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(upbeat music) – What up, what up? Welcome to day 1572, and today we’re gonna go
shopping for some dirt bike gear. I need some socks. I need some new knee pads. I really want/need
another outfit, the whole pants, jersey, gloves. ‘Cause I only have one
and it’s a year old and they’re getting ratty. But then we’re also going
to look for some stuff for the kids as well. Same thing, socks, just
get the whole thing. We could have gotten them
yesterday at North Valley but I kind of wanted to
just shop around, right? Different colors, different sets. They didn’t have
everything that I wanted. They had some of the things. So we’re going to kinda
make multiple stops today. So stay tuned. Go along with us on the journey of shopping for
new dirt bike gear. Alright, so our first
stop of the day is Cycle Gear out
here in Surprise. This is our local shop,
if you will. That’s where I come to
usually just get my oil, oil filters, stuff like that. My quick essentials for stuff. They do have gear, though, so
we’re gonna look at the gear. This is actually where
the first time we bought Sierra and Bryce their
first set of motorcycle gear and this is where we also
got Sierra’s pink helmet. So very familiar here,
and like I said, this is kind of the furthest
spot out in Surprise and then we’re gonna
work our way back to a couple more spots. What do we got, what do we got? There’s Sierra’s pink jersey. That was her first jersey there. – [Bryce] I wore that, too. – [Clintus] And then Bryce
had a blue one. We got some O’Neals. We have Bilt,
which is like their brand. Fox, nice, nice. We got gloves right here.
– I need to figure out what color I’m going with. – [Clintus] You get whatever
color that you can fit. Nice, got a little red, white,
and blue action going on? Let me see the butt,
let me see your butt. Oh, yeah.
– [Tiffany] Shake it. – [Clintus] Gotta flex it. What are those, O’Neals? Are those O’Neals?
I like ’em. Do they have a jersey
and matching gloves, too? – I’ve only seen a
matching helmet. – [Clintus] Oh, so you need
the whole outfit, though. You need at least
jersey and pants. – [Bryce] I need to go change back. – [Clintus] Alright. – Oh, this must be different–
– [Sierra] Matching gloves? – [Tiffany] This must be the older. It’s marked down. See, it has a big hole in it? – [Sierra] Yeah. – Another thing that
I’m doing while I’m here is starting to price out things, ’cause like you
can go and buy oil and filters and all that stuff in multiple locations, but who’s got the
best deals, right? Unless I’m actually
picking up a phone and calling everyone
and checking, I’m not really
a bargain shopper. But since I’m here, I’m actually gonna pay
attention to what oil costs, what oil filters cost, what goggles cost, the things that you need
to replenish over time. Tires, that sort of thing. And then every
stop I make today, kind of mark ’em down
and figure out, okay, so for oil I’m going here, for tires it doesn’t matter, they’re all the same price, that sort of thing. So for future’s sake I know
exactly where I’m going, because I don’t like to shop. Alright, next stop. RideNow out here in Surprise, making the rounds. In fact, I’ve never
been to this location. We went to the RideNow in Peoria off the 101. This location here in
Surprise has been here for I don’t know how many years, and I’ve never been here. So I’m actually
excited to go inside, just to see what they have. Because again, it’s local. It’s right around the
corner from our house. Ooh, look at that pretty bike! It’s a 250, KTM 250. It’s got RideNow decals. Of course, coming to
places like RideNow, you get to look
at stuff like this. Whoo, look at that pretty thing! It’s a 1000 RZR. But I want the Turbo. Gotta go Turbo. I like that color scheme, though. You like that color scheme, Tiff? – [Tiffany] Uh-huh.
– [Clintus] Go with that? Tow that behind your Kia? Now this is cool. Neon yellow and like orange? – Yeah, I like the orange one. – This is for boys. – [Bryce] No, it isn’t!
