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My Honest Opinion on E-Bikes… With Richie Schley and Wade Simmons! | Jordan Boostmaster

My Honest Opinion on E-Bikes… With Richie Schley and Wade Simmons! | Jordan Boostmaster

today I get to go on an e-bike ride with
some legends Wade Simmons and Richie Schley we also go Bryson
and Bryson junior from DVO suspension and this other guy sorry I forgot your
name but we’re all on e-bike’s today I’m borrowing an E-bike from Norco so we’ll
get to see how that feels all the guys I’m riding with today really love their E-bikes obviously I can enjoy getting up the mountain faster that’s pretty sweet
but am I really going to enjoy the descent as much is it worth it to have
an e bike to get up faster even though your descent is going to be let’s say a
little bit hindered well I’m glad to get the experience today and honestly I
actually have a lot of thoughts about this I’ll be sharing throughout the
video today we’re going up to dark crystal on Blackcomb mountain now I did
post a video from this trail a few weeks ago but I mean come on I’m riding
frickin e-bikes with the legends so I think this should be pretty awesome and
I hope you can forgive the familiar trail content and the conditions are
even better this time compared to last time I rode it I’m a full-time youtuber now actually! yeah it is a thing! One interesting thing I found is that the Norco ebike I was on it had a lower powered battery this one
has about a 500 watt hour battery whereas most other ebikes have something
like a 700 watt hour battery just the day before we filmed this ride I
actually did another E bike ride with Mo and Hannah Awesome and you can actually
see a video on their channel featuring me I’ll link to that in the upper right
here in the cards I was riding on a specialized kenevo and yeah I could tell
that one did have a bit more of a powerful battery you can hear a bit more
of my thoughts in their video as well but I will be sharing all the same
thoughts in this video as well I can I have to admit when I’m pedaling
up this trail portion it kind of feels like cheating when using the pedal
assist now when you’re going up the fire roads who cares that doesn’t matter I
mean you know you can shuttle there’s chairlift bike parks but then
when you’re like zooming up an actual trail it’s a bit different something’s a
bit different about that and I don’t know I’m not not too sure if it’s the
best thing I may have to rename my channel to Jordan ultra mega super
uphill turbo boost master I do kind of wonder what some of these
riders were thinking when we passed them all on e-bikes like what do you guys
think when you guys are peddling up a hill or hiking up or doing whatever and
then you have a bikers zooming past you what do you think do you think that
they’re cheating do you say something like good on them I wish I had that too
what is your guys as you towards them I wonder
I’ve got your shin pads on yeah because your face is on the packaging they are
actually our favorite dude so this is the kazoo all right well it’s time to
hit up Dark Crystal in case you’re unfamiliar with this trail is a classic
really popular really sought-after enduro trail on a black film mountain
you’re about to see why this trail is so good forgot that were in such heavier
bikes you don’t stop the same just on
Wednesday it was wetter than this so this is like
min for me yeah on so that Steve’s up I was realizing like man these brakes are
not gonna be the same such heavy bikes like that’s sweet the party on the lakes
trout come out here not too much assist when it comes to the
weight of these ebikes the extra weight is concentrated basically where you’d
want it to be which is the lower center portion of the bikes because you have
the battery on that lower tube now that’s great for stability and so like
that now I’m not too sure if it’s just that I’m not used to it or what but I
still felt kind of strange on it because when you think about it this really is
an unnatural weight distribution of a heavy bike so did you take an older
let’s say a 50 pound D H bike or something all the weight is more
distributed evenly among all the parts and I wonder if that would almost feel
less strange than the bike so with an e bike it’s sort of like they’re trying to
make it as light as possible to compensate for the heavy battery but
then all the weight gets concentrated in one spot and it just makes it feel maybe
almost unbalanced you might argue even though it’s technically balanced because
of the location of the weight but just to name cut of unnatural way oh crap whoops yeah I don’t know if I’m just
getting like kind of picky now or something and I don’t really have a bike
to compare this to like say a 46 47 pound bike to compare this to I’d love
to hear your thoughts I wonder what you guys think but I’m just not too sure if
it’s all that great having all the weight in one spot it just gives a bit
of a funny feeling it’s sort of seems I first saw I went into a tree I pinched
these cables I think I might have I got pinched this derailleur cable and then
next time I just like went right off the trail I’m not used to these heavy bikes it’s something take it you see this
trail is just in perfect shape right now it was wetter the last time I wrote it
and now it just feels amazing no matter what bike you’re riding it’s
always a good time just to get out in nature and ride some awesome trails like
this gnarlie all right gnarlie nutty Oh Wade’s down so one thing that I’m
thinking about ebikes here is on one hand they do get you up faster and that
allows you to do more trails in the same amount of time and that’s pretty awesome
right I’m kind of afraid that it might end up making you less appreciative of
