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My Everesting on a Bike Fail (A Cycling Story/Documentary)

My Everesting on a Bike Fail (A Cycling Story/Documentary)

I’m just hoping like the ride down my knee will get better but it’s it’s like it’s all inflamed and swollen and so then it just it’s like dislocating there i mean i have to do this two more times so don’t think i’m going to complete alright check it out a couple months ago I tried to do and Everest or everything which is basically taking your bike and riding it the equivalent of the elevation of Mount Everest ok Google how tall as Mount Everest at everest is 29,000 29 feet tall 29,000 feet equals 8830 9.2 meters alright so you’re gonna have to climb 29,000 feet or 8800 meters in one attempt one go you can take breaks but basically in one ride here is my idea is that i would start at five in the morning and i would go out onto this climb bayshore road which client it’s about an hour-and-a-half effort i’d go up it come down it about seven and a half times would give me right around 29,000 feet 30,000 feet of climbing of elevation alright so let’s break the story for parts preparation and planning food and nutrition the actual climb itself and the big fail alright so basically the planning and preparation was not much I thought I wanted to do it and we’re getting later in the season the rain and the cold was coming and this climb goes from 3,500 feet up to 7,200 feet the plan was also to film it so I had my brother-in-law was just an amazing photographer yeah okay so do you have thursday can you are you free thursday the plan is to get you to help me shoot this awesome epic 30,000 foot climbing videos it’s going to kind of take all day it’s going to be quite a quite a journey but are you up for it and I had him common and help me out I needed it up i need everyone’s help i need my wife’s help and my brother-in-law’s help to really try to capture this story right but my brother-in-law only have Thursday’s off that was the only day that would be able to that you’ll be able to work so he’s going to come over wednesday night and we do it thursday and honestly when I started looking at the weather report it was so ridiculous ok Google what’s the weather going to be like this week forecast for Best like 86 78-63 7280 come on thursday the everyday up into third like Thursday was the only day that was cold is a huge cold spell coming in and wednesday it started to rain a little bit this right you see the rain I don’t want it to rain only to be a mean it’s warm but raining here means snowing up there i was just devastated because i couldn’t it this hat didn’t happen okay I couldn’t do any other day every other week after that was going to be colder and colder and I couldn’t get everyone together just had to be this day I was just kind of fighting through it hoping hey you know what it is what it is so I cleaned the bike i got my bike all set up i was using a and 1128 in the rear and a 52-36 in the front which i thought would be fine but i probably should have had more gears to climb because the climate is pretty steep I kind of worked out a schedule for filming of where i want my brother-in-law to be not 9 is when I I need you to have that rice and avocados we’re going to take it up to the top we just need to make sure that Tomas not trying to test me when we were up there you don’t mean comments on politics in the schedule yeah man it was it was planned to the tea for sure he had multiple cameras we had GoPros we have a drone coming out it was looking good so now for food the whole climb effort was looking to probably be around 15 total hours just based on where i had written before going up the hill and kind of gauging my power on what I could definitely be able to sustain was about you know an hour and 20 minutes up in about 20 minutes down you know give or take and maybe a break of kind of just like relaxing and eating some real food but so is looking probably anywhere between you know 13 to 15 hours and so that’s I mean that’s a lot of calories burned so the main stuff was fig bars nature’s bakery fig bars raspberry fig bars each big bars must be blueberry yeah peach blueberry raspberry Thank You nature’s bakery I had a ton of those and i was going to eat probably to fig bars every pass just as a baseline and then every time I descended i was going to do cranked naturals like hemp protein powder while I’m riding right so uh I do the climb I come down I rehydrate with some liquids and stuff like that but mainly having hemp protein being injured in my body after every effort really trying to make sure that I kept on top of my nutrition kept on top of my hydration I never wanted to be hungry or thirsty lunch was going to be a white rice with avocado and teriyaki sauce and then for dinner while I was out on the ride because it’s gonna probably not getting pretty late do some kind of broccoli beans potatoes whole deal so my wife had that was her job is to make sure I was fed because the weight where the climb is it’s only five minutes from my house so when I start