– [Clintus] No, it’s not. Well, it is, technically, yes, but I don’t think that matters. – I don’t like that
color green or pink. – [Clintus] I see boys
wearing purple and pink. – Sierra needs something like this. – [Clintus] I agree with that, too, but, you know– – It’s not my size. – [Clintus] They don’t
have your size. – Then we’ll just keep shopping. – [Clintus] We can do that. Just make sure you got
the prices in your head so you know. – This would have been a good deal. 20% off. – [Clintus] Yeah, that’s
why they’re on clearance, ’cause they’re gone. Oh my gosh, you guys, look at this. They have a mini-Razor. It’s a 170. – Oh my gosh, like, the brakes would be right here. – [Clintus] (laughs)
That is too funny! Look at that. Bryce, it’s so good. – No, I’m too tall for this. We can’t get in it if we’re driving. – [Clintus] Why? – Look at my legs!
– [Clintus] I know. – [Bryce] And the brakes–
– [Clintus] Oh, it’s so good. Alright, so we’ve moved on
to the Peoria RideNow, ’cause unfortunately
the Surprise one didn’t have a very big
selection of anything, bikes or gear. So I told Tiffany, just
for future reference, no reason to ever
go to that store when we have
Cycle Gear half a mile away. So we’re here at this
other RideNow. This one’s much, much bigger, and we have been here. We were here when we
were shopping for a bike. They have a much
bigger selection, so I’m gonna have
a look at the gear a little more closer. Alright, so apparently 2016s are going out the door, 2017s come in at the end
of the month, next month. So pickings are slim. Why aren’t you focusing? So it can be difficult to
try and find matching gear in everyone’s sizes and also for a price point
that we want to spend, ’cause, you know, kids
are gonna grow out of it. Check it out, guys. They busted out the 2017s for us. We got a whole box of O’Neal, some stuff for Sierra. I’m really digging
this style right here, what do you guys think of this? Yellow, black and yellow, kind of like– – [Bryce] That’s kind of
like what I’m getting. – [Clintus] Electric, I love it. – [Mason] I’m getting this style. – [Clintus] Oh, that’s
a good like half-shirt for you, Mason.
– [Mason] Thanks. – [Clintus] Yeah, Bryce, that’s the 2016, I like that. You should get that,
and I’ll get the 2017s. – [Bryce] Yeah!
– [Clintus] Yeah. I like that, that’s a good look. O’Neal jersey with
some basketball shorts? You should just ride like that. – And burn my legs off? – [Clintus] Well,
watch the pipe, bro. How we looking, Mom? Getting some
different stuff going? – Trying. – I want the American ones or the, well, red, white
and blue ones. – [Clintus] Well, take a pick. Which one feels better? – [Tiffany] They’re the same thing. – [Clintus] Same thing? So just whatever
color you want, Bryce. You were leaning towards
red, white, and blue at the other store.
– [Bryce] Yeah. – [Clintus] So go with those, then. That was your first pick, yeah, your first instinct. – And like everywhere we
could find the American– – [Mason] Go with
whatever you want. – [Clintus] Honestly, you
know what you need to do is you need to try them on. All kinds of
cool gloves, huh, guys? – Yeah, there’s red,
white and blue ones. – [Clintus] Yeah, red,
white, and blue ones? – Daddy, I want these. I think they might be O’Neal. – Alright, taking a break
from the gear shopping to do something very important. Sierra’s gonna be a
sixth-grader this year, which means she needs to
get some immunizations. Some shots. In her arm. So we’re thinking
one in each arm? – I think yeah.
– [Clintus] Maybe two in each arm.
– [Sierra] I think it’s either like maybe two on one and one– – So like what medicine are
they gonna put in her arm? – [Clintus] I don’t know,
have to ask the doctor. Let’s go find out. – So we’re gonna
get one of these. Sierra’s gonna spend $10 for it, I’m gonna spend $20 for it. – [Clintus] You guys gonna
split it with your own money? – Yep. – [Clintus] What are you
gonna do with a giant bear? – Have awesome fun with it. – [Clintus] Have awesome fair? – So there’s the gray one and this dark one
or this tan one. – [Bryce] I want the tan one. – [Mason] I want to
get the dark brown one, ’cause that’s like a bear. – [Clintus] Like a black bear? It’s like a giant Ted. – [Sierra] Which one do you like? The tan or the… – [Clintus] I kinda like the black bear. – [Mason] Yeah.
– I like the gray one. – [Mason] Right? I like the black bear. It looks like a bear. – I like the gray one. – [Bryce] Gray?
