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Nairo Quintana’s Canyon Ultimate CF SLX | Tour De France 2016

Nairo Quintana’s Canyon Ultimate CF SLX | Tour De France 2016

100 comments on “Nairo Quintana’s Canyon Ultimate CF SLX | Tour De France 2016

  1. I need one of those bikes, I do so much road cycling but cannot afford on at the moment. I usually do 150 miles a week and I'm only 14 years old 馃槀馃槀

  2. You guys should do bike checks for the bikes the pro mechanics ride. It'd be an interesting change of pace.

  3. A lot of people don't know that Quintna actually won the Vuelta on this bike, and there's also rumours that if Froome wins the Tour this month, that he'll target the Giro for the first time next season………. Honestly. Don't google it.

  4. You can win a Canyon Ultimate in Movistar colours with a power2max powermeter! Enter now:

  5. As a Colombian I would love to have that bike… Here bike culture it's stronger than in most of the world. GNC should come!!!

  6. I'm going to cry!!! It's so beautiful… Only if I ever had in of money to buy any sort of road bike. 馃檨

  7. Hi guys. I have one question. I am eighteen years old and I really like riding my bike. I have one pretty solid MTB and I'm planning to buy new bike really soon. I ride my bike very often on any kind of terrain, 75% road and 25% gravel. I was thinking of buying new, cheap road bike ( Polar Furia Pro, I don't have any money for anything more expensive ), but I am not confident with that purchase. I don't know how will road bikes handle, I don't know if I'll get used to 18 shifts instead of 21 like i have on my MTB, and I don't know will I get used to ride ONLY on roads and how will I accept those new handles and gear sticks. So many questions, so few answers. Can anyone tell me their experiences with moving on from MTB to Road bikes, and wha would you suggest me to buy? Mountain or Road bike?

  8. there is a different feeling when the bike weight pops up on the screen and when you guys pull the bike up to weight it…keep pulling boys

  9. Nairo perhaps is one of the few without ultra high saddle height. Most of the peloton got painful looking heights.

  10. Very interesting detail at 2:22 – is the brake pad angulation on purpose or it's just a random mechanic's glitch?

  11. i wonder how they are going to wrap the bike up for overseas shipment… wish it doesn't break any parts

  12. I think this might be my favorite bike I've seen of all the ones GCN has featured. And I love Nairo Quintana..

  13. So cool, if I'm not mistaken they also use lizard skin bar tape, but I've never seen it in that color, is it a custom one?

  14. I'm craaaaazy in loooove with the color scheme. And I'm Nairo's height, so I love to see small frames. The bike's mine !

  15. Light weight, stiff, and comfortable. Aerodynamic. These are all properties that they try to build into a frame but at the end of the day there is not much difference. It is still just a bike. I'll bet Quintana is thinking to himself, "I should be able to stay on Froome's wheel with this bike".

  16. the handlebar reach can hardly be put in any context… it would be great if you inserted a photo of the rider on the bike from profile, so we could see what a position he's setup produces. Then we would know which rider has the most brutal setup 馃檪

  17. Tiffany Cromwell's Canyon has the best colors of them all… still, I would really love to win this Canyon with Movistar colors!!!

  18. Hey Guys! Quick qn. Why would Quintana use a -17 stem, but then put spacers? Why not slam the stem and then use a -6 or something?

  19. what a beautiful piece of equipment, what l like the most is the fact that bike doesn't have Electric motor!! Like others seem to have …. time will tell us folks…

  20. What kind of headset is this? It does not look like the one, canyon use by factory. This looks rather slammed without the extra 17mm by acros.

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