic as that (Doddy sighs) cause I mean those names are literally steeped in the mountain biking history. – There’s a few riders, local riders, like Mick Hannah who’s
been training so hard and I’d love to see him through it. – I would love to see
Mick Hannah podium there, – Would be amazing. – can you imagine? – Yeah. – I mean he’s riding so well he could win, you never know. Obviously Gwin has got
to be a hot favourite – Do you know what? He’s my favourite for this race. There’s a load of riders I wanna see win but I really think he’s got this one. – Yeah I think Gwin deserves a World’s. – He does. – He needs that Rainbow Jersey everyone would enjoy seeing that. The guy is absolutely incredible. Women’s wide open. Rachel could be fit again. I think she was sandbagging
in the last round of the World Cup – I think she was (unintelligible). – Cause she was thinking World’s. – Yeah. – It’s like, work ups over – She can put it on the line – I’m gonna go to Australia. Absolutely. – Tahnee Seagrave – Myriam Nicole – Ugh, it’s gonna be amazing. – There’s a lot of great riders. – Now, so what’s your, what’s the one event
you wanna see at World’s and who is your man, woman? – This time, downhill, Gwin. – Gwin. Alright. – It really is, yeah. Cause he’s put on such a flawless display at the last race. – Yeah. – I just wanna see him continue that, ’cause it’s astonishing to watch. – It would be incredible to see. – It’s a tough course as well, uphill to finish. – Yeah, it’s really hard. It’s really hard. You know what I’m looking forward to? Is the cross-country – Yeah. – I mean obviously in the mens it could be incredibly special ’cause we got Nino Schurter who, if he wins, he’s done the perfect season. – He’s basically Superman. – I mean, it’s not like Nino Schurter is like just dominated to be in one guy, he’s had different people to contend with in every race. None of them (crosstalk). He’s just unbelievable, and this could be history if he wins. – What about women’s though. – Well, that’s the one
I’m looking forward to. Because to me, – Who’s it gonna be? – that is the most wide open event at the Cairns’ World Cup. – There’s so many strong riders now. – Yeah I mean, Belamoina has jumped in there. She suddenly woke up champion. – Never count Langvad out. – Langvad’s in there. Jolanda Neff sort of nearly
jumped back to form, strangely, at the last World Cup round. I mean it could be anyone. I couldn’t put a name on it so that’s the race I wanna see. It would be great to know who you think’s gonna win. But we have got a prediction contest for you guys to enter. But, this week’s poll, just above Doddy’s head there. We’re gonna put a poll together this week. Who’s gonna be the most dominant nation at this years World’s? Is it gonna be the UK? We’ve gotta have a shout in there. UK’s your first option. Second option- Australia. Of course. Home round riders, the Hannah’s. They could both win! Who knows? Third option- USA. Is Gwin gonna dominate? Is that gonna make it feel like it was a US dominant race? What about France? Always good at World’s, great riders. And then what about another country? Is there another there
that you can add in? Let us know in the poll and in the comments down below. Who’s gonna win? Right, onto last week’s poll which was asking the question: Is Aaron Gwin worth a million dollars? ‘Cause apparently that’s what he’s earning. It was a great poll and I love the result. – Well, is Aaron Gwin worth $1 million? Of course, 78% of people said that. So, kinda closes it right there, really. – It does really. If Aaron Gwin’s not
worth a million dollars, then who is? Some of his results it’s just unbelievable. – Yeah, you go back in the last eight years, he’s pretty much been on
the podium every time. So back in 2010, he was third place. And then 2011, 2012, 2015,2016 he won it. – Five wins, 18 World Cup race wins. – Of course, yeah. – It’s getting close to… – He’ll get crowned, as well. – And Minnarr I think he’s on 21. He’s getting close to all-time. – Yeah, – It’s absolutely unbelievable. – exciting times. – Hasn’t won World so that’s coming up. It’s gonna be very interesting. But yeah, thanks for getting involved in that. Gwin is worth a a million dollars. There you go, Aaron. We all love you. It’s good news. – However, so Matchett says that Gwin is worth a million pounds, – Yes. – But Brandon Semenuk is worth 50. – 50’s a lot. – 50. That’s what he reckoned. – Semenuk is ubelievable, he’s great, but – But a bit inconsistent as well – Yeah he is. – Definitely. – I mean turned up at