the car going to come down my wife can bring the food it’s super easy not to bring a lot of it on that was a huge plus before quitting I was I probably put down 45 fig bars ate some rice and i think i did a redbull I failed right we’ll get into that I wasn’t able to go through the whole the whole bit of food ok ok what ok I couldn’t find my glove side with no socks on a working out docs on my hands what’s hard is that I can’t see my power meter and I really need my power meter like pace myself it’s just pitch-black like I had the mytouch um I’m doing it’s like surprisingly I peaceful out here but i do once you leave gonna be a little worried about looking like an animal life you know big old deer jumped on you like a bear just me and I put them this idiot about to give me a lunch so then I was kind of left on this climb by myself pitch black it was super scary because the woods are out there i’m just thinking any moment of bears just going to jack me and subs not I it was I’ve never been that terrified on a bike honestly and now going up i have my sweatshirt on and was I was not cold going up by the time I got to the very top it was about 27 degrees ok Google what’s 27 degrees in Celsius 27 degrees Fahrenheit equals minus 2.7 70 degrees Celsius coming down I was I was I was losing it i had socks for gloves it was so cold and the amount of shivering that I was doing I was so bummed because I’m like I’m losing so much energy right now so many kilojoules of energy is going into shivering to warm my body you bucket why you cannot go wow warm the mental game as well as the physical yeah for a little bit so the second pass up was with a little bit warmer and we got some better shots this is kind of where the contingency plan of what if something fails that we’re going to have finished footage to do the climb right is what happens if this fails i need something to be able to produce and upload we got a lot of cool shots my brother-in-law was awesome you find really neat shots everywhere he could and and at this point I’m feeling really good like no worries i have no issues fitness is on par I’m good I’m so good i’m thinking man I got this i am for sure not going to fail is gone so far that coming down was this so called suck all the energy out there lost a lot of energy just by shivering like I was I was molten I gotta poop apar get to the top of the climb and I go to the bathroom a little weight reduction right get back in and start descending again it just was so cold now i gotta put in here that I have a knee injury have a knee injury from jiu jitsu torn ligaments in there but nothing that crazy i haven’t had any issues for a long time to that failing used to fail my knees to dislocate no worries but on the way down my knee started to hurt really really bad not tonight not in a good way not in a way you could push through how do you feel Tyler like physically of time but I need my knee feel so swollen the bummer you push past it huh you put past it so on the third pass we’re trying to get some cool shots with the GoPro me kind of chasing the the bottom of the car and my wife sort of not able to drive quite really that good and so then we get about 40 minutes into this third pass and i want to say that I’m out about 11,000 feet of climbing and my knee just is erupting in the pain I mean it is such a sharp horrible pain so don’t think I’m and completed which sucks any like some icy like a icr but like a wrap or something you have a brace i know that I just get some I get some cool shots okay alright and what happens is as as I release like so putting pressure down on the pedals fine but when that pressure releases sort of dislocates and I can feel it and so it’s like my knee is it has this little bit of dislocation every time I’m like lifting up and then if I don’t track my me just perfect it what kind of slip out of place is horrible and I’m just like dreading this my brother-in-law’s invested all his time I have a guy coming up with a drone who’s gonna be there he’s driving from super far away everyone has everyone has put all their energy into me and I am i know i’m going to fail not like at this point I’m not even halfway and there’s no possible way that I’m going to be able to finish up my knee continues this way so i try standing and I try sitting and I try spinning trying everything and then my knee just starts dislocating hard and I have to stop have to pull over I’m just like no but I did not plan for this well we’re just about 11,000 feet in AI haven’t all jiu-jitsu injury might need just dislocating my knees dislocating popping out and it’s like a pain that’s not it’s not a just push through and be a man pain I mean it’s like stops me from writing can’t get out of the saddle can’t put pressure on it physically like fitness-wise I feel great honestly wasn’t for my needs no issue let’s go me Tomas and do it what happens if i stop riding again I’m so bummed something okay well let me go back down we go back down to the bridge about about halfway through the climb we meet up with Tomas got the drone we start shooting some