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Myanmar’s INCREDIBLE INLE LAKE! | 12 Things to do by BOAT and BIKE

Myanmar’s INCREDIBLE INLE LAKE! | 12 Things to do by BOAT and BIKE

Good morning. Welcome to Inle Lake. The unique
floating villages of Inle Lake make it one of the most popular sights in all of Myanmar.
With stunning nature, buzzing local industry and some even more unexpected gems on the
ground. So whether you choose to explore by boat or bike, these are the top things you
need to see. And trust me. There is a lot. Inle is the 2nd largest lake in Myanmar, so
obviously the most popular thing to do is to take a longboat tour around the sights.
But to see the lake in it’s best light I recommend starting early. Really early. We
ended up beating both the crowds and the sun, but we were still greeted by a couple of local
fishermen who put on quite a performance. The iconic leg rowing fishermen, are synonymous
with Inle. But don’t expect to see them do any actual fishing. They’ve obviously
figured what the tourists really want. The best photos possible. It was a slightly awkward
experience, but it made for a good montage. After the lads moved on, we watched the sun
rise over the mountaintops. And we got our first proper look at the lake. It is incredibly
peaceful out here. Everything is so still. The sun is up. Let’s go and see some sights.
Our boatman took us towards the first of the floating villages on the lake. Inle is home
to the Intha people who live in incredible stilted houses on the water. It’s really
interesting floating around all of the little villages on the lake and seeing how people
just live their entire lives on the water. You’ve got kids going to school in boats,
their school is there on the water. You’ve got markets, gardens, temples and of course
you’ve got all of the industry as well. An entire way of life. There is quite a set
route of tourist sights on the lake. We started out at a traditional silversmith. Where we
were greeted with a lovely cup of tea before they face us a short tour of the shop. But
we actually got there so early that the silversmith himself hadn’t even arrived yet. So our first
stop was at a local silversmith and now we are at the 5 day rotating market. Which as
it’s name suggests moves around the lake on different days of the week. These days
the market is mainly for tourists so it is a good place to pick up some local crafts
as souvenirs. Next we moved onto one of Inle’s many textile workshops, where they weave cloth
out of fibres from a lotus plant. These days Inle is one of the only places in the world
where you can see this practice take place. And the machines themselves are pretty mesmerising
to watch. We even stopped to see some cigar making, where every worker rolls about 500
cigars a day by hand, using completely natural ingredients. But my highlight of the boat
tour was at the very last stop. Hidden off the main lake down some beautiful little estuaries,
we walked on land to the village of Indein. Made famous by a vast, ruined temple complex.
We’ve just taken a short walk away from the boat to the temples of Indein. Which are
a thousand pagodas which are all ruined like this. Really cool! The pagodas are believed
to date back to the 17th or 18th century and most of them haven’t been restored at all
since then. Making for a real unspoilt site and you can explore all of the little entrances
and enclaves to find the hidden treasures within. Proper Indiana Jones vibes now. The
further you head up the hill the more intact the pagodas become. They’re still really
impressive. And this isn’t the only sight to see off the lake. In fact, renting a bike
is an equally great way to explore the area. The main tourist town on the lake is Nuangshwe,
where a simple gear bike will cost you as little as £2 for the day. Hello there! Hi!
And once you get out of town there are some beautiful views of the countryside. This has
actually been the coldest place we’ve been in South East Asia so far especially in the
mornings and evenings. So it’s about 9am now and we’re going to check out the local
hot spring. Just outside the Village of Khaung Daing, natural hot springs are channelled
into 3 different pools kept at various temperatures. It’s quite a small place, but perfect for
some relaxation. Unexpected gems of Myanmar part 75. There’s even a bar where you can
order drinks or food. A great start to our day of cycling. They are actually open from
5am here which I imagine is an amazing time to come when it’s really cold. But this
will do just nicely. Just across the road from the hot spring are these steps that lead
up to a temple that should have a really good view over the area. You can see right over
to the lake from here. Awesome view. We cycled on to another unexpected gem: the village
of Kuang Daing. A place entirely dedicated to making tofu. We had a guide called Yam
who showed us all of the hidden corners and secrets of the village. Every market stall,
every house, was preparing a different kind of tofu related snack. From savoury crisps
to sweet donut like desserts which was really interesting to see being made. And the samples
just kept on flowing. After we were done eating tofu, we couldn’t really be bothered to
cycle all the way back to town, so we grabbed a lift with one of the villagers and we got
some extra views of the beautiful lake. The next morning, we cycles out to one more stop.
Something that we really wanted to see. One thing I didn’t expect to find in rural Myanmar
is a vineyard. The Red Mountain Estate was founded in 2002 and the grounds are stunning.
Offering amazing views over the countryside. We did the wine tasting which is actually
something I’ve never done before. They had both reds and whites, which I thought were
pretty nice. But I’m no expert despite how qualified I look here. We spent the evening
looking over the views of the mountains and the lake in the distance. Which was the perfect
ending to our time in Inle. Thank you so much for watching this video if you’ve enjoyed
following us around Inle Lake please leave a like on this video and subscribe to the
channel. There will be some more videos coming soon. I’ll see you then.

11 comments on “Myanmar’s INCREDIBLE INLE LAKE! | 12 Things to do by BOAT and BIKE

  1. We had so much fun in Inle! You're going to want to stay tuned for the next episode, when we head to the most famous sight in all of Myanmar… Any guesses? 🇲🇲

    If you missed the first two episodes from Myanmar you can start right here. It gives you a bit more background on why we chose to visit 🎥 :

  2. Thank you for this superb video. I am a native of Myanmar but ashamed to say I have never been to Inle Lake. Definitely on my list on my next trip to the Golden Land.
    By the way, at 4:02 they are making cheroots, not cigars.

  3. This is so interesting. I visited something similar in Ghana. Where we in the Netherlands have the bike they have the boat. And that weaving men so calming to watch for a weird reason.

  4. Some mad balancing skills!!! Ha, always a good idea to beat the crowds and get out early. Man, those long boats look like a lot of fun. Got to make it to Myanmar one of these days. Rocking out Bermuda at the moment, celebrating my son's first hole in one (mini golf)! Keep rocking it Ryan!

  5. I always love watching your travel videos for such incredible shots. You captured Myanmar in a fantastic way, Your video is just beautiful. Love those fishermen shots 😀

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