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My cycling gear #akos2budapest

My cycling gear #akos2budapest

when you see this video is just three days and I will start my journey to Hungary so let me show you my equipment and prepare my bike for this ride I guess the bike can be considered as the most crucial part of the wall project this is the one which you can remember from my previous videos I bought it here it’s a Fuji sportif from 2016 so now I will add on some new features and probably fix up some things and yeah the brakes as you may already know here we have lastly in traffic and for this they adjusted the brakes for the different side this one is usually for the rear brake and this one is for the front brake but if they changed it so this was originally for the front and this photo back I thought that I can get used to it but no so I’m not really proud of it but I had to cut it and that way now it’s like really homemade so I would like to fix it definitely and it just started to rain I bought a tool this is a topic my flatmates recommended it I trust him and now I’m doing all the repairs with this to get used to it [Music] I’m not proud of it okay there ain’t got a bit to have it for me so let’s go upstairs okay so it seems that the rear pan here is somewhat the good size but not entirely let me quickly show you what the problem is so I bought this rear paneer which is good and really adjustable but if you try to fit it on the bike then it turns out that the bike is too wide so it needs to bend a bit this is the screw and it it wants to go then like this direction which is entirely not good I need to deal with this problem by the way the weather is still brilliant brilliant brilliant weather [Music] [Music] and it’s on and both of my hands are here good the next light issue is when I cycle down to Brighton the road was not entirely flat so that way this is the sound what I really don’t want to hear during the trip this is exactly how I imagined all the women cleaning corn in villages maybe this is not true but it feels like [Music] [Applause] [Music] it is a little better but not perfect as you can clearly see I’m not an expert in this one let’s say I’m finished but I don’t know what can I expect from small pump like this I haven’t used it before so let’s see you benchmark hey Siri start the timer why 19 minutes okay that’s better [Music] let’s see I found 4 to me I mean it is a lifesaver but I wouldn’t think that I can do 100 psi with it so let’s say that the bank is ready that was a bit of a struggle to attach the pen here but it’s it’s holding strong now I will need to eject the shifters a bit bottle holders really good I adjusted both breaks perfect I’m not interested in the subtle somehow I lost a plastic cap I don’t know where and I think the next most interesting topic is how can I carry my stuff ok if you remember I bought this bag this is oddly I mean this is an oddly waterproof bike let me demonstrate how to close it it’s quite easy you just twist it a couple of times close it and voila you have a waterproof sealed bag if you write everybody will ask you what are you carrying in this big-ass bag and just like air you know ok probably I will bring it with myself but of course not on my back because it would be a pain in the back but I bought these beauties of course from oddly I thought that actually they will match the colour this is a bit far from reality but of course this is not a fashion show so it’s good why I decided to take these bags so the first thing is that they are waterproof as well and how to close them is the similar way you just twist a couple of times so you can close it down of course I don’t have a lot of stuff now here it’s empty yeah and you have this what will you do with this they include a strap and the strap attached saw the strap attached you can just make everything real compact when putting it here I would say we have a clothes bag here and it’s all waterproof second big thing with this bag for me it has a quick release it opens like this I still have to figure it out how useful it is but the concept itself is brilliant because if I need to move somewhere else without the bike I can just put it here on my shoulder and I’m good to go I guess at least it appears the really funny I guess it is funny to look at but I can carry all of my stuff on me hopefully the space will be enough but I think it will be enough for me so these were the bags how am I about to carry water and the nutrition there’s one bottle which is good it’s not a lot of room for water so here is a bladder which I plan to put here under my subtle and it’s just hanging around and if I’m thirsty I can drink like this it can store three liters through thirds of water should be enough till the next place where I can stop I think it’s good and what about nutrition you can ask that’s a pretty fast question for a starter I have this protein and recovery to cover my protein intake for micawber enough and for my carbon hydrates using the same brand it is for riders I haven’t tried either of those but the reviews on Amazon they were quite promising so I think they will be enough for me on this ride and for isotonic drinks I thought that maybe it’s easier to carry just the base material for it and not the liquid because I will have a plenty of water so I have 60 tablets for isotonic drinks and this should be enough for the wall ride it might cover what I need to intake of course I’m planning on normal food as well just if I don’t have anything around I’m not going to starve or anything else so hopefully that’s good enough and please don’t forget that I will create one video every day from now on so let’s see you in the next one yeah and don’t forget to bail me although it sounds really ridiculous but now subscribing is not enough because you are not going to get notified about my uploads and I got a lot of complain that people cannot see if I publish a video if they actually wanted to so yeah if you would like to get notified by my new videos just please bail me yeah it’s still still awkward but if you would like to show your support just leave a like comment or just watch all my videos I need all of the energy from my small community thank you so see you in the next one

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