drone stuff because right now i’m like i’ve got to have this back up plan plan B the climb video right to start to shoot that and every time i peddle my knee is in like eight out of ten pain and in a pain that is not you can push through a pane of I might be brewing my leg for life right I it’s just the ligaments are like popping and tearing crunching and I gave it everything I had and it was just this point of man I felt great the planning was there everything was dialed what you’re gonna do it’s not like something that i can just keep pushing through the so just keeps like dislocating it could have a catastrophic failure and I could just completely tear my ligaments so that is going to do it or that ever bummer alright so the last part of the story is the big fail how I dealt with this how embarrassing it was but so basically i finished off at 6i 66 miles with 12,000 feet of climbing and and 33 of those miles were descending so in 33 miles of peddling I climb to 12,000 feet that’s bonkers that is just so much pressure on my knee that if my biomechanics and anyway we’re off at all you’re going to end up exposing an issue which which happened i didn’t want to quit but there was just no way that I was going to be able to like I i might blow out my knee and never have it be the same also to add insult to injury my garmin right as i started it started saying storage space low and i had prepped my garmin perfectly made sure that no there was everything was fine cleared of all of its rights I wouldn’t run out of space and never even seen that message before and then it stopped recording the government stopped recording in about 40 minutes into the ride i get still showed me power still showed me all my data it wasn’t saving into the system and security serious and then so when I finally uploaded it said it was a corrupt file and I mean I don’t have no record I have no stronger record to show you that i actually did such a screenshot of the 66 miles and 12,000 feet of climbing but it’s it was just so teves stating man like at least if I fail I’m still gonna have an epic ride on my strava nope psych garmin just took that from that’s so bombed so Karmin fails funny fails my nutrition my fitness doesn’t bummer so we get back in the car and I’m just devastated i gotta tell all these people that they supported me and they believed in me and I failed them following up after that I really my knee was blown for about a month I couldn’t really ride for more than our without it just completely falling apart i went to physical therapy and they started showing me that my biomechanics of my legs are just way off that all my supporting muscles are way off just because everything i do is is focused on cycling I don’t have my back my core my hip flexors all these things really kind of led to this weird pressure point on my knee and then adding insult to injury is that my name is all already injured i think also what I’ve seen from other people being able to do that every challenge is the much smaller climbs you know you can go harder up like a 1k climb like a one-mile climate just something really small at them and then you descend and boom you’re descended boom to send a short little intervals that might be harder mentally to get over that you have to do 250 of them or something crazy but when mine seven-and-a-half attempts like mentally you can get on top of that but dude an hour and a half of straight climbing and grinding and then you descend into like a technical descent you kinda have to be like on it and then they immediately have to go back up it was I don’t think that’s the way to do it i just i think you’re going to build up way too much fatigued because your body won’t may be able to recover as quickly when you’re doing an hour-and-a-half effort versus you know a 20 minute effort or tendon effort and just keep doing those but i’m going to definitely do this in the summer when it gets warmer and I have more time I’m gonna try it again for sure because i really want this I want to be able to knock this out on a film and again and that’s the other thing is filming and telling a story kind of changes the dynamic of what you’re doing i can just go out there by myself and just you know focus i want to i want to be able to tell the story in a really cool way but instead i have a story of failure which you know i don’t know maybe that’s a maybe that’s a better story i said i started to Instagram story it and so people could kind of follow along that was a bummer because people are like yeah ideas you got it and then again it’s not i wanted to go so I wanted to finish so anyway this is the story of my failed everything my failed attempt i will be back to do this is definitely not something out of of reach again if you want to see the climb is the the piece of this that I what I was able to gather from this school footage you can watch that kind of like a motivational inspirational sort of video and that’s why i was wearing a flannel sweatshirts it’s super duper gold but anyway guys thank you so much hope you enjoy this as always you can cyclist