the kinds of trails that you ride and just sort of getting through trails
getting through things really quick and fast and accomplishing more and this and
that and just kind of not giving yourself time to stop and smell the
roses so to speak now I guess you could argue that same thing when you’re riding
lift access bike parks or just doing shuttle rides – I guess it’s just that
now with ebikes you can kind of bring that into non lift access trails or non
shuttle level trails you can now bring that into those more secluded trail
areas where you’d always have to work harder for your descent now you just
have to work less and now not there’s anything really wrong with that but I do
got to say even as someone who loves doing shuttle runs or riding at lift
access bike parks I really do appreciate sometimes just climbing up a mountain
naturally and buy your own two legs kind of thing and being more in the middle of
nowhere riding trails that you know you can’t ride very often because it’s
difficult to get up them there really is something satisfying about that and I
think everyone can probably agree with that even the people that own bikes can
probably understand what I’m saying anyway but I’m just saying personally
I’m not very interested in e bikes and I think that’s fine if you are interested
in them but I gotta say they’re not really for me
gnarlie that shoot was on your caseload on it’s like more of a workout with
their the heavy banks so it turns out I actually got a flat tire on the rear so
that was pretty lame I think it was from a rocky corner or a while back where you
could actually hear my rim hit it but yeah there was a slow leak so we just
fixed it up no problem have your bike here so one thing that
many people in TX might do is keep the pedal assist on in the lowest setting as
you go down the trail which can be nice for the flat and uphill portions
actually especially considering that your bike is pretty heavy anyway because
if you have it off then you’re just lugging around really heavy bike so
you’re almost obligated to have a little bit of pedal assist on at least on
enduro and all-mountain type trails but I can say though after trying the e
bikes I just don’t really care for them on the descents obviously it’s nice
going uphill but is it really worth it though and this is a good question that
low awesome asked me on the knee bike ride I did the previous day he asked me
would I rather lug up my own regular like enduro bike or downhill bike for a
really fun descent or would I rather go up a whole lot easier with an e bike and
then descend with that and my answer is that I would rather lug up my own pedal
bike my own enduro bike or downhill bike I’ll hike up I’ll pedal what I can I’ll
hike up whatever I have to and I’ll descend with that because it’s a lot
more fun because for me ultimately it’s just all about the descents it’s not at
all about the uphills and I’m ok with suffering a bit more on the uphills to
make sure that my down hills are that much more fun so that’s just me you know
you guys can have a different opinion that’s perfectly fine let me know what
you guys think in the comments I love to hear them so that’s what I’m gonna say
for myself the bikes are just not really for me but I’m really glad I could try
them out and basically I don’t have any interest in getting an e bike in the
future trying to follow Wade here was a workout
there isn’t really any pedaling to do here but with the heavy bikes it can
really make you work for your speed and I can actually be more tiring you in
just to maneuver such a bike and definitely harder on the brakes send it yeah crazy so after riding Dark Crystal we pedaled
up a little bit more again to go into Rome in the loam it’s a pretty good
trail I rode this for the first time at the EWS 100 race in Whistler a couple
months ago man it would have been nice to have an
e-bike for this stage of the race why do you do that now he’s gonna dream the
right these guys all seem to really love their
e-bikes and you know what I had fun on this ride of course I did why not
I mean we’re riding off some trails riding with some bros and yeah you know
it’s a good time at the end of the day you really just kind of have to decide
you know what’s gonna be right for you you know what do you really want what do
you want out of mountain biking our ebikes any good for you do you really
benefit from them I could certainly tell you it was nice
having some pedal assist for some of these flatter parts not that I needed or
care that much but it was nice and that’s about it
obviously e-bikes are gonna be no fun at all for jump trails or free riding stuff
like that of course because you’re just gonna start pedaling two paths and sort
of we’re shooting things and you’re just riding a really heavy bike and it’s like
okay well what is this for they’re very all mountain enduro we
aren’t they you know I guess there are downhill bikes too aren’t there but I’m
pretty sure that’s really just help you get up though what I don’t know I’d be
kind of interesting going down I actually think I might be more scared to
ride an e downhill bike on like say yeah a gnarly double black technical trail
you know with the heavier weight with the with the motor with the pedal assist
I think it might make me screw up I don’t know Sam pilgrim seems to have a
lot of fun his e bike so that’s pretty cool yeah well I’m so glad I got to do that
ride that was so cool getting to eat waiting Richie and trying out ebikes a
bit more and riding black home trails is always awesome thank you guys so much
for watching leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t already I got so many
more awesome videos coming up for you guys I want to give it a big thanks to
my patron through all of this channel and I’ll see you guys next time

