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New Fizik Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave and Tempo R4 Cycling Shoes | GCN Tech Unboxing

New Fizik Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave and Tempo R4 Cycling Shoes | GCN Tech Unboxing

– Welcome to another
amazing GCN Tech unboxing. As ever with an unboxing
there’s a chance to win and we have got a ridiculously
good prize for you. This week, we’ve got new shoes from Fizik. I mean, who doesn’t like new shoes. These are the brand new Fizik Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweaves. Very swish but that’s not all. That’s not the only pair
of shoes we’re giving away. We also have, the Tempo Overcurve R4s. Pretty good, huh? Now before we go any further and show you how you can
win and get your hands on these awesome shiny new shoes. Make sure you subscribe to GCN Tech, if you haven’t already,
and click the bell icon that way you’ll get
notifications and won’t miss out on any future unboxings like this where there’s a chance to win. Right, I’m going to start off with the R2s so let’s put this one
to one side, the R4s. This is a brand new show from Fizik and they claim that it’s the lightest, stiffest and most breathable
shoe they’ve ever made. Oh, wow, take a look at that. This incredible mesh upper structure is actually made from nylon
fibers that have been interwoven with filaments of a thermoplastic polymer. And it crates a really
strong upper but one that also has, well it’s
got this mesh structure which means it’s great for breathability, there’s loads of holes in
it, and has added bonus, I reckon you can see
the color of your socks through it, as well. In fact, I’m going to
put that to the test now. Ah, yeah, look at that. You could have some fun with that. I reckon pick ones would look great. That’s an impressive amount
of venting in these shoes. Now the closure is Fizik’s Powerstrap, which is the same as on the other Powerstrap shoes Fizik make. I’m a big fan. You’ve probably seen me
wearing then in videos. Now this is a Velcro
closure, unlike a sort of boa dial and that’s good
’cause it’s nice and simple and it gives a nice
secure hold and it’s easy to sort of adjust and tune your fit and it’s nice and lightweight too. But it’s not just a
standard Velcro closure like you’d get on a
standard pair of trainers. It’s a much more comprehensive one that wraps around the
foot and it’s said to act like a ribbon to give you
a much more secure hold. The soles on these bad boys
look rather cool as well. Now they’re fully unidirectional carbon, and they’re said to be the
lightest and stiffest soles that Fizik has ever made. Stiffness index of 10 written on there. And another important detail
is the cleat hole positioning has been moved slightly
lower into the mid-foot area, more so than it was on previous shoes, and this is to help with the ergonomics of those more aggressive
sort of time trial peddling positions that people often like to fix their cleats in. More mid-foot. Now, the weight of these
is really impressive. We’ve put them on the
scales and they’re coming in at around 205 grams for a 42. A little bit more for these 44. That compares to the Powerstrap R5 which is around 500 grams a pair, so about 100 grams lighter
than the R5 Powerstrap. Having just come out, the R2s
are currently only available in black but to be honest, I just think they look absolutely awesome. They’re a very race orientated
performance orientated shoe. If you’re after something
a bit more relaxed, then maybe the R4 Overcurve
is more up your street. So let’s have a look at that. (upbeat music) So the Tempo Overcurve
R4 has been designed as a bit more versatile all-rounder. Now to be honest, I just think the coolest thing about it is these color options. Look at those. That’s mad. So in addition to the
standard sort of monochromatic black and white colors
ways, Fizik has also made the R4 Overcurve available in
beetle black and copper black, which this is the beetle black. It’s this incredible
iridescent paint scheme that kind of changes with the light and the angle that you view it from. It really does look spectacular. I hope this is coming
through on the camera. You’ve got a bit more of a classic look to these shoes as well, with that nice sort of
single boa dial as a closure rather than the Velcro on the R2. Boa dials, if you’re unfamiliar, are the kind of gold
standard in retention dials that come on performance
road cycling shoes. And you can micro-adjust
them with just one click on millimeter increments, nice. The soles on these shoes
are carbon composite rather than the full
carbon that’s on the R2. They’re 15% carbon injected
into the composite material, and they’re given a
stiffness index of seven verses the 10 on the R2, so
a little bit more forgiving, which Fizik says corresponds
to a bit more sort of flex and a little bit more comfort, ’cause sometimes really stiff carbon shoes can be a little bit unforgiving. They are very performance orientated. Now as you’d expect, the R4
is a slightly heavier shoe than the R2, but not by much. They’re about 256 grams per
show in an equivalent size so about 50 grams. Still nice and light. Now for the part you’ve
all been waiting for. How do I get my hands on
one of these awesome pairs of super bling shoes? Well, that part, is super easy. Simply click on the link
in the description below and that will take you
to our giveaways page. Fill in your details. It’s completely free to do so and you’ll be in with a
chance of getting your hands on these super shoes. And the winners will be
announced in an up and coming GCN Tech show, so stay tuned for that. Now in the meantime, why not
head over to the GCN shop. We’ve got all manner of
goodies for you there including the greatest
sweatshirts available to humanity. And if you’d like to watch another video, then I highly recommend this one down here of how Fizik saddles are made. It’s an oldie, but it’s a goodie.

42 comments on “New Fizik Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave and Tempo R4 Cycling Shoes | GCN Tech Unboxing

  1. I randomly had a dream last week that I was riding my bike and wearing some black Fizik shoes…I thought they must have been the R1 Infinitos which I’ve wanted to try for ages but never have. I wonder if that was a premonition and the were actually the powerstrap R2? All I really saw was that they were black 😆

  2. why dont they make wide versions of their insanely narrow shoes? Shimano does and their shoes arent even narrow. Im sure they must make custom width shoes for their pro riders, they cant all have super narrow feet.

  3. I just picked up a pair of fizik last week in black. Not a fan of velcro. The Bora dial shoes are better. Velcro wears out. I really like the copper and beetle colors. You gonna make me spend more money. Dang.

  4. Velcro wears out and can't be replaced. When Boas wear out or won't hold or won't release, you go to and get replacements for free in 2 days by courier shipped free too. They come from Colorado and I'm in Canada and yet they get here Fast!

    I've got Specialized S-Works 6 double boa shoes and I can replace all four in under 2 minutes with only a small screwdriver to release them (easier after the first time when you learn the trick!). They simply press and snap in for installation. I ride a lot (32000 km in 39 months on a 2016 Cervelo R3d) 87% on the road, 13% on Zwift with my Neo in the winter. Mine tend to lose their grip and won't hold. I've got 2 complete sets of spares in the bike room. The shoes are on their 4th set.

    Boas hold better and are more precisely adjustable in both directions; with Velcro you are always guessing when you restick the straps. I've never broken one, but then all my riding is on-road.

    The SW6 shoes take a couple months to mold to your foot, but after that they are great!

  5. Cyclists already have a image problem wearing tight clothes and no undies… these metrosexual shoes aren't helping.

  6. Can I have the tempo overcurves pleaseeeeeeee, I want to ride Red Hook and haven’t got the money to upgrade from platforms and straps!! Would match the bike so well…

  7. "Ah yeah look at that!," Ollie proceeds to have fun with yellow & pink socks mid video. You just can't beat this content.

  8. I love both these shoes but as a heavier rider (I've split the carbon soles of my Specialized S-Works) I'd probably go for the R4's

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