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Myrollerderby – Balance on wheels.

Myrollerderby – Balance on wheels.

Hi ! Let’s work our balance on skates with a drill that involve using every single wheel the whole idea is to engage our core to engage our core to work on our focus and to play with gravity ! let’s start wih derby stance always come on your outside edges first on one leg and bring your weight on it while the other leg helps maintaining balance practice both legs once we feel ready and ankle all warmed up… we go on both feet outside edges. u can hold the position… for as long as you wish to challenge you and depending on the level of difficulty you encounter. We do the same thing with inside edges… starting slowly with one leg four wheels on flour to keep your balance other one body weight leaning on inside edges switch leg When u are ready… go on both feet next step is back wheels come on one foot’s backward truck feel a nice hamstring stretch… my whole weight is on it swicth leg and finally come on both feet both backward trucks take that time to challenge your balance. Stay focus and engage your core the whole time. you can alway pick a marker to look at and i u feel u are loosing ur balance don’t panick, get yourself together, relax and breathe We move on to forward wheels… i bring my weight on one foot’s front truck switch foot and again try it on both feet at a time Challenge yourself if u want push it longer This being done, let’s move on further in the drill This time we want be on a single wheel for both skates starting with outside wheel… of back truck Try to barley move If again u feel out of balance… come back to your breath and core Same thing with outside wheel of my front truck Mind yourself when u practice as this is subject to falling a lot as u can see ! even harder but we will go trough all wheels… inside wheels on back truck… (not even sure I can do that) ! and finally : inside wheels on front truck. (i still need a bit of work on that one! ) If u wanna go even further and learn a trick that involves that type of balance on wheels skills… here is one ! I won’t say u can really use it on track but i still think it worst it practicing it because it is pretty and does not hurt to do it just for fun in beetween two jams Here is how it works… I am gonna make a 360° clock direction my front skate is on front wheels… and draw a demi circle and ends up behind other skate other skate (being front one now) goes on back wheels and draw the same demi circle to ends up behind other skate do that a couple of time always one foot on back wheels one foot on front wheels and of course try to practice both direction To push it further… clear the way wear your protective gears !! (including wrist guard sorry I forgot mine here !)Let’s Let’s make a fast rotation my upper body is totally involved as i am gonna rotate my arms and chest towards the direction I go so is my face and my eyes doing the foot work we just did but letting it roll for speed ! let’s try to to better ! Mind yourself when you practice this ! keep safe ! Enjoy it !

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