Joyride and took the win after not doing any race, or competitions all year. – Looked pretty casual about it as well. – Yeah, he’s worth a lot. I don’t know about 50 million, though. Al Griffith says, “If footballers can
get these stupid amount of monies for kicking a ball around, then surely, the top racers have gotta be worth a million, at least. But, interest on the other hand, it shouldn’t be about the money”. – True. – True. – I do agree that it’s all relative. – But they should be getting a lot. – But Evan Calitz says, “After watching the Red Bull
Rampage for the 10th time”, he reckons they should all be getting a million pound each. – Yeah, Rampage Riders should be hitting big money ’cause that stuff is… – It is bonkers. – Talking about Rampage, shouldn’t one of us be
going to watch that? – I think, maybe – Hmmmm. – Maybe someone else is going. – We can go and watch that. – I’d love to go. – I quite like the idea of that. – Right, now it’s time
for some serious stuff. It’s over to the news with Neil Donoghue. I mean, over to the Neil, with News Donoghue. Sorry, did I get that wrong dude? – Red Bull District Ride took place in downtown Nuremberg at the weekend in front a huge crowd, some amazing riders went on. Nikolai Rogatkin took the win with a really technical run. He finished it off with a 1440 on the massive final jump. Just think about that. That’s four spins in one jump. Amazing. The young Swedish rider Emil Johansson took second place with another really technical run, and that meant that he actually won the FMB world title. His main competitor Brett Rheeder didn’t actually compete in the final ’cause he hurt himself
in the final practice. Another really notable ride was from Szymon Godziek who hit that final jump, did a one-handed Superman
seat grab back flip, at least I think that’s what it’s called. – I think that is what
it’s called, actually. Neil. Yeah. It’s a pretty crazy trick, though. – Yes. – I guess you could
call it something else. You could call it a “super flip one-handed seat grab”. – Yeah, true. – Does that make sense? I don’t know. – I’ve love to (unintelligible). – It looked amazing, didn’t it? So many people. So many people. I’d like to send Doddy
in off that last jump. – Oh yeah, yeah. – Think you can handle that? – Yeah I’ll reckon. – Off you go, dude. (laughing) Right, let’s have a look at what you guys have been saying
in the comments section down below the show this last week. What’ve we got, Neil? – G Kuljian says, ‘maybe I’m the odd one out, but I’d like to see more cross country. It’s not as sexy as downhill, but then I grew up with people who started sport. You wouldn’t catch Joe Breeze, Tom Ritchey, Gary Fisher on a downhill course’. – Well… – Well technically the first full man bike it was on Repack which was downhill racing. – And was those guys, so you would – But – So yeah, but – Actually the point is very valid. (crosstalk) – And I think it’s really interesting with World’s coming up, how we see that cross country riders back in the 90’s, were the mega-stars of the sport. – True. – 100%. – And now, I guess it’s sort of flip-flopped a little bit, not quite, because the Schurters of the world are raising the game
of cross country again. – I think back in the early days, downhill was just those ruffians that you kind of ignored, where as now they’re
much more equal, I think. – Yeah. – I was a down-hiller, pro down-hiller, then enduro open, now I love riding cross country and I can’t wait to see that race. – Yeah you were into [Unintelligible] Now. He’s gone all [unintelligible] on us. – Yeah, Carson B too said uh, ‘what happened to Rob Warner?’. (laughing) – Where have you been? Uh, Rob Warner is
