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Benefits of cycling


  1. Yo Cedric, loving those trails! Do you plan to make more videos ? Anyway, I left a like. Stay safe! All the best, Philipp from PHAM

  2. Cool edit!! Good stuff!!. I always ride alone and its alot of fun still but i guess gotta try find some riding pals now 😀

  3. great video man🤘🤘 this essence of the MTB can not end. of course you have to keep training, but the fun during the bike ride is indispensable haha

  4. I rode America solo !! It was great !!! I done a 34 mile down hill!!!!! But the mountain bike tribe is very strong I spoke to many people out there!! I made a video that YouTube hides from the world😂

  5. Refreshing viewpoint about riding. You have captured the essence of mountain/downhill biking that I have adhered to all my life. Keep spreading the word Cedric. Kudos to you 🙂

  6. I think this is the best mtb channel on youtube, everything is sincere, genuine and just raw fun, everything you want to get you out there on the trails, keep the videos coming CG!!

  7. Thank You Cedric for all the things you teached to me in one of Gravity School course in San Martino. Biking is enjoy the ride with your friends, that's why i'm now a mtb guide and i share my passion and what i learned in my small carrier. Hope we will see in Andorra, definitely a place to take my customers/students 😉

  8. Great incredible Man you Cedric!!!, Amazing experience, always incredible fun!!! One of the best no doubt!!!!. But guys who's that Girl woman???!! Much cool!!!! 🙂

  9. Maybe considering coming back for Rampage, to do a pretty chill line like Aggy did after recovery? Take care and roll HARD!

  10. Ça faisait un petit moment que j'avais pas vu tes vidéos :/ Mais je me souviens d'une vidéo où tu te posais des questions sur le principe du Vlog et son contenu. Et ben là, je dis bravo, c'est vraiment cool, avant même la fin de la vidéo, t'as envie de prendre ton bike et d'aller rouler 😀

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