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NEW Orbea Orca OMX | Orbea’s Latest Lightweight Disc Brake Aero Bike

– This is the beautiful
new Orbea Orca OMX. It’s Orbea’s latest
performance racing machine. And the OMX designation
represents the pinnacle in Orbea’s carbon fiber
technology and construction. I’m going to tell you all about it. I’m going to go through
all the new features, and I’m going to weigh it. But before I do, make sure you subscribe to GCN if you haven’t already and click little bell icon and it’ll
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well, helps support the channel. (upbeat music) There’s certainly been a trend this year for light weight, disc brake equipped, aerodynamic road bikes. And, well the Orca OMX
certainly follows that trend. Consequently we’ve got aerodynamic tube shapes and sort of
Fastback or Kamm tail style cross sections to the tube profiles. Or the aero features such
as dropped seatstays, increased integration, it’s very hard to spot cables on this bike. And, it’s lightweight,
and it’s got disc brakes. In fact, it’s only
available in disc brakes. Now, at this point, many
of you will be sat at home watching and saying– – All these new lightweight aero bikes look like they have been designed with a piece of tracing paper. – Okay, now in one sense you’re correct. However, the new OMX has a couple of aces up it’s sleeve. MyO, is Orbea’s custom paint program, and it’s available at no extra cost at the point of purchase. Meaning that you can completely customize the way that your Orbea looks. You can make it completely unique. The MyO program has been around for a few years now and you may remember Si getting a custom bike painted, but with the Orca OMX,
MyO has now been updated. It allows you even more options to create a paint job and finish
that’s unique to you. There are loads of color options, you can have multiple
colors, gloss finishes, matte finishes, as well as fades. And as part of the update,
Orbea is now offering various graphic options too. The styles of these graphics include, Cubism, Street Nature,
Titanium, Dots, and Fluid. And these graphics are great for further personalizing your bike
and making the finish a little more interesting,
and add aesthetics that you don’t see on other bikes. But something I particularly like is that the styles like
Dots, and Titanium graphics can add transparency. Meaning, that the finish is influenced by the base color you choose underneath. Better make sure ya choose wisely, but don’t worry, it’s really
fun to have a play with so head over to MyO, their webpage and see what you can come up with. This level of customization
really does set the bike apart. The custom paint job on the bike that Orbea has sent us for this first look has some rather appropriate
GCN custom colors. So we’ve got red, black, and white, and this really sweet
fade on the down tube between the red and the black. We’ve also got some nice
detailing on the fork. That particular pattern
is called Titanium. While on the subject of the fork, you may notice that it’s got these kind of bowed out fork blades. Now Orbea calls this the Free Flow Fork, it’s the same design as found on the Orbea Orca Aero, aero bike. And it’s designed to improve airflow and reduce turbulence
around the front wheel. Orbea also has several options that allow you to personalize your build and the components on it. So, for example, you can change out the crank lengths, the
gear ratios, the wheels. You have a choice of different saddles. And this is really great, it’s a shame more bike
brands don’t offer this. As it means you get the components that you want and also the ones that are the right size for you. (upbeat music) Out on the road, Orbea claims that the new Orca OMX has significant
aerodynamic improvements over the previous model. And it quantifies this
by way of an eight watt drag saving or a ten
percent aero improvement. And this equates roughly to 27 seconds saved over 50 kilometers at 50 K an hour. Now, I’m sure like many of you, I very rarely travel at those
speeds for that distance. And at the more realistic speeds that I travel at that saving will be less. But, it’s an improvement none the less. (upbeat music) Orbea claims that the new bike is slightly lighter than the old one too. And there’s figures of 796 grams for an unpainted size 53 frame. And for the size 55 I’m
riding, you can expect to add around 30 to 40
grams onto that figure. Which, is pretty light for an
aero disc brake equipped bike. That’s light weight. And useful seeing as
right now I’m climbing. And despite reducing the weight, Orbea claims that the new bike is 15 percent stiffer too. Which is, well nice. (upbeat music) Let’s weigh the whole bike though, and see what it’s coming in at. Ooh, 7.35. That’s impressive, I’m
quite excited about that. Because my Orbea Orca Disc,
that’s the previous version actually weighs a little
bit more than that. And, it doesn’t look
anywhere near as aerodynamic. Now Orbea has nearly a hundred years in designing performance racing bicycles. So, it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about geometry. And the geometry on the new OMX is aggressive, it’s intended
to be a racing machine. And it’s been optimized
for precise handling. (upbeat music) Now you’ve probably been enjoying this view of my rather handsome front end, and that’s thanks to Orbea’s
new proprietary cockpit. It’s new separate bar and stem. The stem is available
in 80 to 150 millimeters and the bar is available in 38 to 44, I’ve got 42 centimeters on at the moment. And 110 stem. And it does a really neat job of hiding all the cables and routing
them through the stem just to give a really neat
and integrated and aero look. And you’ve also got this
new faceplate mounted computer mount on the front as well which I’ve got my Wahoo Roam attached to. And there’s a little sort of bracket underneath so that you can attach a light or an action camera or another accessory. And yes, when you buy the bike at the point of purchase you can select the size bars and stem that you want, meaning you get exactly
what’s right for you. And this is great because most bike brands out there, they don’t give you the option. It just comes with what it comes with. If it’s a, say a size 55. (upbeat music) The build we have here is
a top of the range one, so you’ve got Dura Ace
Di2 throughout the bike including the Junction Box for the Di2 which is located rather
neatly here in the down tube. I like that. We’ve got 160 rotors front and rear. A Selle Italia SLR Boost
Saddle, truncated saddle with carbon rails, nice. And these rather tasty looking Mavic Universal Tubeless
Pro Carbon Wheels. (upbeat music) Other new features, then
we’ve got split spaces underneath the new
proprietary integrated stem for easier adjustment if you don’t have to take apart your hydraulic
lines for the disc brakes. We’ve got a new proprietary seat post, and seat post clamp. So this is a D shape seat post or Cantell profile for
improved aerodynamics and the bolt for it is
integrated and really neat. It’s very similar to the one that’s found on the previous Orca actually. And we’ve got blummin’
loads of tire clearance on this bike. Check this out. So apparently you could
get 32 millimeter tires in the new Orca. And wow, you could get
a bus through there. There’s load o’ space. And the reason for this, is that Orbea reckons that the biggest factor in improving comfort on a road bike is tire volume. And they reckon that tire volume makes way more difference than building sort of flexible areas into
carbon fiber bike frames. (upbeat music) Right, I hope you’ve
enjoyed this first look at the new Orbea Orca OMX. And if you have, then
please give it a thumbs up as it will help others find the video too. I think it looks absolutely great. But, let us know in the comment section what you think about it. And to see another video, where Si rides a Retro Steel Orbea as ridden to victory in the 1985 Vuelta A
Espana by Pedro Delgado, click down here on the new one.

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