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NEW Prototype Bikes & NEW Shimano Groupset – Tech Special | The GCN Show Ep. 231

NEW Prototype Bikes & NEW Shimano Groupset – Tech Special | The GCN Show Ep. 231

that is Mount Fuji welcome to JCL job
from sanema your car welcome to the GTN show welcome to the gcn show it’s a text
special this week with Shimano launching their new Ortega group set and a lot
more prototypes have been spotted at the criterion to definite yes speaking of
which we will be looking back at that race as well as the over women’s tour
and we still have time for all of our regulars as well and we’re not going to
talk about your bleeping chuckle Tony either it wasn’t racing the better
Antonia Antonia no how do you get to turnout
hanging on to a car it’s been a really brilliant couple of weeks for new
cycling SEC as the last week for example last and I show you some spy shots taken
at the crew team to donate of a brand-new and as-yet-unnamed specialized
being ridden a rather quick create it turns out by San Martin acquitted
applause yeah a few of the boss Collins riders hasn’t the women’s overall and UK
as well as whether or not it’s the same frame or deed a women specific version
will hopefully find out very soon Alberto Contador was also writing a new
Trek frame and it looks pretty awesome and then also sonic rob rally of the
Bahrain mridu team look like he’s running prototype mridu react out arrow
bike with a super cool wrapped graphics on there someone’s surely Sunday’s got
to sell a bike with that kind of finish are definitely it does look pretty good
this new but the big news of the week is shamanic unveiling their brand new old
Tegra group set of course hot on the hills of Duras group set released last
July a lot of the cool tech features not trickle down to more affordable platform
yeah so this is the new Integra R 8000 and with the exception of the power
media does thing like all of that cool tech from Gerace has trickled down to
this group set so to make the four options they’ve got the mechanical rim
break mechanical disc brake and di two versions of them both as well why is
that we can get excited about trickle down when it comes to bike tech when
trickle down in any other situations not something I’d be looking for with you
know I’d actively avoid trickle down so without advance with you
was karate yeah anyway you are right in this situation we can get very excited
about it we’ve got new or tegra level disparate for first ever in fact and
also just like with the juror race shifters and break leavers that go with
it these two have been completely redesigned meaning that they are much
smaller in diameter so share similar economics whether you’re riding di two
with rim brakes or indeed mechanical disc brake versions as well
and it might not sound like a big deal but actually leave it
economics is probably the most important and the thing to get most excited about
this whole group chats any item you’ve got it’s got to be comfortable for your
hands isn’t it well exactly and the other day you hold on more than you
shift or you break my good yeah and then also it’s not just this we can get
excited about the new rim brakes as well we’ve now got direct mount option which
is where the break bottom to the bike with two bolts as opposed to just one
and also a little touch but the quick release for the brakes now goes the
other way too it’s more Aero it’s a little touch but so cool isn’t it I do
that little feature and also the the doraleous follow on from gyrase as well
with the redesigned cam toggle from Meg or the main mechanical features of the
grip set and also the rear mech has been redesigned so it’s the capacity to take
on far wider and larger gear edges as well and it mounts to the frame
differently as seen on a new Liam’s TMC BNCT machine bikes as well find out the
spin reason to think it is like I kept saying BMC floors you’re in the
hemisphere and Dempsey floors yeah and like you said lastly BMC floors would
have been starting more than three minutes behind team’s guide so if the
technology now is similar between or Tigra and it’s more expensive relative
what are the differences between the two groups sets well firstly there is the
appearance that you might say slightly more muted look through the Ortega group
settlor to be fair many of you might prefer that but there is also the weight
despite the fact you might have managed to cut 85 grams on a new Ortega group
set versus its predecessor if you take into account the wheels as well it’s a
full half the kilo heavier than the equivalent do race and it’s $1,000
cheaper though so I guess that’s a big thing it is a thousand dollars cheaper
at Scooby’s equipment yeah it is I’m properly excited about this hopefully
for long we’re going to get to ride this I see a bit more information on it but
in the meantime if weight is your thing then have a look at this this is
supposedly the lightest cassette in the world from rotor just 134 grams and I’m
talking about finishes as well I do like to finish on this yeah is it the
best-looking cassette in the world as well as cassettes go
I don’t be up there it’s probably my top five all-time cassette no it’s not it’s
not as si can you say lol Oh anyway we wait for the answer that like
maybe in another show some also give us some information I thought you think
that what was tech take a look at this this is real tech now a chap called Adam
– brettly or hey Adam on Twitter posted this really cool video in a are okay
he’s combined Matt box a rket unity and Strava haha yeah in real them off come