100 comments on “My Honest Opinion on E-Bikes… With Richie Schley and Wade Simmons! | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. Directed only at anti-emtb purist douches: Not sure why the "Its cheating" thing comes up. Are you using it in a non-emtb race? If you arent then its not an issue. "You should earn your downhill" easy to say for peoples whos lives allow them to get in that kind of shape. A lot of people who buy these need them to even participate in the sport. Your needs, schedule and health arent theirs.

    In regards to the more runs making you not appreciate thing, just turn down the assist my man 🙂

  2. the problem with e-bikes is that they allow everyone to do do all types of Mountainbiking, no matter if they are trained, skilled or experienced enough. I saw ppl on e-bikes bothering others on their way up a hundred times and then downhill they struggled to ride things and slowed down other riders who just wanted to have some fun. Also since everyone can rent an ebike, go to the alps and ride hiking-trails no matter if they have the experience or condition it leads to the fact that these regions are crowded with bikers everywhere. And that decreases the fun and riding experience of everyone, not just the bikers, also the hikers and the whole tourist locations. I fear the regions to ban mountainbikers, but sadly that is the most likely thing to happen if this trend is continueing. Tho i could imagine that in america that shouldnt get too much of an issue, it def is already a big one here in europe.
    I've got no problem with ebikes for older ppl or ppl who got health issues for example, but if you're just too lazy to get on the grind to train your fitness with mountainbiking and instead buying an ebike, like bruh, come on…

  3. Jordan please contact this 50 year old man that helped granting trail access for you and others. Dude please understand old guys need help. Contact me for my opinion as it would be blasted here.

  4. I was climbing fromme fire road and was passed by a 250 pound dude riding a a bike that looked more like a ktm. Kinda sucked.

  5. well at least they are working on making the bikes lighter to compensate but while we are here and emtb manufacturers who happen to find yourselves on this video maybe take Jordans words into consideration? I might not ride a mtb or bike my self currently but I do enjoy the videos he puts out. and what do they say a happy customer is a returning customer? well. lets see what ya'll can do to impress then.

  6. Not cheating if your not competing, and Remember some e bikers used to be dedicated mountain bikers and now have medical issues and the e bike is the only way they can still enjoy getting out on the bike.

  7. I think part of the reason the bike feels different to you is because the suspension would have to be adjusted and set up different so you don't bottom out at the center of the bike and risk hitting the battery box. stiffer suspension and center weight dispersal would definitely fell weird.

  8. I have had a Specialized Turbo Levo for about 4 months and I ride now more than I ever did. It gets me out for a quick ride rather than stay at home because of that upcoming appointment or task etc. It also means my car stays in the garage less as I run all my errands and business on the bike now. So cool to go to a meeting by way of my local hill trail and urban features and so on. The downside is the judgey comments from some non ebikers. I'm not doing you any harm so why give me static.

  9. E-bikes are completely out of my price range so the couple times I've seen one in town I can't help but feel left out. Envy, jealousy, straight up anger, is what I feel because circumstances out of my control (mainly my asshole landlord) are limiting my income. I know it's childish but if you were in my shoes you'd understand.
    Thanks for another great video Jordan.

  10. Well, You spend most of the time shuttling and riding Bikeparks, and you are young and in good shape so earning your descend and riding in less crowded places feels nice when you decide to do it. The only thing I miss in this video is a litte bit of empathy…. For a lot of people Ebikes are amazing. In my area nobody shuttles and we don't have a lift, but the wheather is perfect and the trails are very nice. With an Ebike you can go for a quick ride if you have a little bit of free time in the evening and for a huge ride on the weekends… you end up riding more, getting in better shape and having more fun.