obviously a special guest on the show now and again Was one of the first people on The Dirt Shed Show, actually. – What? He was? – Yeah but these days – He’s a horse racing commentator. – He’s a horse racing commentator, he does some children TV voice-overs, which are really funny. Plays some very strange characters in some weird shows. – Why I’ve heard that rumour as well. – Motivational speaking, as well. – Yeah. – With seminars. – (unintelligible) – Yeah, he’s doing alright. And of course, on the side, he is the voice of World Cup downhill and cross country racing on Red Bull TV. He does that now and again. So he’s doing alright, still around. – Does it very well. – Robert Ennor says, ‘I was watching Fails
and Bails and thinking that’s so me’. – Ah, you know what, that’s gotta be pretty much everyone, isn’t it? – Yeah, we’ve all been there. – I’ve watching Fails
and Bails and thought, ‘Yep, I’ve done that. Yep, that looked like me once in 1996’. – I’ve never fall off a
sort of a bridge before. – No, that’s special. – That’s quite extreme, that one. – That’s really special. It’s good effort. – Jacob of C3 says, ‘the Casey Stoner thing, I was there that day and I didn’t even know he was racing’. – That was cool – Oh my God, imagine. – You know what? I’ve heard a rumour. One of my friends said he was riding in our local woods, middle of nowhere, Hopton Woods, and he saw Casey Stoner digging the trail. And the re-mode was quite strong ’cause Chaz Davis, another motorcycle rider, lives around there and he likes to go stay with him. So apparently, that was true. – That would be unbelie- digging, – I wouldn’t believe my eyes. – ‘Just pat that down for me, Casey, I’m comin’ in hot’. – Pretty cool. – I like the sound of that. (laughing) – Miles Kemph, “Why are you guys always bullying Neil”? – Oh did you write that one? – Where is this coming from? – I don’t know where that’s come from. I don’t feel bullied. Thanks, Miles. – Bullied? Oh my God. He only hurt his ankle, banged his head a bit. He’s hardly changed. I think he’s cleverer now. – Enough of that. (chuckling) – David Robinson said, “What about a ‘best recovery’ in the Fails and Bails section”? – That’s a great idea. – Is that a joke that we think there’s
going to be a massive crash all of sudden, ‘woah!’. – Have a bit of a wobble out. – If you’ve got any great saves, please send them in for the Fails and Bails. And if it makes the mark, we’ll definitely put it in. I’d love to see some saves, because Fails and Bails does make me feel a little bit sore sometimes. – And now it’s time for
a progression session, but this time we’re going
to throw it to Blake who’s over at the Nine Nights event over in Northern Italy. Over to you, Blake. – Hey, thanks guys. Gutted I can’t be there, gutted, but not gutted. I’m out here at Nine
Knights in Reschenpass in Northern Italy. It’s my third year here. It’s all about big jumps. It’s all about having fun. And I can’t wait to get my teeth sunk into like that huge jump, this huge jump, and the new ones down there. Ugh. But, have a great shed. There’s gonna be a lot of first-try Fridays for me. Hopefully no Fails and Bails. I’m gonna push up for my first run. Wish me luck. (groaning) (upbeat synthesiser music) – Thanks Bingers! God, it looks like he’s
having a nice time. (crosstalk) Big old jumps. – Time for tech of the week. And Doddy, you were at the biggest trade show in the world. So what cool stuff did you see there? – Do you know what? There’s an influx of weird crazy tech as you always get. There were the e-bikes stuff and that. But I think the neatest
and cool thing I saw was on a BMC stand, so it had their trail forks framed and integrated dropper post – Oh, nice. – Imagine you never
really have to buy a drop post, it’s just part of the frame. But I think it’s really unique about it. It was still handle-bar operated was it linked to the rear shock as well – Aw I saw that – So when seat post is fully up, you can set it so your shock is (unintelligible) to be locked out. Midway it’s on trail, and all the way down it would be open. (crosstalk) Cool concept, though. – We’ve seen that on another brand before, the integrated posts. I can’t remember who it was but is that gonna be a future thing for all Endurer travel bikes? – I don’t see why not. It’s a lot lighter and it’s worth incorporating
it into the frame. I think a lot of people might be resistant with the shock adjustment. – Yeah. – Not sure if I’d want to have that at the same time, but – Yeah. – I’m not sure about the shock adjustment, but I think in the great seat post, dropper post, that just makes sense to me. It feels like it should