up with this little video where basically he’s mapped his ride in 3d is
fantastic there’s a really interesting thing you just taught on that how
exactly can you do that combined unity matte box they are top tell them all
together using technology in the internet ready
box hold on unity a arket matte box they are air kid I thought this is quite
tough it is my time you punch me or powder laughing here we go there’s a
high five ready for you Canadians are thanks guys it’s not gonna happen is it
maybe we don’t we have caption competition now last week’s photos is
one of the team’s go on the podium at the hammer series and the winner of the
gcn Cowell backwater on this occasion is Peter Ducker who put caption comp
look kind of Duns here and if you don’t get that here is a picture of Conor done
one earlier on this year yeah you’ll get one right this week’s photo is this one
of Team Orica Scots at the over women’s tour this week you not only have the
opportunity to win the combat duty in water bottle but also fellow chef in
Europe which is the new book from Henrik or the Team Sky chef who you may have
seen featured in a couple of our videos gone mad after off for this
we’ve all voted in the TV and Twitter poll it speak up otherwise you can speak
now that’s not hardly you were in the minority Matt now if you
think you can bet on that caption and even if you disagree with it
first if you do put your captions on station entries in the comment section
down below feet down so if I boil up for a week to
announce a competition yes does commit 80 local recipe 17 epic rice sweet
potato brownie yen’s in the meantime you can maybe just liquid food now time a
cycling shot I’m going to start cycling short this week with some exciting news
from Swift now following on from the success of their Academy program this
year we’re rights from all over the world completed for a chance to rubber
the canon Tran team well it’s back so it’s searching for another female
athlete to join the squad for 2013 yeah last year 1200 people registered to pay
part from 51 different countries and this year as with Anik a nice round team
say they’re hoping to triple that number now if you’re interested
registration is already open you’ll then have a six-week qualifying period which
starts on September the 1st where you’ll take part in a hallowed of group rides
and workout sessions on Swift then new for this year is the semi final series
which is in racing oh yeah and then if you get through to the final you will
get invited to join the canyons Tramp team at their training camp in majorca
in December for the final showdown of some crowd lever is really exciting I
don’t mention the registration is now open
what an opportunity head over to these with Academy website if you want to
register yourself now onto some more huge news in the world of site and most
of you think notice with this part yeah the Guinness world record was
broken last week for random no that’s the number of Rubik’s Cube solved while
cycling PK Remagen got ironic Andrew Obregon a
rumor going around Ruben over there right first time anyway he blitzed the
previous record by over 250 over the course of six hours and seven minutes he
sold one thousand and ten Rubik’s cubes it really is quite
incredible my line is glows it’s only I even do one let alone you see once again
that’s right two six seven hours old enough to do yeah yeah thousand Rubik’s
cubes Beverley riding I can’t rising that’s very safe then that’s a good
point after a close road at the velodrome
Swift perhaps yeah apps anyway talking to records another record had been
broken another Guinness World Records been broken it’s for the last amount of
people were used to make a bicycle in human form Wow about 1,800 kids from
Auckland in New Zealand broke the record well actually didn’t just break it they
smashed it to smithereens by 600 people so they now have the Guinness Book of
Records for a large human some picture of a bicycle sort of thing
well congratulations Allegra moving to side different tag now racing news Tom
demeanor and clearly have been a very busy man since winning this year
d’Italia not only did he take part in the first day of the hammer series where
he put himself very well indeed he’s currently racing at the torah’
Switzerland and in the meantime he’s found time to put pen to paper and
scribble an extension to his contract with team Sun web through to 2022 which
shows quite a lot of confident it obviously they’ve got commas in him
because he’s just won the Giro but for him to stay with that team when I’m
imagine he’s had an awful lot offers in the meantime that’s cool a lot of
advocate well that is a very long contact indeed isn’t it
sticking with racing though many of you may have noticed that the UCI announced
last week there will be a welcome return to the Madison event at the Olympics in
Tokyo in 2020 it is the chaotic but quite a spectacular event whereby teams
race in pairs and handling each other onto the track ultimately it hasn’t been
in the Olympics since Beijing in 2008 but it is back and there was one man who
is particularly excited about that that man being Mark Cavendish who’s thanks I
tweeted this mouthing back in the Olympic Games in Tokyo I guess I’m going
to have to get another crack at it then you up for it going summit are eating my
words about you concentrating on the track for old times sake like I write
reply just depend how much time I spend with you and cab replied once every 45
seconds mate and blew a kiss at top fan today on Twitter it all stopped phone
