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My Plans With The RM250! Giveaway?

My Plans With The RM250! Giveaway?

what’s going on guys so back here we
have the newest project bike if you guys did not see yesterday’s video you have
to go check it out and did a full rundown on this rm250 so basically what
we have here is a 2001 rm250 bought it for $600 didn’t have the top end on it I
do have that in the shop so obviously it doesn’t run the bike need quite a bit
of work however it is a great bike to start with for a project so it already
has a bunch of cool stuff on it rmz250 front end so the Showa SFF forks
which are a good set has a rmz250 subframe so it’s kind of like a tail
section definitely makes the bike look a little better so yeah it’s a great bike
to start with but like I said the bike is gonna need quite a bit of work all
the bushings bearing seals where parts replaced on it and so it’s gonna be
stripped completely down to the frame and built back up just like how it did
with the cr250 so the purpose of today’s video is to reveal exactly what I’m
doing with this bike so without further ado here is the plan I’ll be building
this bike for you guys that’s right when the bike is all done all finished up
look sweet it will be given away completely free to one of you guys you
heard that right I am not messing around one bit not have a chance to win this
bike it is completely free you don’t have to go buy anything it’s not any
sort of raffle there’s no elaborate sign up plan just straight up one of you guys
will win this bike completely free now to sign up all you have to do is go down
below click the first link in the description enter your name and email
address that’s absolutely it nothing else and you’ll have a chance to win the
bike now there are a couple rules here you have to be in the United States you
have to be over 18 and you gotta like dirtbikes of course I
don’t want someone winning this thing that is just gonna sell it or do
whatever with it you know make money on it I want one of you to win this bike
and go ride the heck out of it since I’m being generous and giving away this bike
when it’s all finished up I’m going to limit entries to one per person so don’t
try to go sign up a million times the system will take all of your entries out
and you’ll have no chance at it at all and if you go and create a bunch of new
email addresses it is tracked by IP so you will be screwed that way too so keep
it fair one entry per person now why the heck am i given this bike away I know
you guys are like cam why would you do that you could just sell it make some
good money on it this is all because of you guys so over the past year and a
half you guys have shown a tremendous amount of support toward me and the
channel a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with leukemia and immediately
I had thousands and thousands of messages just pouring in offering
support a helping hand just anything and everything just knowing that you guys
had my back the entire time made the biggest difference in getting healthy
again and besides that you guys shared the videos support of my businesses and
the channel and it just felt like a family the entire time and even up to
this day so here I am a year and a half later back healthy again and doing the
things I love so why not do something like this why not give back something
I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I feel like it’s the perfect opportunity
now another thing that really motivates me in doing something like this is
seeing all the negativity going on in our world right now
there’s so many things that are dividing us and just so much hatred going on
especially with social media and I feel like we can make a difference just with
spreading a good message being positive and connecting over our love of
motorcycles or just whatever we can all kind of come together and become closer
that’s what I try to do with the channel to spread a good message to be positive
be a person that helps others out and we can make a difference so what I’m going
to ask of you guys right now is to continue sharing the
telling your friends and family about it anyone that might be interested in
motorcycles spread the word and I think we can do something pretty cool here my
arms getting tired holding this camera up so long
so my exact plans with building the bike it’s gonna be more of a budget type
build so we’re not going to go all out and do a bunch of titanium or carbon
fiber all over the place it’s still gonna look really cool when it’s all
done but it’s gonna be more geared toward showing you guys what we can do
with a smaller budget you know we’re not gonna go and spend 15 or 20 grand on it
I’m gonna keep track of all the costs for you guys show you exactly what
everything goes for and I think it’ll help a lot with doing your own builds
and speaking of doing your own builds I am running a bike build contest over
winter the contest starts right now it’s already up your entries are due by the
end of the year so January or December 31st at midnight it’s gonna go through
April 15th I’m giving away $1000 to you guys who can make the biggest
transformation this isn’t about spending a boatload of money going and decking
out your bike it’s about starting with a beat-up old bike and transforming it
into something nice so whether that’s cleaning up a bunch of parts students a
polishing you know new graphics seat cover some painting whatever it is do a
cool transformation and enter this contest so I will have all the details
and the link over to the entry page down below in the description I don’t know
about you but I am so freakin stoked to get going on this thing one more thing I
just thought of is when the bike is getting lightheaded here
just about passed out it must’ve been too stoked but what I was saying is when
the bike giveaway is all done and the winner is chosen I’ll either ship the
bike to you at my cost or if you’re local
I’ll deliver it or find some way to get it to you in person
now as far as everyone bashing on Suzuki lately that is a bunch of nonsense
these bikes are pretty freakin badass Ricky Carmichael rode one to like six or
seven championships and so they’re obviously pretty frickin sweet
they have good power they turned super good I for one cannot wait to jump on it
and try it out so with this build we are going to make Suzuki’s cool again now
before we start on this project and tear it completely apart I want to give you
guys a good idea what kind of shape this beater is in right now enjoy

100 comments on “My Plans With The RM250! Giveaway?

  1. Awesome video man I have one question about the restoration for the money do the bikes need motors in them. Ps love your vids

  2. Pozdrawiam serdecznie z Polski.
    Oglądałem wszystkie twoje filmiki. Bardzo dobra robota.
    Życzę ci dużo zdrowia.

  3. I like the low budget build idea. I've been thinking of getting a project bike going just to increase my skills so I don't mess up my new KTM learning. Another idea that would be really cool but expensive, is to buy every part for a new bike and build the whole thing from the ground up!

  4. Great atitude Cameron im not going to win the bike cause im from Portugal but i Will follow the build and i Will be happy for the winer i wish you the best Stay strong 💪💪💪

  5. Love your videos. I have been riding for a looooooong time, right now riding and working on a 1978 IT400. Maybe I can win that RM. Keep up the great work.