be part of the bike. – Just looks so neat, – Yeah, very nice. And it’s just completely flush. – Right. So as you guys
talked about already, it’s World Champs this weekend, the biggest race of the year. I’m most excited about that one off you get to wear the Rainbow Stripes. It’s massively respected in cycling, so. We’ve seen some cool tech, some custom tech, haven’t we for this race. – There’s a load, yeah. – Yeah, I mean every year at World’s it’s always a chance
for top sponsored riders to bring out these one-off bikes that have just got paint jobs, or something about them
that’s really special, national colours and this year is, you know, is full of it, absolutely full of it. What’s the best one you’ve seen, Doddy? – The one I found out about, literally the other day, and that was Sam Hill. Right, so. Not only is he doing the World Champs, he’s just down to… – Really crazy. (crosstalk) – And do it on his EWS bike as well. You don’t need downhill bikes, he’s got the single-crown fork, 180 on the front 165 out back. Pure custom painted job, just absolutely stunning. Have a look at the
pictures of this bad boy. – I can’t wait to
see how he does on this. [Neil]Can it be true? – [Sean] It’s a fairly tame-ish track. There’s a big paddle at the finish – [Doddy] He better be
super fit at the moment – [Sean] Uh, yeah – [Doddy] Could be no difference really as he’s got the tram downhill cassette on the back. – So let’s just put that into context. We’re talking about a guy who’s leading and could potentially win the EWS Series. He’s now entered in the World’s Downhill championships, which he’s won before, could he win it on the EWS bike? That just sounds insane. – Could happen. – But it’s fairly low-risk as far as downhill courses go. – You’ve seen Mitch Ropelato did it in Pietermaritzburg and he
got third, I think. (unintelligible) Loic Bruni’s got a trick bike but he’s also got a lockout. I’ve seen a few people
actually put lockouts on their rear shock just for this race. Bruni’s won it before in the World Cup. – Yeah, Danny Hart also
got a lovely looking bike – [Doddy] Really tricked out. That’s my favourite. – Yeah it’s a really nice looking one. Of course, Minnaar, too. Greg Minnaar. Always got a special bike at World’s. This one, I think, is my favourite. You know it just looks beautiful, it looks sharp, and very Greg Minnaar, to be honest. And let’s face it, Greg is a hot favourite. He’s on form, he was kind of robbed of really battling for that last round of the World Cup. But he’s definitely up for it at World’s. – Yeah, guns blazing this time. – Yeah, great. Love
seeing all the new bikes from World’s. Very exciting. – Now it’s time for a cool new section of the show called ‘Retro Corner’. ‘Cause it’s Cairns World Champs, we’re gonna throw back
to the last time World’s were there in 1996. Do you remember that, guys? – Aw man, I remember it. I was there! – [Neil] You were there? – I was there. I was actually riding trial shows down in the park, Furmey. That’s all I did for the
entire time I was there, except for getting my eyebrow pierced (laughing) and doing a bungee jump. On my Mountain bike. – That’s the 90’s. – It was the 90’s. – This was really an exciting time for me. I was just getting into mountain biking. I remember everything from these pictures. The bikes, very cool. Warner’s ATX990. – [Steve] Yeah, and talk
about Rob Warner, look. He was there, great shot of him getting ready with one of the very first
paint jobs on a helmet there. – Yeah. – It’s certainly moved on. – [Doddy] With a marker pen? It’s moved on a little bit since then. Rob looking very retro. – That’s third place, Bas De Bever. – [Neil] Bas de Bever! Remember him? – Yeah he was a BMX rider. – Tommy Messer’s Kona. I loved that bike. It was a turner burner, wasn’t it? But it was grand ops, Kona. – The winner of course, Nico. Nico! Look at that. I mean the guy looking