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  1. Please don't be upset with my input here because I am a fan of your channel but as someone who learns a great deal on vlogs from people such as yourself (yours is one of the best and most interesting in cycling), this video is a bit disappointing and difficult to watch, it just goes on and on and a cyclist like myself isn't watching for TV entertainment of a story being over told and repeated but to learn and gain from your guidance and experiences. Perhaps I skipped through any technical info about tendons, stretching, power left vs right leg (I displaced my lower lumbars living in the Alps as I pushed with my right harder), your injury being from previous to cycling perhaps and not cycling itself and anything about long distance climbing on ratios 36/28> 34/28. Your videos usually punch in the facts that teach well…Hope you've recovered, yay to Alkaline food groups 🙂 respect, mike

  2. Story telling here is good! Excellent video!
    No thermal tights? Yikes. You gotta dress mega warm man, way warmer than you'd think. Keep those knees warm- extra warm. Its hard to tell how cold your legs are since you can't feel cold in your legs as well as you can in your arms, face, hands, etc. You gotta think that if your riding near or below freezing temperatures that is basically the same temperature people go downhill skiing at and look at what they are wearing – seriously warm gear.

  3. Good effort but prep seemed poor. Gearing all wrong, no gloves and improper clothing to cope with the temperatures on the descent. Gearing did the damage though, especially with a history of knee trouble. Good luck with your next attempt.

  4. hey tyler, best wishes brother. Im rooting for you for the summer time to have a go at it again then. Heal up and fight the climb another day. Everesting is on my bucket list as well, so I really am rooting for you. Keep up the great vlogs man. From fellow vegan, vlogger and road cyclist. Aloha & all the best. Regards – Bernard

  5. thanks for the video @TheVeganCyclist . I am going to give this is a go at hopefully the same time you do it in the summer. any tips on training styles and prep?

  6. Temperature, pressure and altitude considerations aside, do you guys think it would be easier to ride up a constant incline to 29000 feet or to repeat an incline like this?

  7. Good effort mate. Now I have a new challenge to go for. Welcome to the club of Garmin fails!. Trusty STRAVA App never lets you down….use it or as a backup.

  8. I did everesting and succeeded. With 190 reps. by 1km ascending, about 4%. However, it took my 26 hours and 400km of riding. Believe me, mentally is more challenging than physically. I talked with other guys who succeeded the everesting challenge in steeper and shorter rides. They think the same. I started (stupid) on friday evening after work. So I was awake for 14 hours already. Than it took me 26 hours. I was so f** tired that it really got dangerous. So I would chose something in the middel. But defenitely not 190 reps. again. 🙂 Hope you will succeed as well!

  9. Isn't it amazing how Vegans have to let you know at every available opportunity in screaming NEON LIGHTS … that they're a VEGAN … just relax and eat ya fucking food, ride ya frickin bike … you're not gonna get any medals from the rest of us. Enjoy!

  10. Respect for trying…however have to say that your prep and decisions were very poor….which by now you know!
    The fact you chose to do a climb starting in the dark in sub freezing weather without adequate cycling gear like a windstop jacket for descending and that you forgot your gloves! Knew this would not end well. Plus knowing your knee was questionable should have given you the motivation to go with more gearing! I like when you say "I'm fine physically"but my knee is hurting really badly. Thinking you meant I'm fine mentally.
    The video quality was very good. I would non the less recommend that when you are doing a goal oriented documentary that you don't give away the final outcome in the first 30 seconds or in the title!
    Get the knee healed up and core in better shape…have a better nutritional plan…change some gearing so you have a bailout gear…. pick better weather and kill it on your next attempt! Good luck!!!!

  11. You're spot on, VC. High rep Everesting is mentally tough. I recently streamed my own attempt, LIVE on my YouTube channel. It was super-high rep (470+). I would love to experience a low rep, long climb next time.

  12. Great video but that gearing is no wonder why your knee was in that much extra pain. Next time consider upgrading the back to a 32 or 36. That should allow you to spin a bit more and put far less pressure on your knee for that many hours.