    For the type of riding you do I agree that Enduro and DH bikes are the way to go, but for a lot of people Ebikes are a better option.

  11. I love the nit picky over analysing stuff, I kinda do it too.

    My thoughts when e bikes go past is “I’m jealous” mostly

  12. I think attitude towards ebikes is different depending on where you come from. I'm in the UK and honestly, apart from the banter, it doesn't bother me at all that people can climb faster. I have a mate who rides one exclusively and we go on big rides together. He isn't the strongest on the pedals, but he can certainly shift down hill and jump a lot better than me! 🙂

    I don't even get the "cheating" argument. As if a fun ride is some sort of competition? If you're having a good time, then who cares if someone went past you up hill. The only thing that's put me off them is their reliability. A couple of people I know have theirs in the shop for weeks at a time with wire or motor faults.

  13. I love e-bikes. Its all about getting to the top as fast as possible you know. When i was riding a normal bike i maybe did 2 laps a day, but with a e-bike i do 5 or 6. Its a dream

  14. I've tried riding an e-bike before and I loved it, when I climb and I see e-bikes zooming past me, I'm like " ahh, fuckin e-bike". ( i don't hate e-bikes)

  15. In my opinion (a full sus rider), yeah they’re necessary in certain situations… But it does feel like the more you get assisted, the further you fade away from being a mountain biker.

  16. I think e-bikes can be a good thing. Especially for older folks or people with disabilities. Someone with asthma or breathing issues or even heart issues. It gives people the ability to still enjoy something they love. I love my hardtail and personally wouldn't go e-bike unless I needed help due to an injury or health issue. But that's just me.

  17. ive personally come to the conclusion that ebikes are for people who dont like climbing, i do like climbing so i dont want that extra wheight, plus im young and fit so ill be able to go faster as time goes on

  18. In my opinion the best use for an E bike is bike packing or if you are physically incapable of riding a mountain bike.E Bikes are the participation trophy of the mountain bike world for average riders.We need to stop turning mountain biking into Planet Fitness.

  19. Hey bro, thanks for addressing this e-bike topic. I'm 52 y/o and still in good shape, I like the accent keeps my legs and lungs strong. However, when I get to a certain age, when I just physically can't climb but my descending skills are still sharp; I think an e-bike will enable me to ride when I'm in my 70's well into my 80's. That's where I think e-bikes will really help us enjoy this great sport for a long long time. Until then I will enjoy the climb. Ride hard and be safe.

  20. Oh and you could be more wrong about jumping them 😅 they feel nice my mate has one and also watch Sam pilgrim sending them.. your too fixated on the weight plus that is a rental it has all stock parts the breaks will be crappy and the tires warn… you are clearly against ebikes for no reason 🤣😂

  21. I get what you mean about the balance. I own an Intense Tazer and I think they did a great job with the balance of that bike, but another ebike our shop sells I feel completely the opposite about and could never really enjoy it while descending or riding aggressively.

  22. I'm all for E-Bikes. I've ridden with E-Bike riders before and they take off but I don't care, gets more people out there to ride with and as long as they're having fun and enjoying the trails then that all that matters.

  23. I think some of the "unatural" feelings you are having are because you aren't used to the bike. A first ride review isn't always the best. I see your bias (I am not an ebike rider) and it makes sense. It is all subjective. I think banning ebikes is dumb though.

  24. I would love an e-bike because in SoCal there isn’t shade very often, so in the summer I get heat exhausted very quickly or I just don’t ride at all due to the heat. An e-bike could completely change that for me and I would be able to ride even more and not worry about that risk as much!

  25. I think having an e bike if you're perfectly fit is cheating but if youve got a heart condition or something like that or are old and still want to get out on the trail then e bikes are a good thing

  26. I don't think Evolve does assist bikes, am I correct? This would make your opinion I think, as honest as it can get… Diplomacy aside, you're not obliged, you know what I mean?
    So how do I feel about having been passed by an e-biker? If Wade Simmons passes me on one, I'm not going to complain because he had cut his teeth on those trails decades ago…
    Something to think about.
    As for owning one?
    I had recently walked into a shop that, unbenknownst to me, had transformed to an exclusive e-bike store. Dude at the counter tried luring me in… felt a little creepy.
    For now, I'll gladly give up a few more calories and a few more watts for the satisfaction of having made it to the top on my own. Even if it's just a fire road, man.