– [Sierra] Yeah. The gray or the tan? Here they are, look it. I like the gray. – [Bryce] Yeah, I’ll take the gray. – That’s the one we were
already wrestling with. – I wanna hold it. – [Mason] All three of us will hold it. – [Clintus] Turn him around. Turn him around so we can see him. He’s as tall as you. He’s 53 inches. Oh no, you guys are taller. – [Sierra] Barely.
– [Bryce] Barely. – [Clintus] He’s 53 inches. You guys are like 55, 56. – [Bryce] Yeah.
– [Sierra] I got him. – Hey, it’s Ted! – [Clintus] Alright, so recap here. How many shots did you get? – Three. – [Clintus] Three. One in one arm, two in the other? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Did any of them hurt? – The last one hurt the most.
– [Clintus] The third one. Which arm is that? That one there? That one hurt? And then what did she tell you? What hurts now? – Oh, she said that
this arm is gonna be like sore today and tomorrow, and then this one’s
gonna be sore tomorrow. – [Clintus] Gotcha. So what’s it feel
like right now? – Feels like I have
a sore muscle, like I’ve been working out.
– [Clintus] You worked out? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] Yeah, okay. But you’re good, though? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] You’re good, okay. How about you? Any shots? – Nope.
– [Clintus] Nope. You made a new friend? – Yep.
– [Clintus] What’s his name? – Frank. – [Clintus] Frank?
– Frank. – [Clintus] He’s 53-inch
tall teddy bear. What are you guys
gonna do with him? – Play with him. – [Clintus] Play with him. – Let’s see if we can
put him on my shoulder. – We can sleep on him. – [Clintus] Sounds legit. – We can wrestle. – Sierra, help. – [Clintus] He’s too big. His top’s too heavy. He’ll flop over. – Hey! – Alright, guys. So we’re all done
with our shopping and we pretty
much got everything that we were looking for. We all got new gear sets. So I went with this
brand new 2017 O’Neal. That’s pretty sick, right? Matching pants there,
super bright, I dig it. Bryce has got the red,
white, and blue O’Neals. Matching pants, as well. Sierra went with a Fox jersey. Kind of a turquoise color, and some black Bilt pants. That way she can
change her jersey up and not have to worry about
getting new pants every time, which I like. She’s smart that way. I also got a new gear bag. I’ve never had an
official gear bag that I actually
put all my gear in. And I got some new knee pads, which I’m excited about, ’cause the ones
I have are awesome, but they’re just worn out, so some new knee
pads for my knees. Also, the kids got
new pairs of goggles. I got some new socks. And… I think that’s it. The only thing that I didn’t get that I was hoping to get was a new chest protector. They just didn’t have any ones that I kind of had in my head, so I probably have
to order that online. So let’s go fire up the new bike. (engine purring) Just warming up the oil, gotta heat up the engine
two or three times, change the oil. And then the bike’s ready to
rock and roll this weekend. What are you guys watching? – Spy Kids. – [Clintus] Spy Kids, which one? One, two, three, or four? One. So you guys may have noticed
in the beginning of the video Bryce was wearing a sick-looking Kawasaki team factory racing hat. I bought that in Colorado when me and my dad went to the pro nationals
motocross race, right? It didn’t quite fit me perfectly, but it fit me good enough
that I was gonna wear it and it would be
my dirt bike hat, right? When I went dirt bike riding, I had a Kawasaki hat. Team Kawasaki, right? Well, at some point today, Bryce took the hat
off to try on jerseys and left it in
one of the stores. It’s a brand new hat, I’ve
never even worn it before, and he lost it. We don’t know
which store it’s in, and I could probably call them, but I don’t know. I was just kind of like
one those, really, dude? Really? So one of my last stops I went to had hats on sale at the register. $15, I got this Alpinestar hat. And it’s flex fit. So Bryce can’t wear this, ’cause it’s too big, but yeah. I’m so bummed. That was a
sick-looking hat, man. Well, guys, that’s our day. I hope you enjoyed it. We’ll see you guys tomorrow as we get the dirt bikes ready for our big trip. I will get the
trailer out of storage, get it charged and ready, and I got a couple
errands to run for both the trailer
and the dirt bikes. Should be an action-packed day, so we’ll see you then. Vlog on!

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