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Nacer Bouhanni’s Orbea Orca Aero Pro Bike

Nacer Bouhanni’s Orbea Orca Aero Pro Bike

– This is Nacer Bouhanni’s
brand new Orbea Orca Aero, it’s the first aero road
bike that Orbea ever made. And by all accounts, according to wind tunnel data, it is fast. Now we’ll see during this
year’s Tour de France, just how fast Bouhanni can make it go. But he has just got
himself a 27-watt advantage over his standard superlight, and also aero, Orbea Orca road bike. Let’s find out a little
bit more, shall we? (calm, electronic music) Now before we go into equipment choices, let’s look at this frame in a
little more detail, shall we? It is a very, very interesting bike. And there’s one particular
reason I’m saying that, and that is because the
UCI over the winter, relaxed their 3:1 ratio rule. So that was the rule
that governed how deep and how narrow tubes could be. And so this bike is the first, apparently, to take advantage of that. So what that means, firstly, is that it can be made more aerodynamic. So the fork blades are super narrow, but also super deep. That really helps with that. But also it can help to improve stiffness. If you look closely at some
of those cheap sections, particularly the chain stays. They’re absolutely massive, and so that means it
is phenomenally stiff. Stiffness was one of
the objectives of Orbea, when they set out to make it. Aerodynamic first, then stiff second. And so a rider like Nacer
Bouhanni particularly is gonna be very, very pleased indeed. Going back to a comparison with
that Orca lightweight frame. Apparently, torsional
stiffness up at the front end, has been boosted from ninety
newton metres per degree. Right up to one hundred twenty four
newton metres per degree. Now that is a significant increase. I think you’ll agree. Now, to boost it even more, Bouhanni has actually gone for this monster vision stem here. Most of the rest of the
team are using the really, super nice aerodynamic Merton
one-piece bar and stem. Bouhanni has forsaken a
little bit of aerodynamics, in favour of this. This could be the stiffest
front end of any bike at the Tour de France. Staying up front for just a minute, let’s also look at the handlebars. Bouhanni has chosen aluminium bars. Now it wasn’t long ago, that pretty much all
pros used aluminium bars for concerns about safety
and longevity in a crash. But now, pretty much everyone’s
transitioned over to carbon. But these bad boys are on here, FSA’s Energy, presumably for stiffness. The one thing I’m noticing is the fact that they are super narrow. If I measure them up, 38cm. Narrow is aero when it
comes to handlebars. Now let’s move round to the
rear of the bike, shall we? It’s not all about stiffness. The seat-post in particular, super narrow. But actually, it’s narrow
in all directions, as well. And it’s made so it gives a
little bit more compliance to the bike, so it’s not rigid everywhere. And that’s definitely a good thing. The other thing that’s gonna
give a little bit more comfort is the fact that Bouhanni is running, as everyone is, 25mm tyres. But the rears, by the look of it, clearance for up to 28mm in there, should he wish. Now those tyres are Kenda SC’s. And they are glued to
Vision Metron 55 wheels. Which, funny enough, actually have got
Bouhanni’s name on there. So you wonder slightly whether or not, there may be something
special about these wheels, because riders don’t normally
get personalised wheels. So something perhaps we
need to check back on. Groupset now and the Cofidis team are using Shimano Dura Ace. Now everyone is on the electronic Di2. A couple riders are
sticking with mechanical, but Bouhanni here, is indeed on Di2. Again, this Orbea makes use of the fact that the junction box can be
hidden in the down tube there. So that makes the bike, again, more aerodynamic, as well as
just looking a bit prettier. We’ve got 11-28 cassette on there. That will change depending
on what the stage is. As perhaps, as the chainrings as well, but Bouhanni’s using 53/39. But you’ll notice that, this
is a FSA time trial chainring. Not only is it going to be
slightly more aerodynamic, also likely to be super stiff, as well. So that’s really going to
help that kind of power that Bouhanni puts out in sprints. That is mounted to an FSA
K-Force Light, crank set, and he’s running 172.5mm cranks. Which is quite a long
for a rider his stature. He is after all running a 49cm frame. Brakes are Shimano Dura-Ace again, and they are now the direct
mount versions, as well. Which is the first Orbea to have those. So that is partly what give the bike more tyre clearance, as well. Then lastly, we’ve got
Prologo Nago Evo Saddle. That’s one of the ones with the
grippy little dots on there. Really good if you’re particularly prone to sliding around in the saddle. That’s going to affect any
grip of your cycling shorts. They’re not going to slide. And then, the last thing that we’ve got to give a bit of nod to, is that really, kind of
cool looking bar tape. Before we look at the vital
statistics of this bike, so the dimensions and also the weight, there are a very few nice touches on this. Firstly, the team’s
sponsored by Jagwire cables. So you haven’t got gear
cables on this obviously, because it’s electronic, but we do have the modular
aluminium brake cable. So they’re much lighter
than standard ones, and they also promise improved
breaking fail, as well. Because the housing, what’s
called compression less, so all your power is transferred
straight to the brake pads. Then, we’ve got a
CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket in there, as well. The team is sponsored by them. So less resistance from your bottom bracket
bearings, supposedly. Then you’ll also notice
that there’s an absence, anywhere in this bike, of any kind of powermeter. Which is quite odd in
the modern day and age, but Bouhanni forsakes powermeters. Says he doesn’t want to
use one and so he doesn’t. Probably the sign of a
man with good results and a team leader. As is the fact, that he’s only running
one water bottle cage. Not many people could get away with riding the Tour De France with one water bottle. But if you’re a team leader and you have a constant supply of domestiques bringing you drinks. So perhaps, that’s what he’s going for. 70.1cm’s and then the bars to the stem are measuring as 57cm, center bars, to tip of saddle. That’s quite a long reach
actually for saddle height. 7.5kg So that is Nacer Bouhanni’s super fast and brand new Orbea Orca Aero Bike. Make sure you let us know in the comments section down below just what you think of it. Any if you like watching Pro Bikes on GCN, first you’ve got to make sure
you subscribe to the channel, hopefully you already do. But just in case you don’t, click on the globe now. It’s completely free. Then, if you want to
watch more GCN content, firstly, sticking to the Aero theme, we’ve got an Aero Tour
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100 comments on “Nacer Bouhanni’s Orbea Orca Aero Pro Bike

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  2. what's this shitty "stem to tip of the saddle" measurement all about GCN? it clearly doesn't tell you anything, respective to setback adjustment and different saddle shapes/lengths. you could get the same measurement with 2 different rider positions if one would sit on an antares and the other on a arione (much longer).

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  10. That was the quickest mention of weight ever, 7.5kg so nothing up brag about… But betting there is a story there

  11. That bike looks miniaturized with Si standing behind it, but it would fit my 5'3" frame pretty much perfect. I'll have it after it is done with the tour!

  12. If I'm looking for a tour quality aero frame with, ultegra di2, and full carbon deep section wheels for under 5,500 (american dollars) is the aeroad my only option?

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    Orbea usually make quite good looking bikes, but as with most of these new aero freak machines, that is an ugly bicycle.

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    " He's got a super stiff front end"
    "Those chainstays are absolutely massive baby… wanna feel that rear end"
    "Moving round to the back end its… its not all about stiffness"
    "This has gotta be the stiffest front ends ive ever seen"
    Wanna see my 3:1 depth ratio?
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