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MyFitnessPal for carb cycling

MyFitnessPal for carb cycling

stay tuned we are going to go through a
little tutorial showing you how to figure out your carb cycle macros and
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guys I hope you enjoyed me guys so as I promised I would show you how to do my
fitness pal for carb cycling this is such a requested one so it’s super
simple so whether you’re using the phone I find it easy to set up on the computer
but if you want to use your phone it’s gonna be the same ok so all you’re gonna
do is you’re gonna log in now like I said you’re gonna need the premium
feature but if it’s your first time using it you get your first 30 30 30 30
days for free to give it a try you’re gonna go up to your premium option so
you’re gonna set up your carb cycle this will automatically do this for your day
so every time you log in or if you do your meals in advance when you click the
next day to add in your food it’s automatically going to tell you what
your macros are for that day so you’re gonna go to premium and you’re gonna go
to different goals by day you’re gonna click on that now from the last video
you guys have should know that you and and figured out what your carb cycle
macros are and if you don’t know what they are you’re going to go to fitness
ministry dot CA you’re gonna go into blog you’re gonna go to carb cycling
calculator it’s going to bring you here you’re gonna fill out all your
information you’re gonna calculate and then it’s gonna tell you what your basal
metabolic rate is what you need just to just to survive if what your body burns
doing nothing and then it’s gonna tell you your goal the day’s Saturday your
high carb day it’s gonna tell you your percentages and your grounds Sunday
medium low all these different dates essentially you don’t have to do it like
this on these days you just need to follow the pattern so it’s obviously
high medium low high medium low medium alright so you’re gonna take those
numbers then you’re gonna go over to here so I’ve got mine all done so when
you’re here it’s gonna say set custom so you’re gonna add achill so I know for
me let’s go I’ve got my low-carb days or my medium carb days are Sunday Wednesday
Friday so I’m going to go I’m gonna click on Sunday
once a Friday my carbs so my carbs are 207 and my protein is 160 161 so there
you go there’s my calories now let’s see if they add up from my medium 1848 1841
so it’s yeah I mean I don’t know why it’s not exactly the same but it’s
pretty close so you’re gonna just go Save Changes there you go it’s got
Wednesday Friday Saturday Friday Sunday now you’re gonna do so I’m gonna do my
low-carb one low-carb days this is Monday and Thursdays all right so that’s
my little carb day so I’m going to save those because they’ve clicked up here
Thursday and Monday little carb days there we go so Monday Thursday so I’ve
got my low carb day I’ve got my medium carb day and now let’s add in my high
carb days so Tuesday’s sorry all right now there we go it’s all singing in the
GOC chain awesome you guys so there it is there is
my daily goals so now when I go to home there we go so now it’s telling me that
today is a high carb day so I need to put in all my food so that’s all this
videos it’s just showing you how to input that now when you go to a log in
you’re gonna input all your food it’s automatically gonna do it for you so you
don’t have to do every single day so this makes it really easy and that’s all
you do to add in your carb cycle macros into My Fitness Pal you guys I have used
carb cycling on all my clients including myself and it honestly has transformed
my body has transformed like I’ve said my relationship with food it really just
gives you freedom it gives you freedom to eat the foods that you enjoy it gives
you the freedom to really enhance your workouts it’s
honestly the best way to really burn fat and still maintain that muscle mass or
even built muscle mass depending the type of carb cycle you do so I truly
believe in carb cycling I love it and my Fitness Pal is a great tool that can
that can you can integrate with your carb cycling meal plan thanks for
watching you guys if you have any questions or comments please leave them
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so some of these things don’t make sense err you’re like what is this well it’s
probably in a different video under the same playlist again any questions or
video requests please leave them in the comment box below as I will create all
stuff on my channel to help you guys to give you the best tools to help you
reach your goals to help you transform your body that is my goal my goal is to
help you be your best self to help you feel amazing in the skin that you’re in
other than that you guys have an amazing week and I will see you guys next week
for another video on nutrition we’ll be going over how to read nutrition labels
really important I’m going to teach you all that so stay tuned for that next
week guys have a great day bye

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  1. I hope this video helped you understand how to find your carb cycle macros and input them into MyFitnessPal. Let me know if you have any questions or video requests.

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