  27. E-bikes do make more secluded trail seem more accessible and may "ruin" the fun for you (which is fair), but think of the new, even more secluded trails that you could now realistically access with one

  28. Having ridden that trail before, did you notice normal bikes kicking up as many rocks as the heavier eBikes were? looked like Wade's bike was kicking up lots of babyheads.

  29. 2 minutes in and I feel I should correct you on one thing…You seem to be misunderstanding the difference between battery capacity and motor power. The 500 and 700 you referred to is the battery capacity in Watt Hours (which is strange that the industry uses that term, instead of the more familiar Amp Hours that we all know from our phones). A higher number just means you can ride longer. It has nothing to do with how much power assistance the bike delivers. That comes from the motor. FYI, I have a Specialized Levo and will never go back, now that I'm 50.

  30. I will never buy one, because I find them to be the ecological antithesis of human powered transportation. While less a carbon load than ICE motos, e-bikes have a MUCH higher carbon footprint than human powered bikes. They do neither thing well: they are not good bicycles and they are not good motorcycles. I am certain that many e-bikes are not engineered for the extra weight and power, also. For example, they are using standard bicycle disc brakes to stop a bike that weighs what, sixty pounds? Plus gear, plus the rider?

  31. OK I get the e-bike thing however I really enjoy a tough technical climb; combining weight distribution with short busts of power, changing gears and reading the trail. I get sense of achievement knowing it was my legs that got me to the top, it's why I cycle and don't ride a motocross bike up.
    Fair play if you want an e-bike but I prefer the pain and fitness gains of human power.

  32. Enjoy the ride and stop being overly judgemental is what I think about ebikes and the criticism some people have on the topic Although people need not be cocky assholes period

  33. i wouldnt do it, I'm the rare one who actually loves to climb. I'm the one smiling on the climb as he grits his teeth. the harder the more technical, the better. i wanna cough up a lung when I get to the top, or at least now since I just started, it brings an immense sense of joy when I accomplish a new section I could not before.

    HOWEVER…. just got my girlfrined into mtn biking and she is MEGGGGGA slow, it absolutely sucks riding with her. I try to pawn her off with the beginner group and they were too fast for her! most of what we ride at folsom lake would be ideal for what I envision, her and I going together. Hell, she can train me to ride harder if I'm the one lagging! to each their own, I just think she would be better off being introduced to this sport that I love on an E bike.

  34. Honestly, it's so refreshing to see someone just give their personal opinion on something new. There are benefits (it keeps people who may not have the strength that they did a few years ago on the trail, for example) and then there are sacrifices but, at the end of the day, it's a matter of personal preference and going out there and having fun. I am the same way. I have ridden a few E-Bikes before and, like I said, I simply find that they are just too heavy for me and that some of the agility around corners is lost because of that. Now, that's just me, but to all of those who actually dare to ridicule other mountain bikers for riding e-bikes; Sorry, but that's not okay. I have met people like that before and it's not a good look. You're just making a fool out of yourself in front of other people who might have been your friend for a few seconds of conversation had you not said something offensive.

  35. My first thought is gaining muscle is cheap and I'd rather buy more MTB stuff than an Ebike. My opinion is to each his own as long as it doesn't change the trail for someone else's experience.

  36. When I'm passed on the uphills by an eMTB I think: "You cheated not only the game but yourself.

    You didn't grow. You didn't improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing.

    You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained.

    It's sad that you don't know the difference."

  37. I just got the new kenevo expert and love it, I can ride the XC trails with all my mates as thats what most them do but then go and bomb some crazy DH trails, its also opened up all the long distance great walk trails which you can now ride here in Queensland Australia. I do twice as much riding as I used to and I'm getting fitter for it, everyone should have an Ebike, yeah it take some getting used to riding them but once you settle in 100% worth it.

  38. You adapt your riding to each bike you own over time. Going from an alloy DH and enduro to a carbon enduro felt alien for ages till I got used to the feather weight. I now own a alloy enduro ebike (160mm front and rear) and love the blend of DH weight and stability with enduro geometry. Add that to the triple amount of runs I now do in a session, EBIKES for the win.