about as interesting as he always does. – [Doddy] 10 time world champion. – He was efficient and he won a lot. And he won a lot. And he showed Palmer how to do it. Very very cool. – Well, speaking of Palmer – Yeah what’d I say? This is Retro Corner so have we got actually retro? – Yeah, I’ve got this really nice print from the ’96 World’s, there’s Palmer. – And his motocross kit? – Yeah, with Summer Job, he had to kind of rub people up like Nico the wrong way. – [Neil] ‘Cause he was a snowboarder. – [Doddy] Because he
was a pro-snowboarder. – Professional snowboarder, one of the world’s
best, had his own brand. And of course, yeah, he was kind of coming
into mountain biking and showing everybody what it was all about, and started, well, an influx of trends. But one of them definitely was the motocross clothing. (crosstalk) – He never won World’s. I saw him, it was infamous, 1999. He wasn’t quite gonna win it, but he washed out in the final corner and crashed – It was an error in switch, wasn’t it – bout two minutes, about two metres, I should say from the finish line. – Yeah – I stood right there and watched it. – In fact, the guy that
took that picture is the same guy that did this one. This was Geoff Waugh, so we give a little shout out – [Neil] Geoff has a great great following on Instagram, actually. – [Doddy] And he’s been talking about this very shot on his page. So Cairns is coming up, it’s a Worlds Special. Palmer in ’96 was the surprise. Are we gonna have one this year? – I think Gwin surely, he’s got to win a World’s, he’s not done it yet. (oinking) (rock music) – ♫ Hacks and Bodges, ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges ♫ The bodges ♫ Hacks and bodges Alright guys they’re bored. This week we have got a really cool one to start with. From Malcolm Wilson
who’s come up with these really clever little pads that he’s made out of Gaffer tape and piping to protect his handlebars and gear when he puts his bike upside down when he’s cleaning his chains, have you. That is a very good hack and bodge. The frame might be broken, sorry about that Malcolm, very good. – Well, Robert Paulson, we were talking about this yesterday and asked (unintelligible). If you don’t have adjustable
pins in your pedals, how do you get more grip? – Yes. – Well, what you do, by the looks of Alex, no sorry, Robert Paulson, you drill big holes in your pedals, and you put massive bolts through ’em. – Yeah that works. That works. I’ve done that in the past. You can sharpen ’em as well. Don’t be frightened to get your file out on your pedals. Makes a massive difference. – I’m saying that’s a bodge. – Uh, yeah it’s a bodge. – There’s one here that could be a bodge or a hack. So Colin Barley, he snapped his frame. Using a bit of ingenuity
he cut his seat post down rounded the frame, then pop-rooted to it back together just to keep it going. – [Steve] Yeah I’m not sure
what I think about that one. – [Neil] That’s possibly the biggest bodge I’ve ever seen. – But it’s also a hack ’cause he improved
something that was broken. – I don’t know if he’s improved it dude. – It might creak a bit. – It’s good, it’s good. And to finish this week, we’ve got this one from Alex Seymour. I love seeing painted helmets. – Nah, that’s a custom mix. – He started out like a Monster rider – [Doddy] I like that – in a green colour way, looks pretty sharp on the downhill side. I like that a lot. If you’ve got a painted helmet, let us know. Hacks and bodges. You send ’em in, just there, at [email protected] And we will look at them next week. (crashing) Sorry about that, Alex. – Oh my God. (rock music) – Caption Contest, very popular game on this show. Love seeing your captions
in the comments section down below. Last week’s photo was this one of Bing Bong looking, well, ridiculous. Um, if you’d heard the audio it was even more ridiculous than that. Yeah, but some great captions. What have we got lads? – Christian Cherryall says, “that moment when it’s the 2080 model of your bike and you want to resist temptation. (laughing) – Ooh, you want it. Yeah that’s good. – So Warrior Skull says, “When you see Neil riding Crab Apple with his broken ankle”. – Yeah that’s another take for it. But you were walking around on it already. I’m not sure you should be. – I’m not jumping jumps, though. Arfoh says, ‘when you’re running flat pedals and the pedal hits your ankle’. (laughing) – Yeah, that’s a pretty good one. – That’s good ’cause that face yes. That is the winner. – Is that our winner? – That is the winner. Yes. Because that is the face