wasn’t it now if anybody Olympians need any tips on track craft in particular
handlings I’m Chris hold on hold on
what about BMX freestyle ohm are you any good at that I’m really good at that as
well that’s handy because that’s also been included into the next Olympics as
have apparently a load of new swimming events and we know how good you are that
really yeah what does sport really swimming BMX and Madison with a
specialty in diving yeah one of the biggest races of the women’s cycling
calendar took place last week the ovo women’s tour over five stages yielded
surprises from at Stage one it’s Katherine and new yet DOMA who attacked
with 47 kilometers to go and it’s fair to say she took the bunch by surprise
her lead maxed out at 3 minutes 30 but she held on to win that by one minute
and 42 seconds taking the jersey in the process from the wn3 teammate Mariana
Voss yeah it was a remarkable first day wasn’t it balls dolmens in particular is
arguably the dominant team women cycling must be absolutely kicking themselves
for not chasing that back in time but they never left salvage something from
the race Amy Peters to the stage win the very next day and Christy mattress
actually took second overall just ahead Hannah brand of canyons RAM and other
stage winners were close Hosking Sarah Roy and also Yoli adore took the final
stage the races first finish in London actually was cool it was a great win by
new vid oma wasn’t it and it was made even more impressive that really given
that they lost at a team Mariana Voss on stage three because he crashed out and
with broken collarbone really impressive indeed also on last week was the KU team
did opener which is of course one of the most important free Tour de France
build-up races and the winner there well there was a huge surprise Jakob Full
Sail team Astana took the overall title it was a massive surprise to me because
I was watching the gcn top ten riders to watch ended open a video and he wasn’t
even out there how we may know as I said an immense surprise and no one would
have pretended my asshole right over the last day in particular was hugely
exciting going into it richie court BMC was the overall leader however a lot of
attacking an early on meant that he was isolated from all of his teammates early
on in that stage in fact everyone in the side of top ten
seem to be attacking the Tasmanian ultimately exact authority who took his
second stage win on that day and because of the bone is second that he’d taken
with those two stage wins it was enough to take the overall win by 10 seconds
from Port a Dan Martin to the cracking rival last day as well which launched
him up from 8 to third but big crystal Martin does remain over Chris Froome
that he stated he battled on he wrote very aggressively to do our effort on
the final stage but it wasn’t to be for him but it certainly isn’t the Chris
Froome that we used to sing as the last few seasons that’s for sure excuse me
guys what guys it’s time for stat attack staff attack Chris Froome is yet to win
a race this year if you compare that to the previous years he’s won the Tour de
France in 2013 she won nine races 2015 he won five in 2016 he also won five
crucially he also won the dough tonight in all those three years he’s not the
only Grand Tour legend who’s looking a bit underpowered at the moment according
to killing Kelly the dope na is the first stage race which console has
failed to finish in the top ten in the past six years within Europe breaking
his run of 31 races it was clearly a tough race though
tshh burnout tweeted his race that’s afterwards a hundred and fourteen
kilometers to four hours seven minutes 32.3 km/h average speed that belies an
average power of 316 watts but the monster normalized power of 359
war-cries gives that amazes has cheers Jon which is that before I go though I
couldn’t help but notice this comment that came in from CNE on the new Civello
our series video with Simon black socks with white shoes no just no! well thanks
for that one Jon says John Taylor that guy’s wrong why shoes black socks always
a winner Oh John sorry huh 30 men John was wrong
I thought those stats listen I’ve seen the KitchenAid diving they’re legit yeah
all right back to the racing I think it’s got a bit of good thing you know if
through me is a little bit underpowered digitalize firstly it makes for a more
open brant and secondly we’ve just seen that
he’s willing to risk everything in order to try again that’s really all his cars
I’m told anything that was absolutely brilliant what we’re trying to hone the
form was well he went deep that’s for sure
he absolutely did finally then we have the tour of Switzerland which starts on
Saturday other big Prix Tour de France warm-up race Rowan Dennis started off by
winning the prologue he handed over the leaders during the following day to his
teammates definite Combe on a stage which was won by Philippe shield air of
quickstep floors and he took a rather unorthodox approach to his recovery post
stage haven’t goodness it was quite warm apparently wasn’t known in Switzerland
no like it hey what you gotta give a lot of credit is your bear and his team bra
spatula ferry’s bonus structure for this year he’s won five races this year some
proper big ones on it early yeah a li working for them now before we do leave
racing users you’ve got to sneak one extra little mentioning Matt Stevens has
just won the infamous dirty Kansa gravel race in the US so congratulations for that I wish no
