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NAD India News:- Mr. Shinan P. S., (Deaf Bike Rider), Thrissur, Kerala

NAD India News:- Mr. Shinan P. S., (Deaf Bike Rider), Thrissur, Kerala

Good news today! A deaf person from Kerala who rode a bike himself travelling from Goa then Mumbai and reaching Delhi. He is here with us, let’s meet him. Hello. What’s your name? I am Shinan PS Where are you from? From, Thrissur, Kerala Do you have a driving license? Yes. I got it in Kerala Please share your story. In Kerala there was a biking group of hearing people and with them I started my journey to Goa. After that alone by myself to Pune and Mumbai. NIHH, Mumbai felicitated me. They were impressed to see a deaf biker. A few people in Mumbai supported me and made me part of their club. In Nasik, their deaf association supported me and provided place to stay. Then I went to Vadodara in Gujarat. I interacted with the people and got their support too. In Ahmedabad, I met a lot of deaf people and it was fun. I met and got donation from a few individuals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I thanked them for their help. Later I went to Udaipur in Rajasthan. I met the deaf people and they were surprised and impressed at the same time to meet me. I also received govt. recognized certificate, by post. In Jaipur, we got pictures clicked and my name was in the print news. From there I went to Agra and finally arrived here in Delhi. Excellent you have a driving license. It wasn’t easy to get the license made. First time I went they rejected me because I was deaf. The second time I acted as a hearing person and got the license. Okay you got the driving license but what’s your goal for this journey? I will tell you. Hearing people have so many opportunities and I would look at that and think how I can also do the same. Then the thought struck me that yes a deaf person like me can also ride the bike, travel this far and break every barrier. Amazing! Both the deaf and hearing communities should be equal on the same level. Wonderful, thank you. You all must not think that this much travelling on bike is easy. It is quite hard. Food, fuel and other expenses are there. If I was in his place managing all that will be difficult for me. So, it is very commendable and brave of him. I request you all let’s come together and support him, sharing a one time donation. Secondly, any questions? So how you manage all expenses? I welcome any kind of donations and also happily accept invitations to stay the night to sleep. At one place I was hanging out with the deaf group and they said we will pay for my food. Then in Gujarat also I got a lot of support with place to stay and through donations. A lot of support and donations at all the places. Do you work anywhere? Yes I have a business in glass cutting. Family business or alone? It is my own. But I haven’t looked at it for past 2 months and left it. We must support him. From Kerala to Delhi how long the journey took? 16 days Oh that’s quick, I thought it would be a month at least. The journey would take less time but getting stopped for taking pictures and meeting people extended the time I accepted that since this is first of a kind ride done by a deaf person. All right. Anymore questions? So I want to ask you all who want to join him. Oh you awesome then come to Kerala! You are welcome to join me. You started from Kerala to Goa to Mumbai to Hyderabad. No no. Hyderabad’s going to be the last city. So from Mumbai to Gujarat to Agra and now Delhi. So as you go ahead in your journey and finish it safely without accident, we will make a proof report and present it to the Ministry of Road and Transport of India and show the Government that a deaf person can drive and ride and hopefully the government passes law to give driving license to the deaf. Next he travels to Kashmir then Nepal to Bhutan Then Assam to Kolkata to Orissa to Hyderabad and finally back to Kerala. Do you feel safe going to Kashmir? Yes I am fine and feel confident to go. If there is any trouble who do you contact. Well I have a group on my phone and there are my hearing friends added too. I follow a strict time rule too. Morning 6 to evening 6pm only. I am careful and don’t ride past that time. *unrecognisable signs* *talking among the audience* Next I am going to Chandigarh. You have contacts in Chandigarh? Yes. That’s nice. Excuse me. What if a police man caught you or stops you? Not a big deal. I just show them the sign board I have on my bike that shows that I am deaf and they see it and then let me go. So they let you go seeing the sign. That’s sweet and beautiful he has that sign board displayed on the bike. Cheers to him!

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  1. Thanks this video first time him who is it and impaire best for you guys impaired doing well I hope you have a great progress on this environment please how to learning highest level of you!!!!

  2. Hello Sir, my brother, Athish, is Deaf. We are from Chennai. My brother can hear and respond to all sounds but cannot recognize speech. Went to RTO in Chennai (Thiruvanmiyur) with LLR application, but inspector was rude and rejected his application. The inspector was asking questions from behind my brother and expected a response – Eg: He asked what is your name? My brother will respond if he sees the person because he lip reads, but with his back turned, everything will be only sounds. I tried to explain this to the RTO officer as well, but he said inspectors decision is final. They did not even return the fees of Rs. 380 paid because they had asked a second inspector to test my brother, who also did the same thing – asking questions from behind and expecting responses. The inspector also said that letting such people drive will become safety issue and that we should hire the services of a driver to take my brother out when he wants to. This is ridiculous because how many families can really afford a driver and also does this mean that such persons like my brother should be forever dependent on someone else to do some basic day-to-day activities like driving? The inspector also said driving was NOT a right! Again, this is so harsh on Deaf community. We, as a family, are very upset that this is how my brother is being treated. I am sure there are others too that are going through similar situation in other parts of the country. Please help! Name – Athish, City – Chennai, Email – [email protected] Thanks!

  3. I am deaf. I am motorcyle man. From canada. I ride it everyday! All deaf people allow to drive any ! No one here in canada can stop us. Plus there huge number deaf biker cross america and canada. We ride together

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