  13. Massive respect to you for just attempting this. Watching your videos helped motivate me to buy my first real road bike (base model Specialized, aluminum alloy frame and carbon fork).  I found out quickly that the stock 34/28 setup is adequate at best for climbing, and you were doing this with a 36/28, which is even less adequate. Man, it hurt just listening to how you were shredding your knee. With better weather and a more appropriate crankset/cassette you'll crush this Everesting thing like a MF'ing boss!

  14. Is't that true of life though! Not every attempt at something is successful which makes the story just as valid and interesting!

  15. I ve had a knee injury for 2 weeks, i sprinted with a huge gear and i f$cked it up pretty bad, can someone PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO TREAT IT fast PLEASE

  16. Kudos. But your gear ratio was FUCKED. Awesome vid though. Can't wait for the next attempt, am I right?! 😉

  17. No shit? How ironic. I too am a vegan who is suffering from a BJJ knee injury. Did you quit BJJ to race bikes or do you still do both?

  18. Hey are you going to do the MTN Everest Challenge 2 day bike race with 15,000 of climbing each day?

  19. maybe go up 1/2 way next time with more reps? You seem to think that is more the way to go. You don't necessarily have to go ALL the way up. Great Job. Get that knee right!

  20. It was so obvious he was not going to make it. Wrong gears and wrong clothing. You definitely need a proper winter jacket, winter tights, winter gloves, buff and mask for that type of weather condition. Cool documentary though.

  21. My Dada did a huge race called race around Ireland on his own and did the equivalent of 3 mount Everest's so around 25 thousand metres of climbing!! plz like to support my dad!!!!!!

  22. Hey man, how's the knee? What kinds of things have you done to try to keep this from happening again? I'm on my second knee injury in the last year. I'm off the bike for now and it sucks. I start physical therapy this week. Trying to be optimistic but injuries are the worst.

  23. Not sure how I missed this video 8 months ago?? I laughed when you talked about being terrified that a bear would get you. Totally understand! I bike (road and mountain) in the national forests of Idaho by myself all the time with cougars, bear, and wolves. I THINK they're more afraid of you than you are of them. Maybe. Passed a giant moose a few weeks ago. 😨
    I guess if I die by predator (or vehicle) then I die doing what I love.

  24. I know it's an old video but I'll comment anyway. Sorry to see you had to stop for an old knee injury. I have completed a few Es but also had to quit two (almost got robbed in one and the road – gravel – was destroyed by storms another time) and feel your pain. As others mentioned, having a bail out low gear ration is crucial. Being able to keep higher cadences, I believe, would have put less pressure on your injured knee. Clothes also didn't seem to help (carrying gloves or jacket on the handlebar didn't help, I guess). One thing worthy mentioning: having someone filming and taking pics is great but also, from experience, might create additional pressure. I had friends (pro-photographers) with me before and sometimes trying to help them ends up being a problem. Chasing a car may increase your effort, even for a a minute, or stopping for pics or short interview gets you too cold. Anyway, always good to learn something about ourselves. Hope you don't give up and try again. By the way, I also had several problems with Garmins before during Everestings. Now I like to ride with two just in case I need a backup… I did several reps (>180), longer climbs (12 reps) and something in between (20 reps, off road) – and in Zwift 🙂 each one is different but I agree that you should pick a short climb to start with.

  25. I had a similar situation with my knee on the bass lake double 2 years ago. I was able to push through but the injury kept me off my bike for almost a year. I'm back on track and planning on getting my triple crown this year. If you're ever down to do a double let me know. I'm from the same part of CA you are dude. Peace!!

  26. Super great story! Even though you didn't make it, still a great video. You still planning on trying again?

  27. Love this film, really enjoying the content, great films and very inspiring, doing a similar thing myself but much more low key and still trying to find my direction. Cheers.