idea fair play for getting back to to the UK in time to film a shot oh yeah it
also as much as I’d like to take the credit because there’s you know I’m
pretty handy on the rough stuff on the gravel on this occasion although with
the current conditions but I probably would’ve been on the podium it it wasn’t
me well what are you I explained it I
didn’t think is you were practicing your BMX freestyle swimming it that we didn’t
tell ya congratulations Matt Stevens for a crapping ride out of debt you can bet
but welcome how does it feel is going to you please it’s time now for Dom’s
social media posts of the week selection of instagrams and indeed tweets first up
we’ve got this from Thomas to get on Twitter he says nothing is safe anymore
one of my credit Leon a lions got stolen from my tea bus this hurts me more than
the race today that’s brutal anything prevented River there really that I’m
just glad they left some behind but some of the first was just north isn’t it I
think you can always borrow early life and maybe not still the same as it may
acquire well next up is this from Marcus Burkhart over on Instagram I’m not sure
if this is healthy for 35 old man like me 204 heart rate crew bath that’s
really high yeah yeah it might be a float for heat because it was really
warming switching for therefore the car drove must admit and finally we have got
this also from Instagram from World Juniors cycles and mountain bike
champion Simon andreasson look at that well you
think he’s gonna is he clearing that well you know what I consulted our
experts over at GMB and you did nothing so sorry Martin Ashton and he said the
chances of him doing anything other than casing that are pretty slim but there
was a slim chance that he could have cleared those doubles if he had the
skills I just got a skill so did he not do we know that we know how if anyone
knows Simon can ask him for what was the outcome after this photo was taken we
would love to hear did you clean the doubles or did you case it
it’s time now for hack forward slash Lodge of the week now we’re going to get
started with this one that was sent it on Facebook by Christopher storm Hanson
this is a homemade silence it post combination based on a physique area and
built for is mounted by apparently done a couple of long ride and it already is
quite comfortable only weighs a hundred and eighty grams that’s a mountain bike
so I thought the road sweeper blind I tell you what no matter what bike I
would not see on that good hack appreciate the craftsmanship to your
camp on masterpiece but may thank you very much that looks that looks very
pain crack it we’ve as well yeah we’re just hope it doesn’t crack
you have really like a training leaf because it you know good we yeah anyway
good luck with that one next that we got this sent in by Ilya Wow
now we’re talking look at that that is a wrap and a half in fact we talked
earlier on about whether people would sell bikes pro start rapping I’m a never
thought about a leopard-skin rap okay look you’re my river system incredible
attention to detail guys a proper Wow the ice work in the best area and then
we’ve got this from the circle he’s over Instagram from Adrian underscore Seth
just a simple hashtag TC and hack because the picture speaks volumes this
look a tight end nearly there that is it such a relatively small back of a Gidget
impotence a hatchback another bait look at that I’ve been out it looks like it’s
actually not hatchback looking it’s another more like a different type of
man well that was very clear yeah so clearly the he media slime or
annotations for Munich on that into ghettos I just imagine have a clue
what’s going on I could buy food I can reenact a net good are also on Instagram
this one is from Liz oh ham L rule so it’s amazing vehicle on my ride today
so much going on there I like the way it somebody said leave it to the expert to
figure out so oh yeah we will do exactly that because we are not expert after so
much going on there I think I see Mike or camper van I think there are probably
hacks and bodies going on in that photo if I’m honest there’s so much going on
well yeah oh yeah that you can achieve your budget but fair play such a such a
big bike letting stabilizers on that this is amazing on you definitely
localize the laundry yeah right next up we got this sitting by Jesper Dodson on
Instagram look at this might take a while to figure I was going on how do
you break with it yeah is break leavers my Fedora wireless death no idea I think
I need astonishing arrow perhaps I think there are the 105 or Tiago from about
1996 by the list of that but it actually do you know what I think it’s quite a
spectacle II pleasing but mostly awful extremely dangerous this yeah there we go
hopefully it’s a fix so at least we’ve got some vodka so now yeah yeah I wasn’t
right have you’ve got any more hacks or bodies which you would like to send to
us use the hashtag detain hack on Twitter Instagram or send it to us as a
message on Facebook probably a time not that again nominate leave it it’s time
for GCN’s what this bazooka special edition especially yes especially this
in this week but it’s special in it this week pro what is bazooka goes to pause
wait for it so actually in a race this was at the tour of Switzerland team
presentation where teams were paired up one versus the other on a kind of role
of polluter stage now check out the effort of nickel open a fancy of bar a
marina this is a bazooka to the Prowler we’d record whether a bazooka t-shirt
that was for any I belong to the wattage he won anyway in here uh naughty one is