I pulled a million times when the old pedal’s gone “Whabang”. – You win a GMBN Camelback water bottle. – Yeah, nice one. Get us your details over. Alright, this week’s
photo is a beautiful man. Who’s this guy? (chuckling) That. Look at that. Let us know your captions for that fabulous picture of a really wonderful chap. I know him personally. Look forward to hearing
what you’ve got to say. (rock music) Viewer edits! I love this bit of the show. I love seeing what films
you’ve been making. So let’s take a look. – [Neil] Luke Tipping, little edit he made, trying out some new video gear. It’s filmed in Gizmodo Forest in the UK. – [Steve] Oh nice. – Nice start with the bike riding through. – Is that Blake’s stylin’ trim? – Look at that! Seen that drone action, bit of a single track, I hope we’re cutting back to some drone, I reckon we will be. There we are! I could feel it coming, I could feel that coming. Look at those burns. – That is nice. – What a track. – It’s a nice video. – This is up North, isn’t it? – Hey a drone-shot really does just bring a video to life, doesn’t it? Really does. It’s almost becoming a
bit of a cliche shot, though. That one cover
over the trees like that. But I like seeing it. I can’t get enough of it. – [Doddy] Who doesn’t like a cliche? – [Steve] Yeah absolutely. Yeah. Me I am a cliche. Um it’s an amazing video. Nice one, Luke. A lot of work gone into that video. We really appreciate seeing your videos and viewer edits. Obviously once we’ve mentioned you on our show, you get at least a million views on your channel, which is really great news to be fair, although it never happens. So send your video in to [email protected] just down there and we’ll take a look, and hopefully we’ll make you star at this moment in the show. (rock music) – Alright, Fails and Bails. And actually it’s time
for our Fail of the Month. – Yes, this week it’s Pip Carter who has got a great shot
of being totally bucked. Look at that. Love it. That is one view of this great stuff. – There’s some 661 gear winging
it’s way to you right now. Congratulations. – You need it. – Nice one. Now I don’t know about you boys, but that buck has got me in the mood. So, uh, hey. Run VT. (upbeat jazz music) (rock music) – Okay Insta-bangers, who you boys gonna phase through this week? – I think you should follow Kade Edwards he’s a junior rider for GB. He’s racing at World Champs. Amazing rider, racer of course, he’s been on the podium this year at Junior World Cups. But he’s just so skilled, this dude. – Yeah, good follow. I love this, I love this rider. I’m referring you to Amy McKenzie. McKenzie @mckenziekid on Instagram. Brilliant rider, really cool looking rider. But she does these amazing little Monday dances which just crack me up. She is hilarious. Definitely worth a follow and gives you a really good New Zealand mountain bike vibe. – Vibes – I’ve got a pretty cool
shout-out, actually. I’m referring to 11-year-old Kenzie. And he rides for Calibre Bikes. And I reckon he could be the UK’s answer to Jackson Goldstein. – [Neil] He’s amazing, isn’t he. – [Sean] Wow. – [Doddy] Scrapping, whipping and jumping massive jumps as well. – What I can’t understand is how someone at that
age has got so much. Not just skill, but clearly, as he’s going down that trail, understanding of the trail. Using the trail so much He hasn’t had enough
years to learn that yet. (laughing) I don’t understand! – That’s very true. – Yeah, it’s really really impressive. Good shout out. Good shout out. (rock music) There ain’t no party like a bike vault party. Let’s get into it. – Is that true? So this is where we look at viewer’s bikes if you don’t know that already. – Yeah, let’s go into, I’ve got the super nice whistle this week. So who we starting with Neil? – Alan Verbunick, Giant. (crosstalk) – That’s a racing weapon. – Give that a blow. (whistle blowing) Super nice. – How rad is that? A little kids bike. It’s a Rocky. – Right I can hit ‘Super Nice’ before we even discuss it. (whistle blowing) Alex Bogner, six years old. – Six years old. Look at that set-up. Bars, wide bars, I bet he looks like a ripper on that. – …the tyres. – Yeah I wanna see a