  39. The jealousy from regular mountain bike riders is strong against those that ride e bikes. It seems like every few months I have to stomp the shit out of one.

  40. I don't think you mean weight "balance" but rather weight distribution. Rather than the weight being evenly distributed throughout the bike the E-bike has a concentrated weight load. It makes sense.

  41. Is there a new trail code of conduct for e bikes? Ride what you desire to have fun but when e bikes are constantly catching you on the climbs and wanting to pass, especially on single track, it does my head in! I just want to enjoy my time out on the trail but I’m constantly feel the pressure to move out of the way to let e bikers through. This was never an issue before on the trails!

  42. My dad owns an E-Bike, sometimes ive taken it out and smashed out 50kms on new trails with ease. The times ive done this it just felt like 'another ride' but when ive taken my enduro bike 30kms its always been a memorable adventure and memorable in the effort that was required. For me its just all about the satisfaction feeling, if you feel satisfied on an e-bike and are having fun on the downhills thats great! For me I prefer to battle it out, and I ride with my dad and the E-Bike has allowed him to keep up with me and he even took his E-bike from Australia to Whistler for a holiday and the e-bike opened it up that he could cruise outside of the bikepark with me.

  43. Run what ya brung. Does it really matter what everyone else is riding? Just go ride – have fun! That's what it's really all about right?

  44. I don‘t mind anyone riding an e-bike to be honest. At least they‘re riding as well.

    What surprises me a lot though is that e-bikers tend to not greet compared to everyone else. And they get really annoying when making comments about the pace of someone who is actually pedaling.

    Thanks for the video, enjoy the ride!

  45. I don’t think e-bikes are cheating, I don’t own one but I’ve demoed an E-DH, E-Enduro and an E-fatty and I have to say I can go farther with the same workout. On a 1000 calorie day I go half the distance on my normal bike than I have gone on an e-bike with the same amount of calories. I don’t think it’s cheating going up, down or cheating myself on the actual ride. Ive come to find the only people who really get mad are the ones hunting Strava KOMs, in which at that point biking doesn’t become fun.

  46. I actually am a big fan of e-bikes because i don't feel as though the descent suffers at all but the climb is way better.

  47. The thing I just realised is that it actually does have something. Not because I rode an ebike just a few weeks ago and understand your dilemma, I have concluded that it's just a different sport. Keep it at that. But what I meant to say is this. I see that your bike is equipped with the same display (and probably the rest of the system) than the bike I rode and that alone makes some things connect. I can see what mode you are in, how hard you are pushing etcetera, because I can relate to that. And if I can, everybody can. That, I think, is a big plus.

  48. For me I like the IDEA of not having to work as much on the way up. My closest local trailsystem is fireroads (no shuttles allowed) on the way up and short steep downhills. Sounds perfect for ebikes but not having ridden one I have to reserve judgement to see if the theory works in reality. Also, I do like a nice climb as part of the experience. My last Whistler trip I did Lord of the Squirrels and I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have appreciated LOTS as much if I didn't do all that work to get up to the top of it.

  49. Ebike is the future………..We ride bike to have fun, not to race…and Ebike is all about having fun….You'll have fun going up and its even better going down because you will be doing it 2 or 3 times more than normal bike…

  50. Tbh there aren’t too many e bikes on my local trails, I don’t mind because we’re enjoying the same sport, and most of them need the extra power Because they are out of shape but, I feel like never mind whether you need the extra power or not it doesn’t matter, they are enjoying the same sport just in a different way and that’s fine.

  51. When I see an ebiker climbing past me or zooming around I think they are lazy, but they can enjoy the sport how they want. I just hope they respect their speed compared to a normal bike so I don’t get hit by someone going 20-30mph out of a turn or something

  52. Older legs would like an Ebike.

    Im 55 and might look at one because I can’t ride 3-4 days a week like I did in the past.

    They have their spot in the market place.