well as falling off he what yeah might finish they’ve got the fastest time I
said what a nice fellow it was around treats what your said sir
I’m not a right when you’re using I sanctions they know well back twice
record yeah yeah nothing wrong with falling and he was unscheduled did race
gospel into the program access alright well next up we have this the gcn viewer
watches bazooka and it actually is another roller race which is really this
was sent in by Mark Wilson who said he’d like to nominate his twelve-year-old son
Matthew for a wattage bazooka this isn’t beating on the roller Palooza
rollers at the London Nocturne at yeah what I’ve done there play Matthew yeah
that are good right there give you go don’t forget to your nominations coming
in as well the hashtag what is a bazooka if you use our Instagram or Twitter I
will pick out this one next week could come believe me if Matthew stay that
right getting won over by first American those two so a rematch not lit match yet
but maybe just a match yeah turn off a comment of the week few crackers as
usual this was under these last week’s juicy and show from James Nicholas who
said great show chaps I thought the hemispheres was too legit
to quit as far as before must go you can’t touch
me he does say you get his coat yeah does need to get a cobra ha we love
their MC 62 likes company as well as MC Hammer series the hammer series right
next up underneath which is harder road or mail to buy controversial video Lord
debate going on the common notion we had this from the street beats mountain
biking with a road bike is hardest know it thinks it’s found solution the answer
yeah what’s he fair that probably is harder he just won’t go very far and
then under man once he won mountain biking is way harder road cycling is
more painful I mean hate games things a and finally underneath side first look
the new Civello Alex burnt wrote down cap down sigh are you ill
Stewart I don’t know quite what go into me there’s gonna never helmet on I just
have a peek down cafe etiquette sometimes go well you had your actually
probably out getting realization wear hat I think that’s where people deep
down mate you’re a cap down and knock everything down I did the Ovation it was
raining so hard I had to put the peat down to keep the massive raindrops at my
eyes let it happen pick up on the channel this week on Wednesday we have
how to ride head in bins but up and down but one thing you’ll have to consider
very seriously is the cumulative effect of the technique that you choose our
advice to save energy is to take a far wider route and maintain your momentum
but if you’re feeling good and want to take the shorter harder line go for it plus we have a special descent of the
passive pond toy in the outer body region of the Dolomites on Thursday we
have a slightly related top-10 of some sort and was it a surprise this a
surprise dock Friday we will be answering more your
cycling related questions on ask teach anything and then the pro bike on
Saturday is developed formulas Cannondale yeah someday we show you what
to wear if you go cycling in big mountains and deed there is discussion
about how exactly where your cycling hat pick up its big down so wait
then Monday’s maintenance video is the most annoying things to fix on your bike
you look at I do them my eyes I’m just imagining a seed seat post let’s go
what’s the video you’ll be sorted and on Tuesday we are back here we are
waffle two three two from the Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas welcome
into the GPS show it’s time now for extreme corner and
this week we are back to full extreme with the world’s best downhill mountain
bike our recent four-wheeling World Cup check it out or those are guys that girls are pretty
extreme yeah slightly more extreme than last week’s limbo road bike it has an
out with the district solid carbon seat for the post combo there’s only gonna
drop a solid carbon sleep and post combat then it’s probably alrighty then
yeah well that is all we’ve got for you unfortunately this week we will be back
as we said this time next week we’ve episode 232 so don’t forget though if
you’d like to wear anything that we are wearing today
hoodies like this teachers like that or jumpers like the one side is also you
can head over the shot global cycling Network common link to which you will
find on the screen right now also there is our special edition gold logos
t-shirts for the rate 1 million subscribers in the organic material
format I am very very comfortable indeed yeah right before you head over there
they do make sure you subscribe to GCN is completely free just click on the
globe and for our video on what is harder mountain biking or road riding
click down here yeah or for a video about that new Civello our series with
the controversial sock combination ultimate click just down there and yeah
takedown yeah video racked full of control see

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  20. Caption; Team Orica Scott at the 'peak' of their careers all having a go at the 'cap' tion competition.

  21. Check your stats guys, Tiejs Benoot rode 114km in 4:07:02 – That's an average speed of 27,69kph – NOT 32,3 shown on the computer display – …….. and that was a stats segment???

  22. On the next GCN show can you talk to British cycling or talk about how embarrassing it is that the British National Championships weren't televised live. Maybe former champion Matt might have something to say about it. Real shame.

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