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Neil’s New Nukeproof Dissent | New Downhill Bike For Whistler Crankworx

Neil’s New Nukeproof Dissent | New Downhill Bike For Whistler Crankworx

(electronic music) (brakes screeching) – [Neil] I’m stoked to
get this bike to ride, literally the day before
leaving for Whistler without even having time to
ride it or set it up at all. It went straight into
a bike bag and with me to one of my favorite
places in the world to ride. Talk about it feeling like Christmas. (wheels screeching) (electronic music) This is my brand new Nukeproof Dissent. So, this bike is available
290 or 275 version. This is the 275 version, got
a RockShox BoXXer up front, a Super Deluxe Coil shock on the rear. Proper banging downhill bike that actually Sam Hill won
the Garbo Downhill on this, not on this one, a
different one, same bike, this time last year. They’re out, they’re available
to buy now and I love it, it’s so cool to be back
on a downhill bike. Love the gun-metal color as well. And if I had had the choice,
I probably would’ve gone for the 290-er, ’cause you see a lot of
the World Cup racers ridin’ the 29 inch wheels now, but to be honest, I actually rode it at
Whistler and then came back and rode it at Dyfi bike
park, and I’ve loved it. I’m glad I’ve got the 27.5 inch version. It’s really fun, really throw-able, and great for the start of bike
park stuff I’ve been ridin’. The 27.5 bike comes at 200
mil of travel on the rear. It’s 10 mil less on the 29-er, but I’m sure you don’t
really feel that on the bike to be honest. This is a large size
frame, so it’s got reach of 465 millimeters, and
a wheel base of 126mm. And it felt really big
when I first sat on it, but to be fair, as soon as
I rode it, it felt great, and it felt really balanced. It’s got a 63 degree head
angle and it felt big and I knew it was probably going
to be super stable at speed. The RockShox BoXXer came
with a direct mount stem, I actually think it looks
like a great piece of kit. It’s been awhile since I
last rode a downhill bike, actually probably about six
years, and it felt really good. Although it did feel like I
was so far inside the potential of what this bike can actually do. But, it still felt good. There’s so much
adjustability to this bike. From swapping out the rear axle dropouts to make the bike longer or shorter, to the flip chip on the main pivot. It’s got 440 millimeter
rear end as standard, but that can be changed
down to a 435 or up to 445, which I have actually done,
and it feels super balanced. Bike comes with a coil
shock, so it’s great for small bump dampenin’, but they aren’t as good as air shocks for adjusting the progression rates. This flip chip gives you
four different options that affect how much
progression you’ve got on that rear suspension. So it’s clever stuff, and something I want to experiment with, but first I need more time on the bike. Today, I’m just tweaking
the bike after coming back from Whistler. I’ve got some really cool red
SRAM Code Ultimates to fit. I know this is really just for cosmetics but I think it looks really cool in that sort of audi neutral gray. And then you’ve got the red
fork spring and calipers, it looks amazing. I also chopped about a
centimeter off the seat post, just to get my saddle
down that little bit more. I’m now super keen to spend
more time on the bike, maybe head back to Dyfi Bike Park or over to Revolution Bike Park. I’m even thinking about doing a few races, possibly next year. Where do you think I should
take my brand new Nukeproof? Let us know in the comments down below. Hope you like it. (spokes whirring)

94 comments on “Neil’s New Nukeproof Dissent | New Downhill Bike For Whistler Crankworx

  1. Dope machine. Not fan of the rockshox red but it looks amazing with the understated grey. Big bike means big jumps? You and Blake at darkfest or Audi 9's
    Pemberton rail gap!! Love Nukeproof, properly progressive bike company making quality machines for fair prices. Love it. 👆

  2. Neil i hope you read my comments…do you stil have a 2ndhand harrdtail frame only. Alluminum .small size 27.5..??? I hope i can buy it…. I want to assemble a new Mtb before christmas.for my self thanks neil ride yoour solid subscriber:! Dino

  3. Can you do a video on the flip chip and how it affects the suspension? Be interesting to see how much difference it actually makes in feel and maybe timed runs

  4. Such beautiful bikes, those nukeproofs. And great stylish riding from Neil! Love those red coated calipers 🙂

  5. Did Nukeproof give you this bike (advertising) or did you buy it yourself? It is no problem, I just like to know were GMBN are coming from.

  6. If you had snuck that into the Vault without telling Martyn it was yours, you would definitely have got a Supernice.

  7. What does it disagree in principle with?
    Weird name.
    Sam Hill rules 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
    Aussie aussie aussie

  8. I would love to see Neil ride Glencoe red and black DH tracks. They don't get the coverage they deserve because they are in the shadow of Fort William. Being featured on GMBN would help them really make there mark in the mtb world and make people think twice about driving past Glencoe mountain resort to go to the Nevis range. I'm not affiliated with glencoe, I just want them to get more appreciation. Also it would be a great testing ground for all the different geometry settings on Neil's new bike.

  9. Race the BDS!!!!!!! Do some vloggy videos and some chats with other racers. Support the domestic races! Or maybe GMBN could take on a junior and you could do some coaching with them, whilst they race the BDS with vids about the process, how they are improving, they could do some vlogs from the races etc.

  10. Hey Neil, I would love to see a video regarding pedal stance. Which position is more common, right or left foot forward? What are the personal preferences and what does it influence on the riding style?

  11. Howdy,
    Spelling fanatic here. I think you mean DESCENT, as in descending.
    DISSENT means political disagreement and resistance; we can use more of that until we have a world with peace and justice!
    I hope you all pay attention to that stuff too.
    I love bikes too, but reality may sneak up and taco our wheels of life.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a ride through Donetsk, or Syria, Venezuela, Libya- a real education.
    And/or search Einstein's 8 page"Why Socialism", not hard reading.
    Ride on, friends, and don't let the 1% take us over the cliff!
    (They're ripping out part of our lungs right now in Brazil.)
    Check out the Greenl Party.

  12. I hate you, you've got a so rad bike! Neil, please make some videos how to choose lines in park and how to load your weight on the bike to have maximum traction and balance.. Thanks guys

  13. I have the nukeproof pulse 2014 Downhill bike with magic Mary tyres ..use it for every thing..great bike..absolutely solid !

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