picture of you riding that, Alex. – Very cool. – Super nice. – Okay. Brendan Mageeno. That’s a nice shot. But I don’t like the shot takeover, is the bike nice or super nice? – It kinda looks nice but you can’t really
see enough of the bike. – It’s nice. – Uh, it’s nice. – Ooh, Sardinia. – Now we don’t get many bikes in the bike vault from Sardinia. That’s good news. And it’s a nice bike. – That’s a nice bike. – Ooh yeah. (crosstalk) – Lake Tahoe. He’s gone through a lot of trouble there. Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? – I haven’t. – No – It is amazing (crosstalk) (whistle blowing) – Orange. – Wowsers. – Jimmy Floyd – Altaro, I’ve been there. – Yeah. – That’s where I paddled up and it was getting dark last winter. – Nice place, and what are you giving the bike, Neil? – It’s nice. I mean it’s got red rims
it’s got a red frame. – Full colour coordination. – C’mon we love an orange. – Go on Jimmy Floyd – Super nice Jimmy. (whistle blowing) (whispering) I hate this whistle. – What’s that? – Well it’s kinda two bikes in one shot. – Yeah, “just got back from riding a lap of Strath Puffers”, John Williamson. – A Strath Puffer is where
they do a 24 hour cruise. – I’ll give that a Super Nice whistle. – It’s a hard-tail plus bike (crosstalk) Are we doing it? It’s super nice. (whistle blowing) – This is the last time
we ever use this whistle, by the way. (exciting groaning) – Wow, that must be a tour gem. – You know that bike’s making me itch. It’s making me itch a little bit. (laughing) I don’t know what that means – That’s old school there, 26, massive frame – Is that a dropper post? – Have you ever seen a bigger seat (unintelligible) (crosstalk) – I’m just gonna blow the whistle to hope the itch goes away. (whistle blowing) This is super nice. – Is it? – Yeah. Look at that one! (unintelligible) Place is spectacular. It’s a nice bike, it’s nice. C’mon move on, it’s a nice. Oh, and we’re out of the bike vault. And we are getting rid of that whistle. That is never to be used again, it was disgusting. If you think you can get a ‘super nice’, and I bet you can, send your bike in to us and we will take a look and see it in the vault. Enjoy it, talk about it, indulge in bikes. Have a go. (rock music) – We’ve got a prediction competition for the World’s Championship. So if you think you know who’s gonna win, don’t forget to enter that. – The link is in the description below so make sure you get those
entries in and good luck. – Can we have some (unintelligible) swag? – Yes. – I wonder what it is? (rock music) – On the Channel this week we’ve got some absolute bangers. – Yes, so on Saturday, we’ve got our pro bike
check with Sam Hill, that’s his EWSB race bike, super tricked, make sure you watch that one. And on Sunday we’ve got trials challenge with me and Blake, which, not quite sure how that one’s gonna go but it’s gonna be pretty funny. – I’ve hear about this,
I cannot wait to see it. – I cannot wait to see it. – Also, there’s the park tools on boxing – On box, a really cool park toolbox, full of tools, you can win that. It’s amazing. (crosstalk) – I’m watching that one cause I would love a Park Tool toolbox. Right. On Monday, I can’t believe I’m saying this, we’ve got ‘seven things you didn’t know about carbon fibre’. Honestly. – Now I know I’ve hit my head, but I’ve got deva-ju. – No, on Monday we’ve got it coming in. And on Tuesday we’ve got, I’ve forgotten, It’s bike park jargon on Tuesday. Great video coming out of Whistler, lot of fun. – Wednesday, how to ride North Shore, you’re in that. – Yes, I am! I’m in that, on a bike. – Awesome. – Are you sure about that? – Thursday, you’re in that and on Friday, we’re in the Shed. – We will be back in the Shed. Thank you for watching this week. We’ve had an absolute blast, some great stuff. World’s is coming up let’s all get excited. – Wow. If you wanna see some
weird and wonderful tack then click over here. – If you wanna see a
really cool video about setting up POV cameras
and making your own videos click down here. – Spinny helicopter thing? – Yeah and if you want
an amazing surprise, why don’t you click on this globe? Go on click it. Go on, I dare ya. And give us a thumbs-up like.

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