  53. I ride a full squish canyon neuron while my buddy who is new to mtb rides his fully rigid, mechanic disc brake, single speed surly karate monkey. It's all about just getting out there and having fun, and nothing is more fun than smoking him on the ascents and descents 😂

  54. I think the ebike issue is closely related to age, whether or not you have existing injuries and your local trails. I live in an area with no lift access or shuttle trails – we have to work super hard for the short decents. I’m 51 with a nagging hip injury and since getting my Devinci AC I get out on the trails 4-5 times per week vs 2-3. Thanks to my ebike I get to de-stress in nature way more often and im becoming a much better rider in the process!

  55. It sounds like you started off with a negative attitude! Anytime you do not want assistance or very low assistance you can go to ECO or no assist. You were clearly not at one with the bike on the downhill, braking and reacting too late to the extra speed and momentum. Most of all the ride you did is not really where E Bikes win hands down. The climbs did not look hard or technical and the downhill trail was tight and twisty. Try a much longer adventure ride in the mountains rather than built trails next time out on an E Bike and you may see what they are all about.

  56. I gotta say, I honestly can't understand what you're saying about earning the ride, and how you feel like riding an e-bike is cheating in a way. Cheating who? Yourself? Who cares.. I've heard other people saying it too, and it kinda starts to feel like a mantra, being repeated when one feels insecure about riding with assist. I respect the trails just as much on an e-bike, as I did when I was riding them on my regular bike. I'm just as exhausted coming home from an e-bike ride, because I ride for longer periods at a time and I'm able to ride more challenging ascents.

    I fully embrace the possibilities an e-bike offers me, and I couldn't care less about what the "true mountain bikers" think about them. Then again, I don't have any need for showing off, or blasting by fellow riders in turbo mode. I guess that's a thing that could irritate some people, when done deliberately. E-biking is the most fun on two wheels I've had in years. Call me lazy, but it's what got me off my ass and excited about riding again.

    As for the weight thing. As a former dirt bike racer, I can appreciate the added weight of an e-bike. It makes the bike more stable feeling, for someone that's used to riding a motorcycle. For example, I'm way more comfortable jumping an e-bike than I am a regular bike. Anyway, if you don't feel the need to ride an e-bike, that's cool but it's just that the whole "will somebody think I'm cheating?" -thing is starting to feel a bit weird.

  57. Can we bring the mtb community together? Hey guys my friend Collin just broke his bike and really needs a boost to get a new bike so he can get back on the trails. He loves mountain biking more than anything.

  58. You clearly don't get what ebikes are good for. Yeah you pedaled up once rode down once and it's b not as good. Now go do 3 more laps cause your legs still can. Tell me how your 3rd ebike lap compares to your 3rd grind up without assist.

  59. the sound is weird, sounds like a tank with very good suspension
    funny how ure excusing for thinking too much 😉 i completely get those ideas and i agree on ur thoughts
    ofc it feels different than an old 20 kg bike, i completely agree again :))
    imho emtbs are great if u got older or less fit, dont think itll be an option "forever" but its an alternative for, as u said again, certain conditions

  60. 3:12 – what I think when I see someone riding an ebike is "Oh look, someone riding an ebike." That's about it. No hate, nor envy (I perversely enjoy climbing, I'm better going up than down!).

  61. I hate when I get passed going up hill by ebikers. I prefer to earn my downhill. However, as long as people are out riding and enjoying themselves, then more power to them.

  62. So Jordon I've been watching you since like before single track sampler and Seth and skills with Phil, loam wolf etc. I'm an ol' school enduro type rider, getting into the shuttle scene in my early 30's, I live in park city ut. always exploring and trying to develop trails like the dark crystal, I have never been up in that area, for years studying and watching these trails on youtube…(maybe someday I'll have a chance to get there) I have yet to ride one of these e models..although the norco sight looks the coolest of the all, I am def an elitist, I climb a lot!…climb to get to the down…I have found myself saying "I could use a pedal assist at this point"…but I think I feel the same as you about it..think it would be great for these super backcountry adventure rides I do…but I agree,
    wouldn't want to lug that thing around in the end. I am a board member of a South Summit Trails Foundation and have a voice in trails development, currently building a trail system in the Uinta wasatch cache national forest (eastern summit co.) It's pretty knar terrain, I want it to feel like dark crystal. Always watching your feedback…you a sicdawg!! I was watching those legends in the infancy or youtube, pretty awesome to see Wade slip, good to know were human. Think the pedal assist is better than an e-throttle type for sure…but I'm still indecisive…

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