  6. Wish I could win it so I could have something to ride or give it to my son lol… I have a project bike now an 89 CR 250 that I bought for 900 bucks…it ran when I took it apart cause I wasn't satisfied with the way it looked… Trying to bring it it back to its former glory

  7. I’m in Spokane! Can I just buy it!!! Had a several RM’s and that was one I always wanted! Had a friend that had one, it was amazing (Hurricane Heath Robertson). Love the vids!!! Keep em coming brotha!

  8. Hey cam awesome video as usual man. Quick question with the contest though I'm starting a build soon on a pw50 I just picked up for my kiddo could I use that build for the contest?

  9. Love seeing what you can do to these older bikes my fav channel for sure also love seeing you healthy again my wife had stage 2 triple negative breast cancer at 29yrs old we have three young boys and that was hardest time of our life's for sure now all three of my boys race 65cc and 85cc and always watch your channel so thanks for keeping the content clean keep it pryme my dude

  10. The first and last bike I had was a Suzuki. My favorite frame design by far for the late 90’s and early 2000’s. But, college ate them away 😂.

  11. Cameron, kudos on your attitude. I'm in my second battle with leukemia my self. Beat it the first time so the second time will be easier. It'll take more to stop me. I've been into dirt bikes (riding, racing, rebuilding) for 53 years. I've always said attitude is everything. Keep your glass half full. Life is worth fighting for. Keeping it wide open and upside down.

  12. Nothing like getting off work on a Friday. Tired from working long hours do to the brutal New England weather this week than cam drops one of these videos to make my day. Gotta love this channel Dirtbike is my passion. This is a great channel for all of us fellas. I’m currently working on a 07 KX450F. The bike belonged to my causing wouldn’t start, needed a rebuild so I bought it from him for 600 also. My wife doesn’t know! sure you guys can relate to that . Anyway I rebuilt the engine took it all apart and washed everything. All parts on the bike is shining thanks for all the tips you shared with us on this channel. Getting ready to replace all the swing-arm and linkage bearings today And finish putting everything together. Accomplishing something like this is just rewarding that’s how every single one of us watching this channel feel. Thanks for your all the work you put in in this channel. we support you 💯

  13. Winning this bike would be absolutely awesome. I already own a 1999 rm250 which is a ongoing project. These old rm 250s are badass machines. I love the adjustable power valve.

  14. Awsome message and wish there were more people like you out there. Super stoked about the build and what it looks like in the end. Stay healthy and much support my friend.

  15. What a homie. I'm stoked to see this thing come along and also stoked on the bike build contest. I had shoulder surgery 2 months ago and have 2 project bikes ready to go for as soon as my left arm works well enough to start wrenching… Going to be a fun start to 2020! Anyway, keep it up man.

  16. Man, can’t speak highly enough about your character! Keep it up Cam, your content is incredible and I can’t wait to see what the future of this channel holds.

  17. Your right man two much hatred.
    It's up to us to rise above
    love the vid, watch for 5 years, And here you are all these years later making the world a better place
    Thanks Cam

  18. Your right man, To much hatred.
    Loved the vid.
    watching for 5 years, and here you are making the world a better place
    You've been very inspiring
    Thanks Cam

  19. so glad your healthy and back at it again dude! been a subscriber for a few years now. keep at it your hard work is enjoyed by all of your subscribers!!

  20. you've revolutionized bike building, never seen anything like it. You just finished building the freshest, most decked out bike I've ever seen. along with a bike building contest; THAT'S SO COOL. You're The first person to do that Imagine what type of bikes people are building off camra
    God bless man

  21. Man if I lived in the USA instead of Brexit Land, I'd be all over this. Ive only recently discovered the channel & Cam, you are a true gentleman. Can't wait to see the build. Someone is gonna be very lucky

  22. Owww man,i smile when i read the caption but when you say that “you have to be in US”I literally broke😕im from Philippines and i love your vids and I really love dirtbikes❤️,make that rm a monster dude.

  23. Man I haven't been subscribed very long, i came right after you beat cancer, congrats! I just want to say this is amazing, to see social media bring communities together. It's also awesome to see how humble and respectful you are. Keep it up man, much love

  24. Cam, you’ve motivated me in so many different areas of my life that I couldn’t name them all. That new camera has a really nice pop to it. If only I was older I’d sign up to win that bike. Who ever wins it will probably poop themselves when they figure out they won!!!. well at least I would!!!👍

  25. Im rebuilding my Rusi Kr150,its a China bike but i cant enter the build contest because i cant finished it on april 15 due to a budget problem haha,people of the Philippines is poor😂

  26. Can't wait to see you tearing that bike apart. Already know the end result will be perfect. Thank you so much for sharing. Always very satisfying to see you work. All the best 🇬🇧

  27. The BEST channel on YT just got even better!! Always an inspiration . Keep up the great work Cam. And as always, Keep It PRYME!!!

  28. Any chance we could see a 4 stroke come to the channel anytime soon, much love from Tasmania, Australia 🇦🇺 BTW, half our country is on fire 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  29. I bought my first dirtbike, a ‘99 yz125, in inspiration of your vids. I had replaced the top end and had to have the power valve actuator arm thing rewelded. This was all about a year ago and it’s sold now for me to afford my first car, but thanks for inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone and dive deep into a project!

  30. Cam is that bike from Michigan? (MCR is Matt Crown Racing him and his son Joey are very fast Michigan guys).

    Those RM 250’s were great, from 1999-2007. They turned so well, only the Yamahas were remotely close.

    Also, Ping just did a 2003 RM250 with Jay Clark and that bike looked amazing too.

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