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Mundaring Mountain Bike Trails

Mundaring Mountain Bike Trails

My name is Toni Burbidge. I am the Central Ward Councillor for the Shire of Mundaring and I’m gonna talk about mountain biking
today as my hobby. So a little while ago I took a ride with my kids. I was really
unfit, that was about five years ago, and I really wanted to improve my mental
health and mountain biking is a very big cure for that. The Shire of Mundaring
caters for cyclists and especially its mountain bikers and it has a
purpose-built pump track that it created in 2017. It also has a five-kilometer
mountain bike trail around Lake Leschenaultia and basically it’s the most
beautiful place to ride. So the best thing is to get yourself a bike, any old
bike, I started in a little five-hundred dollar old bike. Then get yourself a
helmet and go riding. So to make sure your mountain bike is safe, you basically
need air in your tyres. You need to check your brakes and make sure your mountain
bike is road worthy and that it doesn’t have any squeaks and rattles. So mountain biking is a bit different to riding on the road. There’s lots of rocks and
challenges on tracks and it can actually take more efforts. Make sure you take
lots of water with you and make sure you have a bit of food for nutrition as well.
Come up and see this wonderful environment that we have up here in the
trees and the bush and find out what our tracks are like today.

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