  28. Just failed at my 1st attempt. Well clarification. My trusty stages quit just shy of 1/4 mark. Could have pressed on but i wont rely on HR for another 15hrs. All moot as i woke up at home hours later with a spring allergy attack. Ugh. 1 day you will get it too. R

  29. For something like this you want CARBS CARBS CARBS. Protein won't help much at all and tbh we don't really need much protein. The body recycles protein very well and excess protein ends up going to fat very quickly. As long as you are getting enough calories from whole foods, you are getting enough protein! And definitely pass on the avocados for something like this, the fat is gonna slow you down immensely! Also starting the day with coffee is just asking to burn out. Caffeine is good for short bursts or maybe a burst near the end, but definitely don't want to start a long day with coffee!

  30. Your videos are BY FAR the best videos about cycling out there!!! Really glad you make these vids! Inspires me sooo much!

  31. A guy I know did a triple everest on a 20% avg grade climb in 48h to celebrate his 40th birthday. Absolute mad lad.

  32. If I ever attempt an everesting, I want to push myself to do it unsupported. I did my 24hr ride unsupported, and I really felt super accomplished for it.

  33. You have all this support, so why are you carrying two bottles on the climbs? Also, better planning would have meant proper gloves and jacket. Other than that, your old "jujitsu" injury somehow reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.

  34. just one thought, probably better to use a shorter climb. 20 to 30 minutes max. Would have been warmer too! Still shit it didn't work!

  35. NOT FAILURE!! How much did you LEARN from this? How much did you improve as a cyclist that because of this event, now have more knowledge and wisdom that you would not have gained had this not happened? I get the embarrassment part with respect to your "film crew"…had the same thing happen to me years ago on my first organized ride with the Diabetes folks…(Tour de Cure)…I SO SUCKED on any big climb…both legs violently cramped and locked up…I learned a lot from that ride…I think you learned also from this attempt. Did you, have you, gone back to do it again? or is that not yet a wise choice?

  36. Just found your channel. LOVE it! It’s cool to hear what the dangers are for your cycle “bears” .. I’m an age group triathlete in Sydney and ocean swim in Bondi beach where I dread the sharks every time!! 🙂. Bro in law did capture awesome shots.. great try and grit determination..

  37. With a 110 bcd crank, you can probably snag a 33 off of Ebay for up front. For the back? Most modern rear mechs can easily do a 34, they just don't tell you. Think gravel/adventure bike – gearing.

  38. I have a question, most likely a dumb one. Do people undertaking this challenge think it's literally the equivalent of climbing Everest?

  39. Not a fail but a lesson learned. More cross training different rout tactics. And friends and family were a success. Better to not succeed on a ride than a fail with family and friends. Yeah!

  40. I had knee surgery from smashing my meniscus from doing super hard efforts like this one. Dude you are a beast, 66 miles and 11k of climbing is no joke. Definitely go sub compact and q rings. That's my setup now and it works for me.

  41. There was no 'Fail' – you attempted to 'Everest'. You made the attempt. You'll no doubt make another attempt. The only Fail is to give up on something you want. Try and Try again is how to succeed. The knee! I'm so on that page – first Gran Fondo (Whistler, Canada), knee packs up at 80 km (still 40 k uphill to go). a motorbike medic correctly diagnosed inflamation pulling my kee out of line. he pulled it back into line with a bandage and I was able to ride on slowly.
    Next year, after taking all sorts of precautions (different pedals, physio, training, different bike), I'm on the same km of the ride and bingo – knee packs up! Just then a guy limps over to me and says "Gosh my knee is killing me, got any meds?"
    I spilled out Ibuprofen, knee bandages, sports tape – he came to the right place – we limped on. But what you said seems right – riding all uphill and way different from your normal profile, you uncover weaknesses or misalignments. Change the ride, change the outcome! Thanks for sharing The Everest 'Attempt!' Good luck on the next one!

  42. I had this. The pain of tendons screaming is unbearable, I know it well and have tons of sympathy for you. I now wear the knee brace chosen by my physio (and reviewed approvingly by orthopedic surgeon) when cycling and do a lot of yoga and pilates to maintain my core and stabiliser muscles. And I have now completed an Everesting! You said in the video you'd go again – did that happen?

  43. Take 2 Garmins, next time, for redundancy. Also, 2 bikes (if this is allowed) with different gear setups.

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